Trail running camps in Antalya, Turkey

Organization of trail running camps in Antalya

What is trail running and why is it interesting

Trail running starts where the asphalt ends. As soon as you decide to turn off solid ground onto a trail or, more fun, no trails, you become a trail runner. Of course, the very word "trail running" means nothing more than cross-country running, if in general terms.

Trail running is an officially recognized sport and is a full member of the World Athletics Federation.

Skyrunning - a type of high-altitude mountain trail running, with its own characteristics, is part of the International Mountaineering Federation and is developing as a separate sport within the framework of mountaineering. The difference from trail running is that ascents to peaks and mountain passes are required at a distance, and there are also altitude norms for trail design. Trail running can be a completely flat sport.
It is worth knowing that the world's strongest trail runners are also the strongest skyrunners, for whom the name is just a formality regulating a series of races.

Why trail running is interesting
Running on rough terrain is significantly different in load from running on asphalt and other flat hard surfaces. Much more muscles of the musculoskeletal system are connected, especially stabilizers, large muscles of the legs, muscles of the back and abdomen. Almost the whole body works on trails. It's not uncommon to hear feedback from trail runners that ... neck and arms hurt.

The first time you run up the slides without proper preparation, the next day you will feel as if you went to the gym, where you were vigorously swinging your legs.trail running in Antalya

The load on the cardiovascular system changes.
You are pushing yourself uphill, and the heart is forced to supply more oxygen to the muscles for their work. You increase your pace and your heart beats even harder.

Different types of surfaces in trail running
Trail running is everything that is not asphalt. Imagine. Mud, snow, fords, hard, soft soil, stones, clay, sand, cows ... "mines" (in the Alps in the order of things), swamps and much more, and often - all together and in very large quantities. Moving on complex and changing surfaces requires additional energy consumption, increases the time at a distance, accelerates the onset of general fatigue.

It is worth noting that movement on dirty, loose soils and surfaces, where the legs have to be raised higher, or they slip, fall somewhere, requires more dexterity, coordination, additional energy and oxygen consumption from the body, which means that the heart rate will increase again. ...

An infinite number of routes
Since trail running often does not imply the presence of any trail, especially during training, does not require a highway, we are left alone with our own imagination and nature.

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