Chess tournaments in Antalya

Chess Training Camps in Antalya Turkey


The chess is a popular sport and hobby which is played by many adults and children around the world.

Because during playing the chess, both hemispheres of the human brain are involved, and at the same time both logical and abstract thinking are used. Chess is a special sport that will leave a positive mark in the life of every child, young and old.

That’s why our company Sports City Antalya invites you to hold the chess training camp on the coast of Turkey. During our training camp you might combine your study and holidays at the best hotels of Antalya.

Holding the chess training camp in Antalya which includes all professional services will make your stay practical, comfortable and enjoyable.

Accommodation in 5 * All Inclusive hotels, halls and all necessary for organizing of chess training camp are included in the package of services provided by our company.

Antalya with its Mediterranean climate, with the help of a professional organizer, will make the process of organizing your training camp easier. Teams will feel like on vacation.

Contact us to have the best training camp in Antalya.