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Volleyball Training Camp In Turkey Antalya

Rules Of Volleyball, How To Play, The Size Of The Volleyball Court

If you want to learn the rules of volleyball and understand what volleyball is, then you have come to the right place. In volleyball, every player should try to develop the strengths of his game.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports today. Volleyball, like any other sports,has certain rules. It is known as a sport that is played by hand

and with the ball. There are many varieties of volleyball, but they are all also played by hands.There are many varieties of volleyball. They are known as indoor volleyball, street volleyball, beach volleyball, sea volleyball or water volleyball. Volleyball in the hall is the most popular of all types of volleyball, which is now widely played and held in official competitions.Voleyball Tournaments in Antalya Turkey

List of volleyball rules:

- It is a game that can be played outdoors and indoors.

- The circumference of the ball played in volleyball is 65 cm, and the weight is about 260 grams.

The width of the volleyball court-9 meters, height-18 meters. It is divided into two parts by a grid.

- Players of both teams are not allowed to enter the opponent's field during the game.

- The grid height 243 cm for males and 224 cm for females.

- The area behind the front line of the field is the feed zone. The ball is served from this area.

- Teams’ areas are divided into two parts and consist of offensive and defensive zones.

- Volleyball teams consist of 12 people.

- There are three forwards and three defenders in the game.

- A player cannot hit the ball twice.

- A team can't hit a ball more than three.

- Sets have breaks. Technical breaks are held.

- The winner of three sets becomes the winner of the game.

"What Volleyball Is?"

If we describe volleyball very briefly, “a sport in which on a field divided into two halves by a volleyball net, two teams of six players face each other, the game has the certain rules and aim to knocked out the ball by hand to the opposite part of the field, and the opposing team would not be able to repel it.”volleyball matches in Antalya

Volleyball Court / Court Dimensions

The volleyball court is a rectangle 18 meters long and 9 meters wide. There is a volleyball net that divides this rectangle in the center. The height of the volleyball net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women. This grid divides the area of the volleyball court into two equal squares of 9 square meters. These two squares are half the field of both teams. There is a 3 meter line dividing these squares into two 6 meter long, 3 meter long zones. Each team has 6 players in midfield. Of these, 3 are forwards in front, 3 are defenders in the back. The 3-yard line is the limit for offensive defenders at the back. They can't cross that line.

How To Play Volleyball?

In determining volleyball " on a field divided into two halves by a volleyball net, two teams consisting of six players face off according to certain rules and aim for the ball to hit the opposing team's field and they would not be able to hit it. Before we move on to the volleyball rules section, we will take a detailed look at the position of the players:

  • Players stand in fixed positions on the field three people next to the net, and three people behind in a defensive position.
  • A team can hit the ball no more than three times in a row.
  • You can hit the ball with any part of the body.
  • Players play, alternating in a clockwise direction.
  • The team that throws the ball on the field of the opposite side receives points.

Of course, there are some volleyball tactics and techniques that are performed during the game, let's talk about it:

Bumping - to do strikes by both hands are folded with a “lock”. The key moment is to hit the ball by a broad area inside of the forearm.

Serve - defined as the kick that starts the game in volleyball. The player who throws the pitch makes the throw without the help of other players. This player throws the ball to the opposite half of the field without crossing the line of his half of the field.

A block is an attempt by players in the 2-3-4 zone to neutralize an opponent's offensive power, not give the opponent a suitable chance to attack, or return the ball to their team. The goal is to get the opponent's ball at the net and send it back to the opposite field.

A striker kick is the finishing kick of a volleyball aimed at getting points. In short, a player with one hand, a hard blow sends the ball through the net to the opponent's field. When he does, he bounces and gains power by pulling his legs to his hips, and opens his hand in the air and hits the ball hard. Defenders who fall behind the 3-yard line should be careful not to cross that line on impact.

Rules Of Volleyball

  • Volleyball team consists of 12 players with a total of 6 main and 6 reserve players.
  • Each team has the right to specify 1 Libero player in the team list of 12 players.
  • Volleyball is played in 5 sets. In addition to the final set, all other sets are played up to 25 points in each set. The team that wins 3 sets is considered the winner. In case of 2-2 tie, a 15-point set is played. In the event of a tie of 24-24 in sets or 14-14 in a set, the team that exceeds 2 points wins the set or match.
  • Teams change the field after each set.
  • In volleyball matches, players line up on the field in a certain order and change clockwise every time the ball crosses. In volleyball, each team has the right to change 6 players per -i-content-1821_3_11set. One or more players can be replaced at the same time.
  • A Libero player may enter and exit without permission to replace any of the backline players. A Libero player cannot attack, serve, or attempt to block. In short, he's just a quarterback, and the color of the jersey is different from other teammates.
  • During the competition, teams are given the right to make no more than 3 passes before sending the ball to the opponent's field.(block excluded)
  • Each team has 2 breaks of 30 seconds throughout the set. Also at 8 and 16 are given mandatory technical breaks. If a match exceeds 5 sets (the final) is stretched, it is still entitled to 2 breaks of 30 seconds, and there is no technical break in that set.
  • Volleyball competitions are led by 1 first judge, 1 second judge, 1 Secretary, 2 line judges and an assistant Secretary (not always).
  • Penalties for actions other than the rules of volleyball in competitions are assigned by the card.
  • Error: when pointing with a gesture or hand, the card is not shown.
  • Warning: yellow card
  • Removal from the field: Red card (he can not play for the entire set)
  • Disqualification: yellow + red card at the same time (excluded from the game)
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