International youth football tournament in Antalya

International youth football tournament in Antalya, Turkey

International youth football tournament Antalya Friendship will held from 24 to 27 October in Side, Antalya. Contact Sports City Antalya company for details!


Tournament Rules

* Our tournament will be organized in age categories: 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016

* A maximum of 2 players one year older can play in each group.

* Matches will be played on natural grass fields located close to the hotel.

* Each team will play a minimum of 5 matches

* 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 will play in a 7+1 format on the half of the field

* 2012-2013-2014-2015-2016 groups will play 2 halves of 20 minutes.

* For every age groups FIFA rules will apply

* Substitutions in competitions are unlimited. A player leaving the game can return to the game again

* In case of equal points for 2 or more teams in the group, the places are distributed according to the following criteria:
- based on the results of a head-to-head match between teams with the same number of points;
- if there was a draw between teams with the same number of points in a head-to-head match, then the difference between goals scored and goals conceded in matches between these teams is taken as a basis;
- In case of equality of indicators, the following criteria will be taken into account:

- by more goals scored in matches between these teams;

- by the difference between goals scored and conceded in all matches in the group;

- by more goals scored in all matches in the group;

- by the number of victories in all matches in the group;
- In case of equality of all indicators – by lot
- In case of a draw in the semi-final and final matches, there will be a 5-player penalty shoot-out
- if the players receive a red card, the player is removed from the field and another player may enter the field instead;

* The matches will be officiated by official referees and observers from Antalya.
* All decisions at the tournament are made by the Organizing Committee of the Tournament

Each team must submit an Application (list of the team, including the coach and officials), indicating the international passport data, to the Administration of the "Antalya Friendship Cup" before June 31, 2024. The application must be signed by the Team Leader, and certified with the appropriate seals

* Before the game, each coach must have with him a copy of the Application Form and documents (foreign passport) confirming the identity and age of each team player, in accordance with the Application Form. The coach of the opposing team, who wants to see (view) the documents (Application and foreign passports) of the players of the other team, by which it is possible to accurately determine the age of the player, has the full right to familiarize himself with these documents in the presence of the match referee

* A protest due to age inconsistencies of players can be submitted before the start of the match or within 15-20 minutes after it ends. The referee of the match must record the protest in short form in the match report
* If more than 2 players older than the age category are found on the field, the team that violated the rules of the tournament will be considered a defeat with a score of 3-0

* Football Club (Academy, School) can take part in several teams in different age categories (groups), as well as several teams in one of the age groups. Enrolled players can only play for one team

* If the teams go to the game in T-shirts of the same color, then the team, according to the decision of the referee, "standing" second in the schedule (program) of the games, must change the T-shirts to another color. Each team must have at the tournament two sets of uniforms of different colors (light and dark)

* All teams must be ready to participate in the game at least 15 minutes before it starts

* All teams must have their own balls and equipment for pre-game warm-ups. The Organizing Committee provides the ball only for the official match.

* Team leaders are responsible for the order and behavior of their fans, the parents of the players who "cheer" for their teams
* All athletes participating in the tournament will be awarded medals






Antalya Friendship Cup - is the biggest International Youth Football Tournament in Turkey is waiting for you. Enjoy four days soccer with many international teams, exciting matches, magnificient beauty of Antalya, socialize with people from different cultures and get your trophy with a great award ceremony