Importance of Football Training Camps in Antalya Turkey

The importance of Football Camps in Antalya Turkey

Drawing the attention to its professional standards and quality of service, Antalya shows special attention and intensive development in the organization of football training camps and friendly matches in Antalya. The regions of Belek-Kundu- Side-Kemer, where there are all-inclusive hotels with high-quality football fields, where the climate is very warm in the winter months, and the distance to the fields are short, have become the most preferred cities for football teams to conduct pre-season preparations and winter training camps in Antalya Turkey.

The Mediterranean region differs with its five-star hotels with the concept of "all-inclusive", having professional football fields in Antalya, which vary for their focused approach to service in the field of sports and in other areas.

Since the football camp is a special training organization, which is very important for each football team and which directly affects how the whole season will pass, managers and technicians involved in the search for the services in this area, have special requirements for a perfect result. It is not difficult to meet these requirements for Sports City Antalya which is an international sports camp organizer who has a professional understanding in the service industry, because at the heart of all these special requirements lies the achievement of higher camp efficiency. The young, dynamic and experienced staff are ready to provide all kinds of professional services to all clubs in need of professional services and planning to spend an impeccable period of football training.

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Sports City Antalya Offers its Professional Football Training camp services in Antalya, Turkey

In accordance with the standards required to play high-level football, our company ensures full satisfaction of all the plans that football teams have set for themselves, as well as provides comfortable accommodation for all participants.

In common with all the comforts that our partner hotel provides, football teams have such pleasant comfort as special meals and massages. Providing its services in a place where you can bring people out of the crowded and noisy city life and admire the natural beauty, Paradise Antalya allows players to focus only on training conducted at facilities that meet international standards.

Productive Football Camps in Antalya with Mediterranean Climate

The numerous football teams give their preference to football camps located in different places, both within the country and abroad. The choice of the Mediterranean region is effective because the players arriving for football training camps will achieve a high performance here. Successfully conducted training camps will increase the physical training of players. Antalya is in great demand due to its weather, suitable for both summer and winter football camps, as well as its famous coastal five-star hotels with unlimited all-inclusive accommodation known for its private pine forests and Mediterranean climate, which allows players to focus on training.

We can say with confidence that during the investigation of the regions of football camps for summer and winter training camps, the preference can be given to different places. When choosing a camp in the winter season, the weather conditions of the camp are important, so that you can train outdoors in an area that has suitable climatic conditions, and when looking for a summer football camp, we often choose places with rich dense forests, where it is easy to breathe.

Taking into consideration the location of hotels with summer camps in Antalya, it should be taken into account that the conditions of the region where these hotels are located will achieve a high level, easily combined with the camp program. The environmental factors that increase concentration are the abundance of oxygen, the tranquillity of the forests surrounding you and many other details that create an effective environment for the camp.

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Professional Services in Antalya and Professional Football Fields that meet International Standards

Our company provides various training fields for clubs, providing perfect quality of service for football camps in Antalya. The inside fields of the hotel and the outside fields close to the hotel, which meets FIFA standards allow the teams to conduct the best training. As the football fields are professionally sized, the teams can also do other types of training. The substructure of the fields is suitable for professional football. On sites that meet FIFA standards, you can conduct special training in fitness, tactics and special training. Our tourist hotels, which provide services with a high level of professionalism, equipped with equipment, buildings and staff that will allow you to complete the football camp without the slightest failure in the camp programs created by football clubs. Antalya is one of the first addresses of all sports clubs that want to get professional service locates in an ideal place for clubs that want to hold football training camps.

The Mediterranean is a Unique Place for Sports camps and Friendly matches in Antalya

The main goal of the football camp is to provide the players with the best physical shape. It is important that athletes adapt to the training performed in two stages. When high physical fitness and training are achieved, endurance, strength and speed of the person also increase. To take advantage of these benefits, some coaches recommend using all the features that the training site provides. In the camps, where there is a correct transition from general training to private training, it will be useful for players to train in a temperate climate with a lot of oxygen. Oxygen-rich air will give a unique training place for football camps. And also gives the opportunity to lungs of the players to work even more intensively during training in a football camp. This increases the endurance and speed of the player.

Professional Experience of Training camps with Sports City Antalya

Antalya, located in Turkey, takes an important place in the world of sports tourism, having tourist hotels with football fields according to FIFA standards, tennis fields, Beach Volleyball and beach football field, professional Olympic swimming pools, tennis courts, Bowling halls, basketball halls ,recreation baths Hamam,Spa-centers, fitness rooms to maintain physical fitness. These features of the hotels attract the attention of professional clubs that are going to hold football camps and sports matches in this region, as well as athletes who are going to participate in the tournaments. Our partner's tourist hotels in Antalya take a special place in the world ranking, being an indispensable place for football camps and provide a variety of services in full. Antalya, which has become the home to professional League football teams from all over the world provides its services with a special pride on recommendations of thousands of football clubs. Our company is SCAO Turizm tic.STI / Sports City Antalya is an international sports organization and with great honour welcomes with its professional, young and dynamic team in Antalya all those, involved in sports.

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Sports City Antalya ...?

Sports City Antalya prepares and offers you proposals for the organization of football and basketball camps during the middle and off-season period.

Our company provides the best football fields and basketball courts, specially built according to FIFA & FIBA standards, in the best hotels of Antalya. You can also make friendly matches with other teams.

  • Sports City Antalya is known in Turkey, Europe and Asia as a successful sports camping organization company.
  • Sports City Antalya, chooses the opposing groups among the best level teams, with a qualitative service consciousness.
  • Sports City Antalya has its place in the wide surrounding of Antalya in many tournament organizations and arranges tournament and match organizations.
  • Sports City Antalya organizes training camping for the sports clubs at the beginning of the season.
  • Sports City Antalya organizes winter training camping for the sports clubs.
  • Sports City Antalya provides professional sports organization managing services and professional referee services for the amateur and professional teams.
  • Sports City Antalya presents real opportunities for the teams and sportsmen.
  • Sports City Antalya provides sports options with enjoyable training for the sports groups.
  • Sports City Antalya, the team serves with a young, dynamic soul. The City of Antalya is a very special city, with its hotel architectures and historical venues and relaxing mentally for all the sportsmen. In Paradise Antalya 3 seasons is summer and 1 season is spring.

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