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The Importance Of Mental Training In Sport

No matter what sports branch you are in, it’s not enough just to want for winning and being successful. To achieve and keep our goal, we need to be durable, strong and patient. Success does not come immediately, the success which suddenly happened will quickly disappear, but the success achieved in the digestion with patience is a permanent success.

We should always feel strong, willing and desire to win against our competitors in the sport we do. Yes, our goal is to win, there is victory in the heart of every athlete, but this alone is not sufficient. Coach, the audience and the pressure of winning itself sometimes achieves success, sometimes can cause negativity, let's never forget it.This is because every athlete has his own characteristic, stance,some sport level, and some do not accept the pressure of external factors. It's related to the current psychology of an athlete. When the pressure is applied, winning is not enough. We,athletes, know that our goal is to achieve success no matter what branch we are in.

Of course, it makes everyone happy to achieve his goal by winning competition against the competitors. When we cannot control the competition stress by focusing on the desire to win, our game reflects a very high motivation of the athletes and the fact that they are full of self-confidence may sometimes cause us to win or lose the game. It‘s not so easy for an athlete to be able to do what is expected of him when the excitement peaks during the competition.

As a result of research, there are too many reasons that affect an athlete. An athlete in order to achieve a determined goal and target reaches the goal by improving his characteristics.

Goal setting should also not ignore the physical and psychological skills of anathlete. Difficult targets are not easy to achieve immediately. Each athlete has a desire to win and a goal set. Although it may seem easy from the outside, he may not be able to fulfill his wish due to external factors that affectan athlete. The reasons are the competitor's situation, the effect of sport lovers, the referee, the atmosphere and the weather.

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A goal of an athlete needs to determine the level of performancein advance. When the performance level is improved, the athlete will increase his self-confidence and will be able to fulfill his desire to win. Athletes' motivation is never achieved by putting pressure on them.

To increase motivation of an athlete, a coach and the athlete must have strong relationship, analyze the athlete well, follow the physical and psychological condition of the athlete, and have the coach train the athlete mentally before exercising or racing. Today, every coach does not use this system as it’s considered to be a waste of time.However, psychologists explain that mental training is important.

In mental training, the problem experienced by an athlete is that when the troubles are alleviated, adaptation problem will not be stronger, it will be wrapped in safe and he will reach his target. During a mental training an athlete closes his eyes to relax, to provide the best use of breath, starting from the feet to the whole body to feel the warmth to spread. To take his mind away from the problems, by imagining the position held during a competition, provide its reviving in the athlete's own mind, and make him live perfection of the movements made by saying it. During a mental training an athlete closes his eyes to relax, to provide the best use of breath, starting from the feet to the whole body to feel the warmth to spread.

The result is that after an athlete has taken a few deep breaths, his eyes are relaxed and self-confidence can begin to workout fully. There is nothing that athletes can do with high motivation by doing mental training 2 and 3 times a day.

Infrastructure is important!

Everyone knows how magic the infrastructure is in theTurkish football. We wrote it. So much so that the first sentence of theclub managers without taking their troubles is “infrastructure is very important”, and then they forgetthe first sentence.

Let's not hang it up. In fact, when we look at the football culture we are in, we can see that everything is for a reason. At first, the initial concentrations of the board of directors who have been assigned for a certain period of time can not be the infrastructure that is naturally a long-term investment. They take up the duties knowing the anticipated success in sport. On the other hand, the fact that the technical directors are the first to be sacrificed in a possible failure is now in their genes. “The team should be successful and talented young people from the infrastructure should join too,” he said.…

People who do not know enough about a subject are bound to a success or failure for only one reason. Let's not do that. In football, trying to interpret the problems of Turkish football through endless clichés would be a waste of time and energy. ’ Young football players in Turkey in front of the obstacles to grow ' talked about in the previous articles. Turning around and reading the problem only through a number of foreigners or the salaries of infrastructure coaches will not take us anywhere. Let’s see what the experts say…

The European Clubs Association (ECA) held the third Infrastructure Working Group meeting last week at the Allianz Arena in Munich. We were there. During the meeting, quality areas were determined to be considered when defining an ideal Academy.

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Here's the list;


  • Soil quality (grass, artificial turf or soil),
  • Suitability of the floor to the climate,
  • Reflection of the number, size and quality of the field to the training,
  • Suitability of the facility for the accommodation of the players and a healthy education…


  • How much percent of the club budget is allocated to the Academy,
  • Establishment of revenue generation mechanism (marketing, commercial activities, players transfers),
  • The structure of the annual budget of the Academy,
  • Planning of the future financing…

Cognitive Care

  • Integration of school and football training,
  • Improvement of players' access to facilities,
  • Training support,
  • Physical development and care,
  • Integration of football and different sport branches,
  • Individual training,
  • Emotional and psychological support,
  • Individual social development of players (media education, etc.),
  • Developing awareness of belonging and social responsibility…

Physical Care

  • Medical care,
  • Quality of the fieldwork,
  • Rehabilitation care,
  • Nutrition…

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Talents Selection

  • Planning,
  • The suitability of talent pools,
  • Use of software to monitor a player,
  • Improvement of a player monitoring,
  • Strengthening relations and links,
  • Improving the quality of football schools…

Strategic Importance

  • Importance of the academy within the structure of the club,
  • Determining the role of a director of the Academy in the club (will it have an active role in the club's football strategy, or will it be just an executor!),
  • Determining the financial responsibility of the Academy…


  • Number of professional players issued by the Academy,
  • Distribution of players by Leagues (International and national leagues),
  • The average duration of a player staying in the club,
  • Percentage of players, who have a chance to play more than 50% of the matches,
  • Transitions from the Academy to the professional team;
  • A determination of the method used in the transition between the team and the Academy,
  • Partner clubs, pyramid structure…,
  • Team B…
  • A determination of the method used in the transition between team and academy,
  • Partner clubs, pyramid structure…,
  • Team B…


  • The quality of local competitors in the country,
  • Participate in national and international tournaments…

Human Resources

  • Quality of training,
  • Quality of education,
  • Coach per-player ratio,
  • The quality of administrative staff,
  • Quality of the audience coaches,
  • In-service training for coaches and all the employees…

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Communication Skills Of The Academy

  • Strengthening communication and relationships of all the employees with each other,
  • Increasing awareness of all employees' belonging and social responsibility,
  • Activities of academicians in the amateur world…

Professional Relations

  • The academic presence in the national and international arena and its correct representation,
  • Scientific productivity in the Academy,
  • Development of relationships with other clubs and structures,
  • Participation of academicians in conferences and training,
  • Visiting different clubs for information sharing,
  • Strong cooperation with the Football Federation

Future Investment

  • Does a team play like Academy teams?
  • Does it hide the history of the Academy and development of the players that have been followed?
  • Does club management fulfill its promises about the Academy?

But what a list! You're tired of reading, we're off writing…

Let’s not prolong, I would just like to say that the Academy organization consists of many components, each of which needs individual expertise. Many of the titles and articles on that long list you just read are shaped according to the country's football culture, the view of the federation and clubs. While criticizing development of a young player in Turkey, from this perspective, we might be able to bring a little depth to the “importance of the infrastructure” cliché.

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