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What Are The Reasons For Training Camps?

Preseason training camps are shaped according to coaches yearly schedule. Before the coach starts pre-season training, he plans the philosophy of the game, defense strategies, transfers, and the contents of training.

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Therefore, players should attend the team on time and have enough time for orientation.Physical progress changes in a yearly plan. This change can be divided into 2 as training time and competition time.The single-ended practice period is used in team sports like football and basketball, and when the league is over, the holiday starts. On the contrary, when we look at tennis, swimming or athleticism, there are a lot of tournaments continuing the whole year. Therefore yearly plan changes according to this double-ended practice period. Normally this process helps sportsmen to recover themselves physically and psychologically. In addition, injuries get healed the earned skills also are kept.

Nowadays, last week transfers affect the player and the coach in a bad way. Now we see ourselves that we have completed our transition period and since we have been in Australia. Therefore, as we have mentioned before general training and competition period focuses on progressing the capacity of sportsmen. The higher the capacity of sportsmen, the higher the skill level is. Therefore, if this period will be stronger, the skill level will be also stronger. The intention in this period is to increase the strength of sportsmen. Durability, maximum strength, speed are progressed at this period. The workload is low but the density is higher in this training. For example, they do 4 times 25 push-ups, instead of 2 times 50 push-ups. Training specialist agrees that the most important things are speed, maximum strength, and durability in training camps.

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