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Sports Events Organization In Turkey

In recent years, everyone has noted that Turkey is becoming more active in the field of holding world-class sporting events, 2011 can be called the golden age in this field.

Turkish sport has recently been developing in terms of “organizational experience”.

In last years, many authorities have recognized that Turkey got the most successful “organizing country”, as the period from 2003 showed, our country has recruited about 100 international organizations in 32 different sports.Training Camp Kemer Antalya

Turkey hosts Championships of the most popular sports in the world, such as football, basketball and volleyball, and many others, followed by the ideal organization of Formula 1, the Universiade and the Youth and Olympic Games of Europe, The World Basketball Championship.

The Federation's activities in the international arena, having shown a significant improvement in organizational activities over the past 10 years, have contributed to the growing popularity of Turkey in the sports world.

Especially in 2011, Turkish sport has experienced a Golden period in the field of sports events.

The following tournaments and championships are organized between 2003-2011 in Turkey :

2003: The Women's European Volleyball Championship, the World Rally championship WRC, the Presidential Cycling tour.

2004: WRC World Rally championship, the Presidential Cycling Tour

2005: WRC World rally championship, UEFA Champions League Final, 23rd world Summer University Game (UNIVERSIADE), Formula 1

2006: WTA Istanbul CUP Tennis Tournament, WRC World rally championship, Formula 1

2007: Formula 1, First black Sea Games

2008: Formula 1, a Deaf World Championship, World Championship, World Rally Championship, European Underwater Sports Championship, Taekwondo Olympic Games, Continental European Championship, Archery World Cup, World Championship For Young Women Football Organizer İn Antalya

Baseball Championship European Stars, The World Championship In Billiards Among Women In The Three Groups, The European Cup Of Clubs Hockey, Rangers Cup, The European Championship On Artistic Billiards

The World Championship On Hockey Among Juniors, The European Championship On Basketball Among Boys And Girls "Hope", The Qualification Of The European Championship On Football Among Young Men Till 17 Years, The World Wrestling Championship Among Young Women, The World Championship Sailing Cup Sailing Race İn Istanbul

Athletics, European Cup 10,000 Metres, World Championship In Billiards Among Women In the 3 Groups, the international World championship ice Hockey under 18 years, the World championship On Taekwondo Among Juniors,

European Golf Championship Among Clubs, World Tennis Championship, European Junior Water Polo Championship, World Triathlon Championship Among Universities, European Championships In Beach Volleyball And Beach, Individual And Team World Championships Among Veterans

2009: European Championship Among Clubs In Golf, The European Short Course Swimming Championships, the UEFA Cup, The European Championship On Volleyball Among Men, Inter University Football Championship, the World Championship On Basketball Among School Children, Formula 1

2010: Final Round Of World Cup Triathlon, Formula 1, The Championship Of The Balkan Stars In Athletics, Badminton Championship Under 19 Years, The World Cup Of Pool 3, Championship Bowling, World Basketball Championship FIBA

2011:Championship Of Balkan Stars In Volleyball Among Men, International Ski Competitions FIS, World University Winter Games, World Games For The Visually Impaired, European Championship Among Judoists.

The World Cup Of Tennis For The Hearing Impaired, European Championship In Volleyball For Volleyball Players With Hearing Impairment, The Formula 1, The Cup Of Europe On Judo Under 21 Year, The Final Of The European Cup Triathlon European League Table Tennis Joola Competition 2nd Round Training Camp in Antalya

World Boxing Championship Among Youth And Women Stars, European And European Junior And Junior EMF Championship Among Adults, European Championship In Star Volleyball Among Men, Volleyball Championship Star Girls, European Championship In Arm Wrestling, 13th World Championship In Underwater Shooting, European Championship In Karate, European Championship Teams, European Youth Olympic Games

European Championships In Athletics Among The Deaf, European Championship In Mountain Racing, World Volleyball Championship Among Women's Stars, Volleyball, World Cup Final In Archery, European Championship In Volleyball, World Championship In Arm Wrestling

The Confederation of European Volleyball (CEV) Final of the Fourth European women's Championship, European men's Boxing championship, Tennis, WTA Tournament

2012: The World Championship On Ski Races Among Boys And Girls Under 23 Years, The 2012 World Championship On Track And Field Athletics In The Closed Premises, 8th Final Of The Basketball Euroleague Women…

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