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Organization of athletics camps in Antalya


Athletics is a competition in running, high jump and long jump, which relies on the development of physical abilities. Athletics, one of the most popular and oldest sports disciplines in the world,is one of the sports best suited to human anatomy. Especially if you start doing athletics in childhood, it will serve as a good foundation for other sports.

Athletics, considered the backbone of the Olympic Games, is the main sporting discipline.

Athletics is a healthy sport that uses all muscles at the same time. Athletics stabilizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease,

Badminton camp for people with disabilities in Antalya

Sport for people with disabilities is more of a rehabilitation or treatment method than a competition. Competition and struggle among sports for people with disabilities is more cultured and serves the real purpose of sports.By somehow providing sports for everyone with disabilities, important steps have been taken to increase interest in active life and integration into society. In order to meet the needs of people with disabilities in sports,the opportunity was provided for people with different types of disabilities to compete with their peers in disabilities.

Sports training camps in Antalya

How to become a professional athlete

In order to become an athlete, you need to do a lot step by step. One skipped step can negatively affect subsequent steps. And now it will advance step by step:

Step # 1: Move for a sufficient amount of time.
People were born to move. But the modern world is now arranged in such a way that there is practically no need for walking. Until recently, more of the population lived in small villages and towns than in large cities.They could satisfy their vital needs there too.For example, in the morning they went to the vegetable garden 500 meters from the house and pickled vegetables, and then returned and cooked breakfast for themselves.

Organization of running competitions in Antalya

What is Marathon?

Athletics is one of the oldest sports. So what is a marathon? What is a half marathon? How many kilometres is the marathon distance? Here's what you need to know about marathon running. When was the world's first marathon run? Why is the marathon record not being registered? When was the first-ever running competition? What's the difference between a marathon and a running race? The track and stadium divide athletics into three main types: running, walking and competition (jumping and throwing) in the stadium. Athletics requires a person to use all their strength and abilities. During the competition,

Organization of Gymnastics Camps in Antalya


Gymnastics itself is divided into many different types. Children who have started to do gymnastics need to complete basic gymnastics training in order to decide on the type of gymnastics as soon as possible. Basic gymnastics is one of the important sports that children need to practice in order to improve their physical condition, strengthen and develop.

The Benefits Of Basic Gym

Swimming camp for people with disabilities in Antalya

Swimming for people with disabilities

Statistics show that children with intellectual or physical disabilities, due to a number of problems, are not sufficiently involved in such sports programs, despite all the benefits. Another reason is the exclusion of children from society and the inability to provide a chance Among people with disabilities, the likelihood of obesity is very high. To identify obesity in people with disabilities in the age group of 8-18 years old, a nomogram was developed taking into account the assessment of body mass index.In people with intellectual disabilities participating in special competitions,