Summer sports camps in Antalya

Summer sports camps in Antalya, Turkey

Golden Rules of Summer Sports

Always keep these rules in mind when exercising on hot days.

While the summer heat continues with might and main, those who do not want to play sports in closed gyms are sent to train in the fresh air. But if you're not careful, outdoor sports like running, tennis, cycling, and swimming can pose a big risk to your health.

It is recommended to adhere to these rules while playing sports in open areas in the summer.

Make sure you are drinking enough water

In summer, due to heat and humidity, the loss of moisture in the body increases. When playing sports, due to additional loss of moisture, the water-mineral balance of the body can easily be disturbed. Water-mineral balance affects the work of our muscles. In other words, bruises, muscle damage, tissue rupture, and sometimes in addition life-threatening conditions such as heart problems can occur as a result of a violation of the water-mineral balance due to lack of water. In summer, it is very important to drink plenty of water, take frequent breaks, and instead of exercising during the daytime, do exercises during periods when there is less solar activity. Fluid intake should be at least 2 liters under normal conditions. However, it is also important to increase this amount in accordance with the amount of losses caused by sweating during outdoor sports. The liquid is recommended to be consumed little by little and at frequent intervals, and when thirst appears, take breaks.

Summer Trainining Camps in AntalyaChoose the right equipment

No matter what sport you play, you should always choose athletic shoes specifically designed for that sport. In fact, while the situation is no different between summer and winter seasons, ground problems can occur more frequently due to outdoor sports during the summer. Exercising on the wrong surface in the wrong shoes is almost like an invitation to injury. In the summer, due to faulty shoes, injuries in the form of ankle sprains and knee ligaments are most common. For this reason, once you know your foot type, you should buy shoes that are appropriate for the sport you will be playing. In addition, you should be careful on non-standard floors, as the shoes you wear are made according to the standard floor, and on wet and dusty floors, the stability of shoes may deteriorate. As a result, slips and stretching may occur. Likewise, equipment such as tennis rackets, golf clubs, gloves and paddles used for outdoor sports should be appropriate for the level of skill and activity planned. Otherwise, injuries such as injuries to the shoulder tendons and cartilage, as well as injuries to the ligaments of the wrist, can occur.

Don't put stress on your muscles

Everyone wants to get rid of extra pounds gained in the winter. But, due to the fact that for a long time not playing sports, with a very strong load on the muscles, serious problems such as tears and tendon ruptures can occur. The risk of muscle and tendon injuries is especially high in middle-aged people. Scheduling sports activities according to the program and gradually increasing doses, as well as at least 15 minutes of stretching before starting exercises, will protect you from possible injuries.

Beware of slippery surfaces

Especially when playing sports in the pool, moving quickly on a slippery surface to enter the water as quickly as possible, or jumping into the pool carelessly, which can cause ankle sprains, knee twisting and even fractures as a result of a fall. Being careful about your movements on slippery floors can protect you from many of these accidents.

Be careful while diving

When it comes to summer, the first thing that comes to mind is the pool and the sea. Swimming is a sport that leads to the least orthopedic ailments, which is very useful in terms of rehabilitation. But jumping from a height into the water and diving head first can cause serious injury. For example, from the simplest in the form of a spasm of the back and neck to damage to the cervical region, which is a danger to life. In short, to prevent injuries and fractures, first control the depth of the water where you are going to dive, and follow the execution technique while performing water jumps from a height.

Don't overload

Beach volleyball and tennis are the most popular summer sports that use the shoulder joint and risk falling, which can lead to shoulder dislocation. For this reason, when playing outdoor sports using movements above the cervical region, be sure to allocate time for a full stretch and warm up the muscles. It is necessary to be careful about possible falls, check the surface during jumping exercises. You need to go in for sports without loads to the limit, preventing the occurrence of traumatic dislocation of the shoulder.

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