Organization of Gymnastics Camps in Antalya

Gymnastics Camps in Antalya Turkey


Gymnastics itself is divided into many different types. Children who have started to do gymnastics need to complete basic gymnastics training in order to decide on the type of gymnastics as soon as possible. Basic gymnastics is one of the important sports that children need to practice in order to improve their physical condition, strengthen and develop.

The Benefits Of Basic Gym

Gymnastics camps in Antalya

Basic gymnastics promotes the development of stability, strength, speed, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, neuromuscular coordination.

We have already said that gymnastics has many branches. Athletes who complete the basic gymnastics course can choose the types of gymnastics listed below.

Artistic gymnastics
Artistic gymnastics involves performing exercises on gymnastic apparatus.

Men compete in 6 rounds. List of shells:

1- Floor Exercise

2- Pommel Horse

3- Still Rings

4- Vault

5- Parallel bars

6- Horizontal Bar

Girls compete in 5 rounds:

1- Vault

2- Uneven bars

3- Balance Beam

4- Floor Exercise

Rhythmic gymnastics
Sports discipline originating from Sweden. Combines acting, ballet, music and pantomime. The kind of gymnastics that only girls do. Rhythmic gymnastics has its own rules and rating system and was added to the list of the Olympic Games in 1983. In Turkey, this sport began to spread in 1982 and is therefore relatively new. Only girls are involved in this sport. On the contrary, static apparatuses in gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics use moving objects: hoop, ball, ribbon, rope and mace. Each year, the use of one of them is canceled.

General gymnastics
Currently, this sport is demonstrative and each country determines its own rules. General gymnastics is a group sport that includes musical accompaniment, the use of moving apparatus, dances, various gymnastic exercises, while emphasizing more on the aesthetic image. Groups can be both male and female, as well as mixed.

Each projectile has free and compulsory exercises. Mandatory exercises are predefined. Floor exercises are determined by the athletes themselves and are aimed at showing the most successful sides of the competitor.


Floor Exercise: Exercises are performed on a carpet or plastic flooring with an area of ​​12x12 meters. A series of movements is a minimum of 50 seconds, a maximum of 70 seconds. Movements should complement each other and cover the entire surface of the carpet.

Pommel Horse: A projectile 1.35 meters high and 1.60 meters long. A springboard is used to provide height when jumping.

1- Men (long goat)

2- Women (side goat). The runway does not exceed 20 meters.

Parallel bars: Located at an altitude of 1.75 meters from the ground, the width is adjustable as desired. Consists of two flexible parallel bars.

Gym Fly horse:
The projectile looks like a gymnastic goat, but it has two symmetrical handles. The height from the ground to the top of the handle is 1.22 meters.

Still Rings:
Two rings hanging from the ceiling on ribbons with a diameter of 13 cm are at a height of 2.55 meters. It is the most powerful type in gymnastics.

Gymnastics training camps in Antalya

Horizontal Bar:
A steel pole 2.40 meters long, located on racks at a height of 2.55 meters.



A projectile 1.10 meters high above the ground. Unlike men, it is used sideways.

Competition 1A - Mandatory Series and One Jump

Competition 1B - obligatory series and two jumps

Uneven bars:
Consists of two horizontal poles located at different heights. It should consist of at least a lap, revolutions and swings and hops.

Balance Beam:
A projectile 1.10 meters high and 5 m long and 10 cm wide. The duration of the series should be at least 1.10 and not more than 1.30 seconds.

Floor Exercise:
Exercises are performed on a carpet of 12x12 meters. The duration of the series should be at least 1.10 and not more than 1.30 seconds.

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