2024 Antalya Side International Youth Basketball Tournament

basketball-tournament-kapak2024 Basketball Tournament


1) Teams must submit their running lists to the authorities 15 minutes before the start of the match. Teams can play with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16 players.
2) There is a 10-minute waiting period for the teams that do not come to the games on time. The team that does not come after the expiry of this time is deemed to be forfeited. This period cannot be extended by agreement of the two teams. In exceptional circumstances, the committee's decision is valid.
3) Matches are played in 4 periods of 10 minutes.
4) In case the match ends in a draw, 2-minute overtime periods are played in all categories until one team prevails over the other. FIBA rules apply in ALL COMPETITIONS.
5) Period intervals are 2 minutes, half-time breaks are 5 minutes.
6) The team's total time-out is 5. 1 timeout in the 1st period, 1 timeout in the 2nd period, 1 timeout in the 3rd period and 2 timeouts in the last period. Timeouts not used in the first three periods are not carried over to the last period. Teams are entitled to 1 time-out during the overtime period.
7) Teams can go to the field with at least 1 (one) coach or 1 (one) manager. There can be a maximum of 4 (four) club officials on the bench.
8) Only the match ball is given by the tournament organization. Please bring your own ball.
9) The matches will be managed by the referees of the Antalya Region of the Turkish Basketball Federation and the scoreboard will be kept by special officials.
10) Each team will play at least 5 matches during the tournament.
11) Each team which participates at the International Youth Tournament may have 2 players in its team who is older than the team’s age group. But this player may only be maximum of one year older than the age group.

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