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We have gathered for you posts about all kinds of sports both about certain areas of Antalya, and about hotels and training grounds. We hope our blog will help you a little better understand when choosing the venue for training camps.

Football 5-a-side camps in Antalya Turkey

Five team football, (Four outfielder player and One Goalkeeper) type of federation football each team plays with five players. Another difference from include of football a smaller field, small goals and short playing football time. Matches are played indoors or outdoors on artificial turf fields that closed with a barrier or "cage" to intercept the ball from leaving the field of play and keep the game continues. Five player team football. Five people football game is at the same time as known as blind football, adapted from a normal football game for visually impaired athletes. This sport ruled by the International Federation of Blind Sports (IBSA) since 1996 and play with modified rules of FIFA

Goalball Camp In Antalya, Turkey


Goalball is an enjoyable team game for the visually impaired. It is known that this sport was developed in German after World War II. The game was developed for the rehabilitation of soldiers who lost their sight during the war at that time. In the following period the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) made this sport a team game for the visually impaired and determined its rules. The game of Goalball was first introduced to the world at the Paralympics Games in 1976 in Canada. It is played in all the Paralympics and other championships held after this date.Goalball has become more common all over the world in recent years.

Tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya

Tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya

In many countries, competitions are held for sports veterans in both singles and team sports. Some sports federations support the possibility of hosting major international competitions for sports veterans. To understand who sports veterans are, you need to know how a sports career develops in general. On average, children start playing sports at the age of 7. Up to the age of 18, an athlete develops the necessary physical condition and

Paralympic sports camps in Antalya

Paralympic sport dates to the 1880s. A new treatment for spinal cord injuries, developed in 1945, paved the way for the development of the sports movement for people with disabilities, now known as the Paralympic Movement.

With the creation of various sports organizations for people with disabilities of a certain type, the Paralympic Movement initially develops. These organizations are now known as the International Sports Organizations for People with Disabilities (IOSD).

Benefits of Judo

The benefits of judo

Like other martial arts, judo can also seem like an aggressive and dangerous sport. But in reality, judo practice contributes to a lot, including the development of creative thinking.

Judo has been recognized by UNESCO as the most comprehensive sport for children and youth.

What is Judo?

Judo is a Japanese martial art. The word judo means "soft path". It is a system of unarmed combat, the goal of which is to destroy the enemy in order to neutralize him using his own power.

Ballroom dancing camps in Antalya

Ballroom dancing camps

Rhythmic gymnastics or ballroom dancing training camps are the best way to prepare for a tournament.
During a normal training program, there are many distractions in the training process. When the children arrive at the training camp, their entire day is devoted to only one thing - the maximum success in their sport They are in a circle of like-minded and professional trainers who are dedicated to their work and strive to grow champions.