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Training camps are required for every sportsman. During the camp the team spirit of the sportsmen rises, the collective unites for solving the common goal. Trainings along with the entertainment program have a great impact not only on the physical condition of the players, but also improve the team morale.

Antalya, which is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, has a favorable climate throughout the year, which allows teams to pre-acclimatize. Friendly games played on the football fields and basketball courts of Antalya with the participation of the stars of the European championships make the training camp even more interesting.

We have accumulated sufficient experience in organizing training camps in Antalya for sports clubs. Professional and amateur football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, athletics, archery, badminton, paralympic and deaflympic, and other sports teams can safely entrust our company "SPORTS CITY ANTALYA" conducting training camps

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