Summer swimming training camps in Antalya

Summer swimming training camps in Antalya, Turkey

Summer swimming camp in Antalya

Athletes from Ukraine hold swimming training camps in Antalya. The training camps organized by our company Sports City Antalya are going well.

Swimmers are provided with lanes in a 50-meter Olympic pool and accommodation in a five-star All Inclusive hotel in Antalya.
Summer swimming camp in Antalya allows athletes to combine training with great relaxation.

Entrust Sports City Antalya your swimming camps in Antalya!

Comments of Ukrainian swimming group’s coach in Instagram

I'm a swimming coach from Ukraine and we held a training camp for our amateur adult group in Side in June 2021. It was the first time I worked with Sport City Antalya and they turned to be a great and reliable partner for such event. We literally didn't face any problems despite not even knowing anything about this place before. Moreover, our team consisted of just 7 people and at first I was afraid they wouldn't be interested much in providing good service for such a small group. Luckily I was wrong! Azer and Erman were genuinely nice guys who were always ready to help. That kind of service is so rare in my country. We were able to focus 100% on our training without any excessive stress.

Despite of the modest size of our delegation, the camp was a success. The conditions were definitely better than last time: the weather and climate in general, the quality of food, the hotel territory, the staff, the beach, the pool - everything was very pleased. But most of all I was pleased with the attitude of people from @sportscityantalya, who helped me organize all this without any difficulties. Whatever problems or questions arose, everything was immediately resolved, it was only necessary to write (not even call) the guys. Even at 3 am they were in touch. Always very competent, polite and very human. A service with a truly human face, which you cannot find in Ukraine in the daytime with fire, especially in this area. What is the fact that the director personally drove me to the airport in his own car.

As a result, we managed to fully concentrate on training, without experiencing the slightest inconvenience. One of the best weeks this year for me, even though I didn’t earn a dime from this venture - this is far from secondary when the process is so perfect I also managed to help my students (I really hope that 4 hours of classes a day will not be in vain), and train yourself perfectly, and even in sparring.

In short, I invite swimming lovers to our next camp at the same base in September, and I recommend @sportscityantalya to my fellow coaches as an excellent and reliable partner for organizing sports camps.

We'll be back as soon as possible. I highly recommend these guys!


Dear Yevgen, I am on behalf of our company appreciate you so much for these kind words. We are very lucky to know you.

General Manager

Erman F. Korkmaz

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