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We have gathered for you posts about all kinds of sports both about certain areas of Antalya, and about hotels and training grounds. We hope our blog will help you a little better understand when choosing the venue for training camps.

Tennis Sport Training Camps in Antalya Turkey

Tennis Sport Training Camps in Antalya

Our company Sports City Antalya provides the best tennis training camps in Turkey Antalya at the best camp hotels.Professional training camp services will be provided in All-Inclusive training camp packages with the best prices.In our blog, we also provide the main information about sports for you. Below we will tell you how to play tennis from the beginning.

How To Play Tennis, What Are The Rules Of Tennis?

Football Training Camps For Women's Football Clubs Antalya


Welcome to the world of women's football, for some these two words "woman" and "football" is incompatible. For some, it's a wonderful Union.Woman likes football? Does woman play football? The response is enthusiasm in the stands, and hundreds of thousands women running around the football fields. As in many areas where men are

Swimming Camp In Olympic Swimming Pools Hotels Turkey Antalya

The Best Tips For Swimming

I'm not a swimming coach, I can't rise to be a judge in swimming competitions, but I've put together the best swimming tips I've heard that have improved my technique in just a few months and increased my psychological resilience.

Swimming For Nothing.

There are people who go to the pool and swim 1500-2000 meters without a goal,

Children's Tennis Tournaments And Fees In Antalya Hotels

At What Age Can Children Start Tennis? Summer Holidays Can Be A Good Opportunity To Get Acquainted With Tennis

Summer holidays are approaching; summer schools have already begun preparations. Like many sports, tennis is known to have many benefits for children in age development So, at what age can children start playing tennis? How should families guide their children interested in tennis?

Camps Coaches İn The Swimming Pools Of Antalya Olympic Hotels


To become a swimming coach, start your career as a basic swimming coach. Of course, the "document" requirement in force in every profession applies to the swimming instructor as well You can do the bureaucratic part of the job in two ways; either by taking courses opened by the swimming Federation or by completing swimming training in the physical education departments of universities.

Children's Basketball Academic Fees In Antalya Hotels

Children's Basketball Sports Academies

Teamwork. Basketball Training Basketball is one of those games that has been played at the professional level for many years. This sport, which is popular all over the world, has become one of the professional sports.Learning basketball helps to properly promote the physical and spiritual development of children.In addition, this sport allows you to increase individual and social development as it is a team game. It is a sport that instills a love of sport,