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Children's Sport Camps In Antalya Turkey - Kids Tournament


There are hundreds of academic studies that show the impact of sport on our physical and mental health. Athletes feel happier and healthier, while reduce the risk of many diseases. Sports enhance our mental health as well as our ability to cope with problems

In modern life, there are those who have turned their sports into a habit, as there are enough of those who in the daily hustle and bustle cannot allocate time for sports.

Kids Football Camp in TurkeyEven if we do not pay due attention to ourselves, everything changes when it comes to our child. We also want our children to eat right, take part in sports activities that will allow them to become healthy people. So, what do we know about what to do to make our child get into the habit of doing sports? …

“How does sport affect the development of children's bodies and what gives them?” ...Participation in physical activity in childhood has a number of positive effects on our children. The growth and development of children is getting better. They acquire an active lifestyle, which reduces the risk of diseases that may occur in the future. The sport has a positive effect on health of children involved in sports, prevents excessive weight gain. Sport increase bone density, as well as contribute the development of physical abilities.

Children involved in sports are more likely to understand and evaluate the capabilities of their bodies. Sports contribute to the intellectual, personal and social development of the child, as well as improve the ability to cope with stress. It seems that children involved in sports have a higher level of concentration. Sport builds self-confidence and helps you feel better, and has other benefits.

At what age should children start playing sports? In what age groups, what kind of sport is necessary?

If the goal is not for our child to turn to a professional athlete, you can start with a sport that your child likes. But the main thing here is to form a suitable program for the child and pay attention to special training, starting not in the early period, and in the late period. There are also movements that children can make in parallel with their development.Children aged 2-3 years can perform basic movements such as running, grabbing and jumping. They can run in the garden, walk, dance, play under supervision in the water and train in the gym, accompanied by experienced people. At the age of 4-6, sports such as dancing, swimming, gymnastics, skipping rope and tricycle are ideal. At the age of 7-10 you can direct your children to

Football Training in Turkey

basic sports such as gymnastics, swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, tennis and swimming.

We adults are concerned that there is not enough time for sports, and we do not want our children to face with the same problems in the future. What can we do to get our children into the habit of sports?

In childhood, a well-organized program of physical activity should be created. This program should maintain a balance between sports and the child's daily activities and help the family. Therefore, parents need to instill in children at a very early age sports habits, not only watching sports competitions, but also playing with them personally. Work on physical activity, consistent with the educational program, does not interfere with the performance of the child.

Therefore, instead of saying: “because of the sport does not have enough time for classes” instead of making the child disappointed from sport, you need to help him to organize his program effectively. Do not forget that children learn by watching. If you do sports, your child will do too. In addition, it is a good opportunity to spend time together. The father working in the basketball workout and the mother regularly swimming are always make sport activity easier for child. We all know how important it is for adults to play sports. Instead of spending a boring day at home on weekends, doing sports together is an action that makes all family members more cohesive. You participate in both healthy activities and family relationships.

Do sport competitions make a child nervous? Should there be a certain age to participate in such competitions? How the approach of the family and sports coach to the child is important?If the child is aimed at being a professional athlete, then first you need to recognize that this path is very difficult and difficult. When such expectations are correctly assessed, the child can be oriented as needed. Poor management can lead to the fact that the child will cool down and leave the sport. Childhood is a long period of time, and the line of development and growth of each child can be different. Physical abilities and maturity of children of the same age can be very different. The

Football Organizer İn Antalyaprogramme of activities which should be implemented with consideration of these factors needs to be scheduled. Therefore, expectations and goals should correspond to the level of development of the child. In the development of this consciousness he should help the family, doctors and sports teachers. Once a child reaches the age of 11 -12 years, he can begin to realize and motivate himself, increasing the spirit of competition and the desire to win.

What should be paid attention to families who take sport to their family? Parents who work all week can sometimes find it boring to take their children to a sports school on weekends.

How to avoid negligent attitude in the form of: "Today it is possible not to go to basketball training»?

Very important tasks fall on the family in the early sports education of the child. It is important that parents create a good example. Do not forget that the positive steps that need to be taken can lead to the fact that children will get a habit that will affect their lives. It is important to take the child to sports activities in accordance with their interests, explain sports and how they are arranged, provide the necessary materials and create an environment for playing with other children.

Is it right that children involved in sports become more social, easily friends?

Doing sports develops many positive qualities such as tolerance in children, good communication, respect, self-esteem, perseverance, learning goals, time management and the ability to deal with difficulties, team training. These are all features that make it easier for children to communicate. In team sports also develop a variety of positive behaviors, such as support, a sense of elbow. It strengthens the feeling of friendship.What is the importance of sports in adolescence? What gives young people sports during this period?

Football Camp in Turkey

Sport is an important area of activity that meets the basic needs of adolescents. Exercises in adolescence have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. But during this period, the risks of adventure increase due to lack of experience, as well as a growing desire to be independent and self-sufficient. It is therefore important what kind of sport you will choose your child. Another advantage of sports in adolescence is that participation in physical activity is an effective factor in the formation of an individual character.

This period in which such functions as social leadership, group communication, friendship, team

spirit, gentlemanliness are solved. In adolescence, the use of practical skills develops, team sports such as athletics, skiing, tennis, swimming or football, basketball, volleyball, can become more intense at this age.


My practical suggestion for parents: "sit and watch." Watch your child in sports when you have time, guide him in a positive direction and encourage him. Emphasize the importance of “fair play” (gentlemanly), as well as doing sports and become a model for your child.

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