All For Camps In Antalya

We have gathered for you posts about all kinds of sports both about certain areas of Antalya, and about hotels and training grounds. We hope our blog will help you a little better understand when choosing the venue for training camps.

Football referee camps in Antalya

Football Referee Camps in Antalya

It is well-known that football teams hold training camps twice a year. Camps can be held both at home and abroad.

Organization of friendly matches in Antalya

Sometimes while watching or playing football you see that team participating in a friendly game. We will try to detail information about friendly matches in football.

Why Antalya is the capital of training camps

Antalya - the "training" capital of athletes training

The coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the winter months resembles spring in Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries - warm, mostly sunny weather. The air warms up in Antalya in winter to +20, the sea temperature is +17.

Team sports camp in Antalya

How to develop team spirit

The team is not only about training and exercises. True team cohesion depends not only on the place a team occupies in a sports tournament, but how you spend time together plays an important role. It is very important to maintain and strengthen a favorable microclimate in the team, because many coaches know that sports results depend on this.

Benefits of summer camps in Antalya for children

Summer Camps for Kids

Benefits of summer camps for children

Where and how are summer camps for children held? and what are the benefits? Camps may differ according to their characteristics. There are Sports, Entertainment, Language camps and even military camps abroad. The aim is to teach children how to stand on their own feet.

Trail running camps in Antalya, Turkey

What is trail running and why is it interesting

Trail running starts where the asphalt ends. As soon as you decide to turn off solid ground onto a trail or, more fun, no trails, you become a trail runner. Of course, the very word "trail running" means nothing more than cross-country running, if in general terms.