Organization of sports camps and tournaments

Sports City Antalya ...?

Sports City Antalya and ITM TRAVEL prepares and offers you proposals for the organization of football and basketball camps during the middle and off-season period.

Our company provides the best football fields and basketball courts, specially built according to FIFA & FIBA standards, in the best hotels of Antalya. You can also make friendly matches with other teams.

  • Sports City Antalya, is known in Turkey, Europe and Asia as a successful sports camping organization company.
  • Sports City Antalya, chooses the opposing groups among the best level teams, with a qualitative service consciousness.
  • Sports City Antalya, has its place in the wide surrounding of Antalya in many tournament organizations and arranges tournament and match organizations.
  • Sports City Antalya, organizes training camping for the sports clubs at the beginning of the season.
  • Sports City Antalya, organizes winter training camping for the sports clubs.
  • Sports City Antalya, provides professional sports organization managing services and professional referee services for the amateur and professional teams.
  • Sports City Antalya, presents real opportunities for the teams and sportsmen.
  • Sports City Antalya, provides sports options with enjoyable training for the sports groups.
  • Sports City Antalya, the team serves with a young, dynamic soul. The City of Antalya is a very special city, with its hotel architectures and historical venues and relaxing mentally for all the sportsmen. In Paradise Antalya 3 seasons are summer and 1 season is spring.

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