Organization of running competitions in Antalya

Organization of running competitions in Antalya, Turkey

What is Marathon?

Athletics is one of the oldest sports. So what is a marathon? What is a half marathon? How many kilometres is the marathon distance? Here's what you need to know about marathon running. When was the world's first marathon run? Why is the marathon record not being registered? When was the first-ever running competition? What's the difference between a marathon and a running race? The track and stadium divide athletics into three main types: running, walking and competition (jumping and throwing) in the stadium. Athletics requires a person to use all their strength and abilities. During the competition,

athletes learn the boundaries of their strengths and capabilities and try to develop them.What is Marathon? Where does the name marathon come from?
Marathon is an athletics race for a distance of 42.195 meters on a hard surface. The name is inspired by the story of the Battle of Marathon, after which the warrior ran from Marathon to Athens to announce victory.

Running compositions in Turkey

What to do before the marathon
What should you do before running long distances?
Getting ready to run long distances like a marathon is not easy. Heavy training lasting for months, sacrifice and even the pain suffered will not be able to divert you from your intended goal.
Long-distance running requires not only physical endurance but at the same time, moral endurance. And also the ability to plan ... Before running, you need to plan everything from what you wear, what you eat, and so on. Then the competition will be comfortable and safe.

Get to know the track a few days before the competition ...

If possible, familiarize yourself with the path along which you have to run. This will give you a big edge on race day and planning as you run.

Take care of your toenails ...

Cut your toenails a few days before the competition, not so short and adjust the tips. We advise you not to do this on the day of the competition. Because any wrong cut can affect the entire run. Blood may come out or a nail with an untreated tip can rub against a sports sock and create a problem.

Prepare your running form in advance ...

The athletic outfit you wear during a running race is very important to your comfort. Avoid wearing cotton jerseys, prefer a uniform made from a specially designed technical fabric for running. Conduct a training session and test the selected form a few days before the competition.

The most important aspect is the choice of running shoes ...
Shoes that satisfy you during your pre-competition workouts, both in terms of convenience and multitasking, will be your greatest help. Pay particular attention to the wear on the sole of the shoe. Shoelaces should not come loose easily. Think about how much time you can lose because of one untied lace. So choose a professional brand when it comes to running shoes. Also, before buying a shoe model, read reviews from runners who have used this shoe.

Take the liquid properly ...
Before the competition, attention should be paid to fluid intake and it is necessary to increase the intake to replenish the necessary reserve.

Running compositions in Antalya Turkey

Pre-competition fluid intake chart for athletes

One day before the competition/Frequent fluid intake

Last meal before the competition (3-4 hours before)/ 1-2 glasses of water

2 hours before the competition/1-1.5 glasses of water

Half an hour before the competition/1 glass of water

10-15 minutes before the competition / half a glass of cool water

After the competition / 2 glasses of water for every kg of weight lost

The day after the competition / frequent fluid intake for 36 hours

On areas of the body that will be subject to friction, you should spread a gel similar to petroleum jelly. This will prevent friction when running long distances and allow you to move more comfortably.

Mealtime ...
Eat something light a few hours before the competition. The most popular foods for runners are carbohydrate foods (loaves of bread, flour products) and bananas (rich in protein) and acid-free fruits. Stay away from dairy products, fried foods, and non-breakfast foods.

Before going to the competition venue ...
Get your room category from the organizers and check it out. Pay attention to how you will attach the number to the shirt. If it's metal or a needle, make sure it doesn't get in your way. You can use the place where T-shirts and shorts are sewn. This way, you can keep the metal exposed to your clothes. To keep your running number from falling off, attach on two or three sides.

Before you start, do some moral preparation ...
At the competition site, go to a quiet location and relax. Walkthrough your running plan again. Repeat for yourself "why am I here and what I want to achieve."
When running long distances, try to keep your motivation high and enjoy the work you do.
Do not forget, even if you did not come to the finish line first, it is a great honor to finish at such a competition ... You should be proud of yourself ...

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