Beach Soccer in Antalya Turkey

Beach Soccer Tournaments in Antalya Turkey

Our company Sports City Antalya organizes Beach Soccer Tournaments in Antalya Turkey at Asteria Kremlin Hotel. Beach Soccer Tournament will be held on the best sandy beach as Antalya has one of the best beaches. Also, the players can come with their families and can enjoy their vacation as well.

Antalya is one of the best options for beach soccer tournaments as Antalya has a warm Mediterranean climate almost all year long. The teams will have their beach soccer tournament in Antalya with the perfect weather & the best facilities provided for them. Also, the field for the tournament will be really close to the seaside, so teams & audience can enjoy swimming right after the tournaments on the private beach of the hotel.

We provide beach soccer tournaments in Antalya at the special hotels with a huge sandy beach for the teams to play. Also, the teams will have their accommodation at the hotel where the beach soccer tournament will be held. So, the teams will not lose time for transportation.

Our partner hotels work with All-Inclusive basis. Also, the Asteria Kremlin Palace Hotel is 10 minutes from the airport. The hotel will provide a separate place for each team in the main restaurant for keeping the teams gathered.

Our company will provide also the professional referees for the beach soccer tournament in Antalya. Also, each match will be played 36 minutes divided 3 half (12 minutes for each half).

The field for the tournament will be prepared in the original sizes for the teams 5 players in each side. Also, the lines and flags will be places for a professional beach soccer tournament.

Our company also provides all the sports activities for the teams like professional football training camps and friendly matches during the camp, basketball, volleyball, swimming, beach soccer and beach volley etc. in Turkey. All the tournaments for each different sport will be published on our website.

Sports City Antalya provides you with the best sports services for your training and tournament options with the best prices at the best hotels.