Kids volleyball tournament in Antalya

volleyball training camp in Antalya, Türkiye

International Volleyball Tournament in Antalya Antalya Volleyball Friendship Cup (February 2024)


* The maximum number of athletes that will enter the field will be 14.
* In the competition, the Official International rules of the Game apply and the competition will be played over two sets won
* Teams can compete under any club name and also use the sponsor's name. They can also compete under a name of their choice.
* Teams from Europe, Asia and Turkey will participate in the tournament. Each team will play at least 5 matches during the tournament.
* The matches will be supervised by the referees of the Antalya region of the Turkish Volleyball Federation, and the scoreboard will be monitored by special officials.
* Teams that do not show up for games on time will be subject to a 10-minute waiting period. A team that does not appear after this time is considered the loser.
* The height of the net may differ from that specified in the Official International Rules of the Game, subject to the decision of the technical meeting.
* Two (2) points are awarded to the winning team and zero (0) points are awarded to the losing team in a (2-0) competition.
* (2) Points are added to the total score of the team that wins a technical win. (0) points awarded to the losing team.
* Each team which participates at the International Youth Tournament may have 2 players in its team who is older than the team’s age group. But this player may only be maximum of one year older than the age group.
* All athletes participating in the tournament will be awarded medals

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Matches of the International Tournament in Antalya