Chess Tounaments for Players in Antalya

Preparation Camps Before Chess Tournaments in Antalya

The Preparation Of Chess, Tournament for Midlevel Players

In Antalya in our country Turkey that where many tournaments are organized, seriously, we see great players which interested in chess tournament sport any more. Unfortunately, there are not available studies to guide the contestants who are intent on working disciplined for on the eve of each big tournament and are not sure what to do with the excitement of the tournament.

This article is thought as a small recommendation for pretournament preparation and works during the tournament.


  • Tactical training: The most efficient and important part of pretournament preparation should be tactical exercise. Essentially, this study, which should be given importance in the absence of any tournaments on the horizon, should be speeded up in the preparation of the tournament. Let's say that a chess player, who devotes 1 hour per day to combination and solve problem, should improve his mental fitness by giving this study 2 hours in the pre-tournament. GM Kevin Spraggett says that the athlete must devote at least 2 hours a day in tactical training in the pre-tournament.
  • Condition: It is known that many great chess players have included regular exercises in chess training. Big Botvinnik was used to work with the russian basketball team coach for his physical training. Bobby Fischer was used to prefers table tennis for his physical training. Nowadays, it is known that chess players use for physical training in at least one sport other than chess. Most importantly, it is stated that the condition work should always be done, not just before the tournament. If you're not doing physical exercise, the walks of at least 20 minutes or half an hour will benefit.

Physical exercise increases the amount of oxygen bound for the brain.

  • It’s possible that more importantly as the condition increases, the body's resistance to stress will increase. Tiredness which gets body in the long time controls to end of the game is felt much as ‘’mental tiredness’’, physical exercises that increase body endurance will provide extra power in long time controls. In physsical exercise is important that not to be tired. The aim is to increase physical resistance and provide physical condition. Tiring exercises will bring harm not benefit. ‘’ Body ‘’ and ‘’mind’’ aren’t dual that will be thought seperately. This completely makes chess sport too. As you have such a good body, as your mind will be so productive.
  • Rest: It’s essential to rest steady for body‘s ( it isn’t necessary to say mind ) working in the best effective way. Even if time changes according to age, sleeping is so important for 7-8 hours per day as scientists and doctors mentioned. The important for tournament preparation is sleeping pattern. Take care of waking up at that time which every day you will wake up during tournament in pre-tournament. Spare a week for getting used to sleeping pattern.
  • Openings: Many players in the mentioned level work opening too much. It will be unnecessary that opening working is seen as important in tournament preparation. However, of course, It’s benefical that you know what you will play in tournament in pre-tournament. The main aim in the opening working in pretournament is to make certain, reduce,determine openning repertoire substantially , not to widen it with new informations. In such a big tournaments the principle of ‘’ preparation for rival’’ partly losses its importance specially in mentioned level cause of not having been struggled more than one with a rival in Switzerland system. Checking the last played parties in this opennings from one or some database will be benefical after you decide to play which openning from the ones which you have experience, take place in your repertoire, you know and played before in tournament. It is important to take a note if there are innovations in your played versions.
  • Be Convenient: Maybe the most important preparation pretournament is to get over a part of tension that you have cause of the whole tournament preparation. If this tension is in the level that you can control, certainly it will help your motivation. But sortly if tension commands you, you are eating your nails, shaking your legs, you need to make yourself relax. Don’t forget that your rival will be worried and anxious as you.

Firstly forget tournament. Every time you must care only game, not your tournament result, degree, award or rating. Get out of your concern, take pleasure for chess and remind this yourself often. Your taking pleasure will mean that you will play better.

During Tournament

  • Take a short walk before match, get some fresh air. Think about your convenience, not match before match. Maybe in your mind can be doubt such as ‘’ What about that the last innovation that ı will look from the openning encyclopedia in 15 minutes before match ?’’ Don’t forget taht tournament isn’t a place to learn. Tournament is a place to compete. Trust yourself, only be convenience to do the best within your power. Incovenient, without program, unnecessary, redundant working (such as old things) only make you tired.
  • Be Careful about your nutrition. Keep away from new foods that you aren’t able to eat and eating more than normal. ‘’ Too much’’ isn’t always ‘’ good’’. You must take back to your body the food to bring the energy that you consumed during match. Eat fruits abundantly. During match prefer fresh-squeezed fruit juice instead of snack or foods with too much sugar too. Keep away from fatty foods that will disturb your stomach and eating too much. Prefer to eat healty and slight foods before match. Instead of the mortal couple such as iskender kebab and ayran, toast with cheddar ( much fatty meat and yogurt, ideal for a dead sleep) and orange juice are better before match.
  • Use the time in a good way. Stay on the table ıf you don’t feel yourself good when attack turned for your rival. If you don’t need to get some fresh air, wash your face or visit toilet, check the general qualities of position and positional plans. When attack turns to you, spare time for concrete, substantial tactik analysis.
  • Spare time to have a rest rather than chess except match. Check your matches, make your deep analysis to your trainings after tournament. Before matches, maybe tactics working will open your mind. But regardless, don’t make yourself tired.

Consequently, chess tournament is as other sport competitions. The preparation qualification such as type of tournament, conditions, the controling of time will make it change. The point that ı want to emphasize here: The pretournament preparation mustn’t include to get new informations.

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