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Importance of the woman’s basketball in Turkey

Importance of the woman’s basketball in Turkey

Women's basketball in Turkey has started its development in the late of 1950s firstly at high schools for girls in Istanbul and Ankara and later in the higher educational institutions. These activities were also organized within the school - based clubs, and local after the national championships started to be organized among the women's teams established by these clubs. The first meeting was organized in 1959 at the Turkish women's Championship,

The importance of preparatory matches in football camps in Antalya

The importance of Preparatory Matches during the training Camp

Preparatory matches are different from regular matches and are called competition-free and no-reward matches.Preparatory matches are held to prepare teams and players for the new season,as well as to dispel them or to collect the help.

How to play futsal (saloon football)

How To Play Futsal?

*In international measurements, the area of futsal is as follows: the length of the field is not less than 38, maximum 42, and the width is not less than 18, maximum 25 meters. The penalty is 6 meters from the gate and thesecond penalty is 10 meters away. The gate is 3 meters wide and 2 meters high.

*The circle of the ball for futsal is no more than 64, not less than 62 centimeters, and its weight is no more than 440, not less than

What is beach volleyball and how is it play, what is its rules?

What is the Beach Volleyball? How to play? What are the rules?

Beach volleyball is one of the most successful, popular and exciting sports in the world. It is fast, fascinating and its movements require the speed.At the same time, beach volleyball consists of many interrelated and very important elements, where their excellent interaction with each other puts the beach volleyball on a special place among the rally games.

What is futsall and how to play it , what is its rules?

What is futsal? How to play? What are its rules?

Futsal is a popular sport today, known for its similarity to football. Its main difference from football is that it is played in the hall. Futsal, which has its own rules, has been spreading so rapidly at the last time. If you're wondering what a Futsal is and how to play it, let's look at all the details together.Futsal is a sport known in the world as football in the gym. The rules and the game are very similar to football.

What is volleyball history and rules ?

History and Rules of Volleyball

Volleyball is a Sport, where two teams compete on a special site, separated by net.

The aim of the game is to force the ball down over the net on the opposition’s court and prevent the same attempt of the opponent.When teams send the ball to the opposite field, the ball must be reflected at least once on its field. To do this the team has 3 touches of the ball and another possible additional touch of the ball on the block.