Basketball training camps in Turkey

Tricky notes of how to be a basketball player in Antalya?

How can I be a basketball player?

Actually, I did not think to change the title of the article to "How can I be an athlete?" because whether you want to be a football player or a fencer… what you have to do is almost the same…. It is much more difficult to be successful in individual sports Swimming Tennis,

Athletics are the branch which really need sacrifice.Even if you do everything right, there is a subject which it should take place beside of your performance and that is LUCK. The most important achievement of team sports is the friendships that last for years. Do not forget the best achievement of yours, will be this. You will become happy and upset together and these friendships that you share so many things with are priceless.Now my siblings who want to be athletes should start this subject with sports academies at the ages of 7-8. First, you have to do it by loving the sport you will do by having fun. But this does not happen just by training. Athletics, nutrition, rest, individual work, and mental self-development are indispensable in this journey that starts at the age of 8-9.

Now let me explain them a little …
Track and field, track and field, track, and field…. If you are not a good athlete, you have no chance of becoming an elite athlete. Many of the NBA stars you admire on TV work as much as a professional athlete. And they also have private tutors for this. While you are on a seaside vacation or watching NBA at home on your tablet, they spend the whole summer working after a short vacation. Despite being NBA Stars, they continue to work. Because it is hard to stay there until you get there.BASKETBALL CAMPS IN ANTALYA TURKEY

For this reason, you should pay attention to athletics as well as team training. If you cannot do this in the club, you must work outside of the training days. Everyone can easily learn what to do according to their age group. Because the internet introduces unlimited information for us. You can improve yourself with the right knowledge and working technique. But I suggest you get yourself a training partner. Because working alone is boring ...

In your budding age, athletics will make you much stronger. Then come basketball fouls… But if you do not have a strong physique, you may not even see the basket. That is why athletics are a must important. Let me tell you that instead of 2.05 a bulky 5 number, 1.90 a good leaping 4 with quick feet is now much more desirable.
Let us come to the most ignored issues: NUTRITION AND REST

If you do not eat and rest well, intense training and match tempo is the biggest invitation for injuries. I see many candidate athletes with bags on their backs in shopping malls or popular sightseeing venues before or after training. It may not hurt you in this short time, but you spend it from the warehouse. Our body's resistance will drop one day, and you may have to put more effort into restoring it. That is why you should stay away from things like junk food, fast food, eat a balanced diet and definitely rest well.
My recommendation on this subject should be to spend a few hours a week for a few hours of travel, cinema, theatre, etc. Another issue like INDIVIDUAL WORK.

Imagine you are 15-20 people in the team. How much can 1 or 2 trainers correct your mistakes during the 2-2.5 hours of training. They also only have 2 eyes. What they cannot see except what they see…. Therefore, it is imperative that you train individually with the knowledge of your trainers. This will contribute much more to your development. You can do this in the club (if there is such a possibility) or by taking lessons from a private tutor. But provided that you buy from the right person or people… You need to investigate this well. And let us come to the bleeding wound of Turkish Sports or Sportsman…. MENTAL DEVELOPMENT

Guys, this is a very long process. That is why one of the most important issues is patience and work. Everyone wants to play in very big clubs. But the important thing is to be permanent when you get there. For this reason, your first goal is not to play in a very big club, but to improve yourself. When you are already at a very good level, those clubs will do their best to get you. The important thing is to be there at the right time. Here is my advice to the friends who play in those clubs. The moment you say "I AM" is the moment you start to end. Do not forget that there are people who want to get you down and work like crazy. This competition is a very comprehensive race. You have to be meticulous in all of the topics I wrote above. If someone is missing, you will get stuck somewhere.

Chance will come one day, of course. When you use it correctly, you will see that everything will be much better for you. You will enjoy your location. But with working.

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