Special Football camp offers For Linda Hotel

football camps in Linda Hotel in Antalya

Sports City Antalya company has exclusive sales rights for Football camp service for Linda Resort Side

hotel from January 1,2021 till April 30, 2021.

This year Sports City Antalya company has signed a contract with Linda Resort for exclusive rights for football camp service during the winter camp period (January – April 2021).
Now we have exclusive prices for this hotel.

The hotel is located in Side region of Antalya. There is one football field, which will be provided for matches and for training. There is also a small football pitch for warm-ups. Distance from the hotel to the field 3 minutes (2 km).
The main advantage of this hotel is that only two teams can stay in one period. Therefore, it is also convenient for the teams that the hotel will not be overcrowded with many teams.

We prepared “Special” price offer for you.
“Don’t make decision before getting price from us”

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