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Tips to Becomea Professional Football Player

Football is a popular sport loved by many cultures and countries and has more than 240 million registered players and billions of fans.

The World Cup is the most popular and the most watched sports event in the world.

Follow the tips and strategies below if you have decided to pursue a career and become a professional player in a sport that reaches prestigious and broad audiences.

Be curious about football

1 – You should always have an aim. As mentioned above, the most important point at the beginning stage is your passion for the game. Loving this game will be a driving force to become a professional player. This should be something you want, not something you would expect from yourself or feel compelled to realize someone else's dream. If football is your passion, your love of football will allow you to stand up again and keep trying.

2 – Know everything about football. Learn as much as possible about this game from start to finish. You can read books, watch matches, study, watch DVDs, participate in matches, and talk to good football players about their tactics. Try to understand how famous and successful football players become successful.

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Start early and lead yourself to

1-Lead yourself to playing footballthrough rated levels. Choose a school team, local club, or regional team that is a good coach and the one you can join regularly. Academies are the best ones that prepare young players for professionalism. Every country, city or region has its own club or team, and they have their own progress levels. Even if it is not possible to make an exact prediction about the process, there are a few things you can do:

Start playing football as early as possible. Youth teams are available for those aged between 5 and 14.

Play football as much as possible with your family or other adults and even your friends.

Keep playing with young teams every year, moving forward with more competitive and elite teams to grow the gear, and playing with the ones above your age group.

Get regular training and join organized matches as early as possible. Try to take part in matches and tournaments at the level of young people in your school, district, city or country.

Join the training camps as early as possible. Take advantage of your club or clubs association if they organize training or summer camps. This allows you to take advantage of your enthusiasm and the competitiveness of other players and learn a lot in a short time.

Research professional development programs and learn how to join them. Ask your coach or instructor for advice on what you can do with your club or in general.

Sooner or later, you will be transferred from the youth team to the school or university team, and then from the amateur team to the semi-professional teams of teams and clubs. You must continue to climb the levels gradually, as you will pass through many stages until you reach the level to play against top players.

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Specialize in every sense

1 – Work hard, and keep in mind that you must be patient. You have to work hard to get to the professional level and be patient at the same time. Turning into a professional player is a gradual process, and in this process, you must continue to learn, develop technical skills, acquire knowledge of football, and, most importantly, communicate with other people.

If you want to be the best player, you should take time to practice at least 5-6 days a week. Whatever the weather, you have to keep training. These exercises will help you improve your ability and maximize your skills.

As mentioned earlier, do your training independently. Improve your skills independently or with friends and family members, preferably elder players with good experience, even if you are not in the club. Always aim to advance your technical skills. Try to collect until it becomes easy to make movements. Work on your weaker skills to strengthen all your skill groups and adaptability.

If you have a child who wants to be a professional football player, your level of sacrifice should be very high. You will need to do a lot of things to take your child to matches (inter-city and inter-country), to get football supplies, membership fees, help in non-compulsory training, and raise your child's morale.

2 – Be very good. After you have had a chance to play for a while, you should seriously consider your skills. Discover which position is best suited to your innate skills. Do not only think about yourself doing so, but also how your skills nurture teamwork and how your strengths fit into the game. Eventually you have to be good at what you do because competition is very intense and you are unlikely to get a second chance.

Talk to your trainer about your strengths and ask him to be honest with you. Use your trainer's advice to improve your natural ability.

Be the best player on the level you play. If not, make honest assessments about how you can improve yourself or move on to a different position or stay at the amateur level.

Prove you are okay, and that's consistent evidence. If you succeed in becoming the most popular player of the week every week, you are on the right track.

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3 – Be in shape. The level of fitness in football is very important. Be healthy by exercising regularly, eating healthy, and avoiding substances that lower your performance, such as alcohol. Get enough sleep every night. Try not to get injured and learn how to play without being injured. Stay in shape and stretch and exercise to survive problems due to injuries.

4 – Be a good communicator. Football is a team game and it’s vital to build good relationships. Good understanding with your teammates helps you succeed and play effectively. A player who attempts to play an individual or refuses to communicate with the other player assumes responsibility to the team and cannot succeed.

Try to communicate well by using your own attitudes and actions, by expressing yourself clearly, by avoiding rebellious or irritable behavior on the pitch, and by capturing the team spirit.

5 – Be spiritually strong. Even if football is a beautiful game on its own, the life of professional players is uncertain and unstable. This is the world where short-term contracts are made, the risks of disability and aging are expected to fall in the performance of the others to replace them. These realities make you feel insecure and psychologically worn. Improving your ability to overcome uncertainty, constant competition pressures and insecurity plays a major role in your success. It’s also very challenging to be in public. If you do not prepare yourself, it becomes tiresome to go to the highest level and to be carefully scrutinized by the media and cause depression and other mental health problems. If you do not have such skills, it may be helpful to discuss with sports psychologists or health professionals to develop coping strategies. And you should learn to talk to someone you trust, rather than keep your concerns inside.

Show your talent

1 – Learn what your club can do for you. Your club can organize trial or talent days. Clubs tend to rely on networks because they become more common nowadays.

Find out what kind of networks and community programs your club is involved in to help you get your attention.

Take part in all the important trials. Don't always expect to be successful, but join most of these meetings to get recognized, meet people and talk about details.

Find out what your club does to enable talent hunters to visit the club.

2 – Know what talent hunters are looking for. It’s important that you know what talent hunters want, even if you show great performance and good behavior throughout the match. As a result, they can come at any time to control the team. Talent hunters are not just watching how you play the ball, they are basically watching your general attitude. So they follow your character as well as your talent.

Show your team spirit. A good player must help his teammates and be a reassuring team player.

Show your determination. Be competitive without vanity or malice.

Show me how you keep your cool and focus while you're under pressure.

Always play the best.

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Lifestyle requirements

1 – Prepare to move. If teams and clubs are not in your area, you may need to make major changes to your lifestyle. Clubs and agents want you to move as soon as possible to meet their wishes without worrying about your personal life or long-term career prospects. At this point, decide whether this is the way to listen and dedicate yourself, and whether it’s worth such a big change for a little gain.

2 – Consider the following recommendations of the Association of professional footballers:

Are you going to play on a regular basis?

Can you speak the language of the country where your move?

Is the fee enough?

Does the club have a good reputation?

What kind of medical standards are there in case of injury?

Make logical choices

1- Be realistic – Football is a highly competitive sport where a lot of people want to get the same professional result and few people reach the top. In a study of career journeys for those who want to be a professional player, it was determined that this career path was long-term and unstable.

2 – Focus on the future. You should also consider how to maintain your life beyond your football career. You should continue to balance your football training with your academic studies. In this way, if things don't go the way you expect, you can keep your life in a different way.


Always show your full potential, you never know when the talent hunter will follow you.

Give yourself to the game and spend the game time thinking about football only. You will have time before and after the game to think about other things.

If you use your right foot better than your left foot, try to improve your weaknesses, such as shooting or playing with your left foot. Using your left foot better than your right foot is a great advantage because it becomes difficult for players who play with you.

There are online databases that you can register as a football player, and thanks to these databases you can attract attention of the talent hunters and others.

It’s important that you share your hopes and expectations with your family and friends to support and help your education. If you are still young, you will also want to meet your family to learn about your past experiences and the support level of your family.

Have fun playing

Be fearless. Don't let your thoughts or worries get on your feet.

Always focus and stay in the game. Continue to push your limits and do not allow errors to stop you.

Find time and space for training, even at home.

No matter how hard you try, there is no guarantee that you will become a professional player. Remember that you have to do your best and you can reach your dream.

Always do your best!


Disability is a fact that exists all the time for professional sports. Do your best not to be injured, but keep in mind that you may be injured.

Don't quit your regular job until you become a professional player. The wage rate will be low and even uncertain. Even if you are a professional, many contracts will be short-term. Therefore, learn to invest from the beginning.

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