Organization of athletics camps in Antalya

Organization of athletics camps in Antalya, Turkey


Athletics is a competition in running, high jump and long jump, which relies on the development of physical abilities. Athletics, one of the most popular and oldest sports disciplines in the world,is one of the sports best suited to human anatomy. Especially if you start doing athletics in childhood, it will serve as a good foundation for other sports.

Athletics, considered the backbone of the Olympic Games, is the main sporting discipline.

Athletics is a healthy sport that uses all muscles at the same time. Athletics stabilizes blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease,

strengthens the mental activity of the brain, and reduces the level of fats and carbohydrates.Depending on the specific discipline, athletics can provide the following benefits:

athletics camp in Antalya

  • Improves the functionality of the joints by stimulating the production of a substance secreted by the body to lubricate the joints.
  • Increases flexibility of muscles and tendons
  • Develops coordination, strength and abilities of the upper and lower limbs
  • Athletics increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, thereby improving the supply of oxygen to the body.
  • This sport stimulates bone growth, promotes weight loss and helps in building a healthy physique.
  • Different types of athletics require great effort and sacrifice. Along with this, athletics will help you get rid of bad habits and improve your physical condition.

Athletics is divided into three main areas: running, walking and field (jumping and throwing) competitions.

Running: The goal in the athletics running categories is to cover a specified distance in the shortest possible time. Competitions are held in the open air, the length of the distance starts from 100 meters and ends with a marathon run of 42.195 meters. The longest walking distance is 50 km for men.

Jumping: The goal of the high and pole jumps is to reach the highest point, and in the long and triple jumps the goal is to go as far as possible.

Throwing: In throwing, which is a section of athletics, throws are made in such a way as to throw balls, javelins, discs and hammers in the area called the "sector" previously marked. While the shot put and the javelin are thrown straight forward, in the discus and hammer throw the athlete completes the throw after the turn. All throwing competitions are held in a circle.

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