Youth Basketball Tournament in Antalya, Turkey

International Youth Basketball Tournament in Antalya

Youth Basketball Tournament in Antalya.

Sports City Antalya Company invites you to participate in the basketball tournament Antalya Friendship Cup in Antalya.

The tournament will be held at ASTERIA KREMLIN PALACE HOTEL.

Tournament period: 20-24 June & 24-28 June

  • Our tournament will be organized in age categories u18 - u16 - u14 - u12 - u11 – u10.
  • Every player can play in the relevant age category or in the senior group.
  • Matches will be held in indoor & outdoor basketball halls of asteria kremlin palace hotel.
  • Basketball matches will be managed by antalya official referees and observers.
  • All decisions in the tournament are made by the tournament committee.
  • All athletes participating in the tournament will be awarded medals.

More details about International Antalya Friendship Cup 2022

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