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We have gathered for you posts about all kinds of sports both about certain areas of Antalya, and about hotels and training grounds. We hope our blog will help you a little better understand when choosing the venue for training camps.

Veteran Tournament in Antalya

Sports Events Organization In Turkey

In recent years, everyone has noted that Turkey is becoming more active in the field of holding world-class sporting events, 2011 can be called the golden age in this field.

Swimming Friendly Tournaments in Antalya

Swimming Is An Ideal Sport For Children.

Summer holidays are a good opportunity for children to enjoy the sea and the pool. But it should not be limited only by the summer period. Swimming is one of the most favorite sports, and also makes a great contribution to the physical, social and spiritual development of children.

Water treatments are an indispensable part of our holiday, especially in summer, and it is also very interesting for children.

The Organizer of Kids Tournaments in Antalya

Why İs İt İmportant For Students To Go İn For Sports?

Why should pupils and student indulge in sport? We mistakenly believe that nothing can contribute to the success of our children in school, except exams, essays and lessons for which we are pushing and pushing them.

Great Services Are Present For Sport Camps in Antalya in Turkey

The Social and Economical Benefits of Sport

Sport is a movement basically. But this movement is a sociological event, cause of being done within the discipline and certain rules whether as personal or group. More importantly, sport is a movement which can provide the situation to be a balance and good with all extents for people in every extent ( such as physiological, sociological, psychological, economical ) within welfare (WELLNESS) described by World Health Organization ( WHO).

The Organizer of Chess Tournaments in Antalya

The Role And Meaning Of Chess In Children’s Education

Every parent wants his child to develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

Cricket Friendly Matches In Side In Antalya

What you don't know about cricket sport

Cricket which a field game playing of two teams with 11 players. Cricket is a very entertaining activity. Cricket played for the first time in England and it is similar like football. In this sport, aim is sending the ball to the opposite team goal. Game is played in an oval field and there is consists of circuits which called innings.

Cricket which was similarities with Turkish football was played first time in England. Separated from football is that 11 players use sticks whose try the send the ball by their hands for the goal. It has become one of the popular games in a short time because of entertainment. The first match of the cricket was played in 1728 between the town team and surreys.