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The opportunities tourism offers for individuals or groups of tourist organizations and sports clubs to be seen with the use of the request and the countries in terms of social and economic consequences have also been established.

To be more popular in the world of football activities in sports clubs and the sport of football to be more powerful than the other leads to savings on a large scale in investment and expenditure in this area. Thus, the debate in recent years, "Tourism Is it football, soccer or does not provide the benefits of tourism" is that together provide benefits for both sectors at the moment is the only answer to this question. Tourism and football is attached for years. availability of quality hotels in choosing a campground, convenience vehicles, training and matches an excess amount of sites that will be done, the existence of a match and the tournament organization influential factors, such as climatic factors.

For tourism, football has a different importance. Football can be used efficiently for tourism. In this case it is up to some foundations to make football tourism conceptual. Football tourism is a phenomenon during which football teams attend national or international organizations, having football games in national leagues, activities in certain dates and camping and preparation studies intended to be made before and after the season and during season. Football tourism also includes transfer to the sports facilities, accommodation, food and beverage, recreation tourism services and its economical and social outputs. In football tourism, there are both individual and group organizations.

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Football is not only a game and not only evaluated by its sports side. Football leads social development in health and education, national pride and togetherness and economical benefits. We may see 2 different football tourism kinds. First one is tournaments and leagues which are organized by international football federations on the basis of clubs and national teams and leagues and cup organizations which is made by national federations. These activities’ calendar, structure, organization and participation are organized in terms of some rules. Football teams do not have a chance to choose their cities and participate these organizations directly. Consequently, we will not give point to these kinds of organizations about football tourism. Second one is consist of both participation chance and moreover camping and preparation studies.

Pre seasonal Preparation studies are shaped by a one year training program of a trainer. Trainer plans all the philosophy of his game and strategies about the game before season starts and make all the transfer plans, training program and practice methods on this philosophy and strategies.

This is why it is so important for new transfers to attend the team on time and complete their orientation process as soon as possible.

To be successful in sports come with training. Camps which are organized before and in the middle of the season has a very important role to determine the route map, to make players have healthy condition, to make players stronger physically, to plan (planning game philosophy, defending and attacking strategies) to detect the missing parts of the team.

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The adequacy of the preparatory camp organized by the quality of the object is very important. Plant in a way that allows for the placement and social activities, the athlete must have the necessary equipment. Physics physical and social facilities have a significant impact in terms of morality. Intense and rest after hard work, social environment, eating and drinking, having fun, sauna and Turkish bath, keep the living quarters on the premises, such as games, which are considered one of the most important factors supporting an ideal place for camping. only the climate and location factor in the choice of the center of the camp is not enough.

A camp center which has always strong winds is a camp center which is not unfavorable center for the before season and middle season camps.

If we can leave the negative effects of the strong winds, it is beneficial to have a constant air current because it avoids the heat during summer months and gives a better weather for the camp. When searching a place for training camps, not only accommodation and climate are important. Especially a proper ground and grass quality of football fields are as important as the fields for rehab and condition.

In particular, the lack of training to make football field with suitable soil and the quality of the grass up, that the purpose of rehabilitation and fitness center is very important. Soil and grass quality lighting system, drainage system, support services, safety, proximity to an object in the field and to provide off-site training courses, and other factors. Caravan athletes in those places where the calories from the plant should be able to meet with the menu using organic food need of food and drinking products.

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