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The Beach Valleyball

Beach volleyball is the invention of surfers who are bored and are looking for alternative entertainment , because there is no wave in the ocean: was first played in Hawaii in 1915. This game, which allows the surfers to integrate with the sea, sand and sun in accordance with the aloha spirit, is similar to normal volleyball in many ways.Beach volleyball, which was played between two teams of three each when it first appeared,is now played between two teams. It is possible to determine the points where he left classical volleyball:

  • Beach volleyball is played on sand Therefore, the players have to have their feet bare.
  • In normal volleyball, the field measures 18 x 9 meters, while beach volleyball is 16 x 8 meters.
  • Çizgi kuma çizilemediğinden, saldırı bölgesi ve savunma bölgesi gibi bir alan yoktur.
  • Every player can play in every area of the field.
  • Normal volleyball 5 - 25 sets, instead of 3 - 21 sets are used.
  • Teams change pitches every seven points.(In normal volleyball, this change is made at the end of the set.)
  • The length and width of the net do not change.
  • However, in beach volleyball, it is possible to reach the ball under the net, unless you touch the players of the opposing team.Training camps in Antalya Turkey

The rules and purpose of beach volleyball are the same: it is necessary to pass the ball to the opposing team's field and make it touch the ground. Beach volleyball is a sport where team members' communication is much more important. Therefore, there are some pre-agreed hand signals. For example, showing two fingers on the hip means, I will take the side attacks . In this case, the other team member needs to concentrate on direct attacks. In beach volleyball, the team that takes a total of two sets is considered to have won the match. Each set consists of 21 points. If there is a tie, the match is extended and the team with the first score is declared the winner.

Beach Tennis

Beach tennis is a very interesting sport. It is reminiscent of volleyball and tennis. Imagine playing tennis in a volleyball court and on a sandy ground. Beach tennis is most easily described this way. Although it is unclear where it first appeared, it is presumed to have been played since the 1940s. This sport is recognized by the International Tennis Federation. Even since 2008 official tournaments are held. Beach tennis is played in a 16 x 8 meter volleyball court. Tam ortada 1,70 metre yüksekliğinde bir ağ var. In this form, it is possible to say beach volleyball played with rackets for beach tennis! The rules are exactly the same as classic tennis: you need to touch the ball on the opponent's field by passing the ball over the net. Bunu yapmak, her seferinde 1 puan verir. Beach tennis can be played between two players or two teams.

Beach Football

Actually, beach football is not a new sport. Since years football is among the most popular beach games. However, its recognition as a separate and official sport takes place in 1992. Beach football, which first appeared in Brazil, resembles classic football in many respects. However, this is a much more difficult sport because it doesn't look like grass pitches to control the ball on the sand! Players must be in a stronger condition and be able to control the ball in the air. The rules of beach football are a bit different. It is possible to determine the differences between beach football and normal football as follows:

  • Beach football is played between two teams of 5 people each.Beach voleyball training camps in Antalya
  • Since two of the players are goalkeepers, the entire match takes place between a total of eight people.
  • Players are not allowed to use crampons. However, the use of wrist protectors is allowed.
  • The pitch is much smaller: beach football is played on a 35-meter-long and 26-meter-wide field.
  • Unlike regular football, seeing a yellow card is cause two-minute out of play. During this time, another player can not enter the match.
  • The team must continue the match for two minutes without the player receiving a yellow card.
  • The whole game lasts 46 minutes and is played in two halves of 23 minutes each. The goal is still the same: to score an opponent's goal. In the case of a draw, as in normal football, extra time comes into play.
  • Apart from these, the rules of classical football also apply to beach football. In other words, rules such as foul, penalty, throw-in and offside apply here.


Contrary to popular belief, frisbee is not a game but a “product”. It takes its name from empty cake containers. In 1938, Fred Morrison threw an empty cupcake left and right to have fun, realizing that the cup could fly for quite some time.Taking into consideration the public interest in the UFOs at that time, Morrison offers a disc that is manufactured on an empty and aerodynamic basis. This name really shows the source of the product. Frisbee is the abbreviation of Frisbie Pie Company, which produces cake molds. Frisbee comes first among the most fun beach games. All you have to do is this miraculous ”- throwing the circle at each other. Especially when played in a group, it becomes much more fun. There are also many games to play with Frisbee. Here are some examples:Burning Frisbee: The goal in this game is to “hit the opposite side with the frisbee.

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