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Everyone Who Says,” I Want to Be a Good Basketball Player, " Should Follow These Recommendations!

Being a good basketball player has nothing to do with physics and athletics, what to do to become a good basketball player, how to become a good basketball player.

We wanted to write this in a quiz style so that you can test yourself on how much of this stuff you can apply. How close are you to being a basketball player? Keep reading if you're wondering!

How Are You Going To Evaluate?

There are 33 paragraphs down there. Each paragraph describes an element of basketball and how it should be applied. After reading, you need to ask yourself if you applied that element. This survey will allow you to see how accurate and strict you are as a basketball player.

Make the right cloaking: the toughest players to defend are the good ones. When you are properly and firmly cloaked, you create open space for your teammate and increase your chances of wasting yourself. Good screen forces the defense to make a mistake. Poor, inadequate or lazy screening is to waste everyone's energy and time. To be a good screen performer, scorer and a tough basketball player, you have to do a tight screen on the offensive and then immediately look for gaps that will create opportunities for you.

Cut: good basketball players are those who cut, move and prepare their cut. Basketball is a game of deception. The man who holds you will slowly move in one direction, adjust your feet in the direction you want to go, and then you will suddenly cut to the other side quickly. A good and accurate cut can make a score to you or your teammate. If you don't cut it, you can't be wasted. Preparing for a cut, reading and cutting the defence properly requires being awake, conditioned and concentrated. Curry, he's a hard-to-defend player because he's very effective in cuts, he's in good shape, and he's got a full concentration.

Speak in defence: a successful basketball player speaks in defence and communicates with his team mates. In defense, it’s almost impossible not to sit in contact with stance, not to see the ball and the offensive. You talk, you let your teammates know you're there, which makes you and them better defenders. In addition, this situation also sends a message to your opponent about your willingness to defend.

Move with the ball: good basketball players in defensemove together with the ball. They move when the ball is in motion, not when the ball reaches the ground. It’s very important to understand. Good practice and habituation will allow you to move faster in defence. In addition, tough defenders jump into the ball thrown to the player who cut, even if the pass is not allowed to pass in front of them, allowing them to change their way. They fight for each ball until the last moment of the match.

Don't Stick to the Screen: No coach can show a player the right steps from every screen. Yes, there are certain techniques to get rid of the screen, but not every screen player can be able to cope with. This is also relevant to the screening player himself. Good basketball players have the intuition necessary to avoid being stuck on the screen and feel the screen at the right time and get rid of the screen correctly. Here, communication in the defence we described earlier is also very important.

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Keep your hands in the air: to discourage the one who makes a pass is as important as to obstruct the pass. Successful players always hold their hands in the air in the defense so that they can disrupt the vision of the pass, deflect the direction of the pass, or distract the teammates to catch the player they missed before taking the pass. Players who cut or play in the painted area will be free for only a few seconds. If your hands are in the air, you can prevent apasser from seeing these holes.

Focus on the ball, watch your man: most defenders look at the ball and hug the man they're holding, because they're afraid to miss it. A good defender focuses on the ball and sees his man. There's a difference between. focusing on the ball and seeing your man at the same time can confuse most people. To do this, you must try to see two elements (top-man) and act according to the ball. If you pick one of them and just look at them, that attack ends either kidnapping your man or kidnapping the man you need to go to help with.

Jump to the ball: good striker basketball players jump to the ball and fight for the ball to the end. Even if they have to roll over and over again, they won't leave the ball. They know that every ball is very valuable. Remember, the one who first jumps for the ball wins the ball most of the time!

Be controlled: It’s a very common idea to fly in front of the player who shoots and to think “he is a good defender” by doing so. The right defender, by staying in stance, directs his man under his control and closes the attacker's shot angle and view instead of jumping into the shot. A basketball player has the intuition and level to react to, but he does it in disciplined and correct way.

Play the post with your man, not a point: most players run to a point by heart in the painted area, where the ball is where they want it. Good post players always create space for themselves and score after taking a pass. They take the right position and want the ball, and even if their teammates run away, they continue to do so.

Be a good athlete, run: tough basketball players throw away (sprint) and drag the defense along with creating space for other teammates. Sprint runs give you a chance to find quick attacks and easy basketball playing. Good players try to make “easy basket”, not “hard basket”. Actually, “easy basket” or looking like easy is not easy. Good players work very hard in order to make hard easy and they turn it into easy.

Play with your heart, give it all away:most playersworking hard andtraining continuously, try to bring in the game for themselves more easily. In fact, their goal is to be comfortable on the field. If you're one of them, we have news for you. You're on the wrong path. You should try to force yourself and increase your capacity! It's not for comfort! You should try to be more creative, more productive and more useful. You have to play so that your coach can put you aside for rest. You must play with everything and use your capacity to the fullest.

Go first to help your teammate: when your teammate falls down on the ground, be the first to come to pick him up. Be there to comfort him when he misses a free throw or a twisted shot. Good players are good teammates.

Take responsibility for your teammates: good basketball players expect a lot of things from their teammates, but they put them first. If the shuttle leaves at 9:00 a.m., a good team player will not only be there on time, but will also wake up on time his teammates and make sure they are there. They take responsibility for their team as well. They also say what they do right before criticizing their teammates. Instead of taking the compliments on their own, they accept them on behalf of their teammates and glorify them.

Get theme (charge):A good basketball player plays in the defense; in stance, watching the ball, checking the help side and taking the charge (theme). Good defenders know the difference between “being in the right place with intention to stop the opponent” and “being in the right place”. Some players being confusedwill say , “but I was in the right place.” You must remember that the reason you're in the right place is to stop the offensive player!

Sit down at stance and stay at stance: good basketball players don't grow up in the defense. I mean, in some cases, they don't sit on stance and they don't stand up on the others. They always know they have to bend their knees, open their legs and stand tight. When defending, they are aggressive in stance, ready to react, and within the rules of the game.

Become a finisher on the offensive: A good player will not be satisfied with a foul, he will try to make a basket-foul. During an attack, even when things go bad, he won't give up or think of one of his teammates scoring. He will force an attack to the end and try to finish it.

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Work on passes.A successful basketball player won’t throw a stray pass from the point. Most players do not pay attention to the pass and do not specifically pass. A good basketball player knows that it’s necessary to work hard in order to make a good pass. You need to be a good passer in order to pass away and into your target or crowded defense. To be a good passer your passes must be perfect. It’s also an important basketball player’s feature to get a pass and get rid of it. A player who uses pivot steps, cuts, uses the fakepass, and creates his own position so that he can pass and get a pass, can use the pass technique correctly.

Stand forward in thedefense."A good player fills his space with defense, not offense". Missed shooting does not break the morale of a good basketball player because he will not let it. And he evaluates his performance by looking at his defense first.

Accept criticisms with respect and critisize. Good basketball players listen and evaluate the criticisms. If not, they don't have to answer criticism or find excuses. They want to be better, and they're ready to be tough. For this reason, they are ready for heavy criticism. Good players are also not afraid to tell other teammates what they think, even if they don't want to hear this.

Show your strength with ther body language.When a good player is on the field, he only shows his confidence in himself and his team with his posture. If a player commits any of the following offences in a manner that does not infringe the laws of the game, the referee shall award an indirect free kick to the opposing team, the kick to be taken from the place where the infringement occurred. Good players do their jobs and send messages to their teammates and their opponents in body language.

Catch and read. Teams that make a pass or a trap, try to make their opponents nervous and make mistakes. When a successful basketball player comes, he prepares for the cut, cuts well and creates free space for himself. When they get the pass, they face their defenses and read it, make the right move. They can't take the ball and play it by heart, they can read the defense and act accordingly.

Cleavage in binary compression. If you're the one who sets up a trap or a pre-flop, you should stand shoulder to shoulder with your teammate, and you shouldn't let the offensive player break you down. Good players do not allow the attacker to pass from there (without fouls) or to see and throw where he will pass.

Always be on alert. Good basketball players are on alert and active. They're communicating with their teammates so they can be on alert. If necessary, they repeat the same thing several times to each other so that everyone will be careful with the same place. They know very well that the best teams play like one! Good players don't just run back to catch the man they're holding, they run back to stop the ball and prevent it from scoring.

Concentrate and motivate your teammates to concentrate. Concentration is a skill. Good players try to concentrate on each game. They strive to reflect the best on the field for as long as they can.

It's not your shot, it's ours.Good basketball players don't make bad shots, and they definitely don't think “my shot.” They know that that shot is our shot, and they work hard to throw the right shot. They'll are happy when we score.

Every time, but every time do box out and follow rebound. Successful basketball players do not avoid using their body. As soon as the shot is thrown, he makes the theme (box out) and goes after the ball to get rebound. This is true for every shot, not just when they want to! They knew rebound was a big part of the defense.

Take responsibility for what you're doing.And good players don't make excuses! He takes responsibility for their actions. After they miss a three-point shot, they're put forward for rebound instead of being upset or angry with themselves. Or, if you foul with the number 1 in the final defense of the match, and the opponent wins 2 free throws, if you lose the match, you should know that some of it is on your shoulders, even if it’s not the whole of the match. Instead of beating yourself up for this, you should take off your lesson and try not to do it again. You should apologize to the team and the coach and tell them you're not going to repeat it. And when you say it, you should do it and never repeat the same mistake again.

Look in the eyes of the coach and your teammates. Good basketball players never bow their heads. Look into their eyes while listening to them, because if they tell you something, it means that what they are telling you is important to you and to them.

Immediately go to the next attack or defense. Basketball is a fast game, and a good basketball player knows that there is no time to celebrate after a good attack or to feel sorry for a missed shot. The game requires full concentration until it stops, and even a momentary mimic or a motion might cause your failure. Good players know that the most important part of the game is the next offense-defense.

Become a player “It’s hard to play againt, but easy to play together”. A good player makes it easier for his team mates and harder for the oponents

Care about each match. Good basketball players do not underestimate the opponent or enlarge him in their eyes. They know that if they're playing with them, they're important. If they want to play for the championship, they know they have to consider each match as a championship match.

“Getting better with each passing day”, set your target like this. Good and tough players come to practice every day to be better. They take victory and defeat in the same way. They wake up the next morning and try to be better than the day before. They hate to lose, but they don't give up their motivation with defeat. They enjoy winning, but they're never satisfied. For a good basketball player: championship or a prize is not a target but a destination point. The target is to be better every day.You should be aware that a good basketball player should have more features by working harder.

You have to seriously question some things. You can talk to your coach or captain. You have to start working on “taking responsibility for your actions." You must specify a new working style and content, and you must apply it solidly. You can get support from your coach and team mates. You can still be a good basketball player. But it’s clear that something has to change seriously and how much you devote yourself to it depends entirely on you.

Being a good basketball player has nothing to do with physics, strength and athleticism. Some players are not born with these qualities. “To be good” is only possible by working and improving oneself.

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