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How To Engage Your Child Into Sports?

Let's awake interest in the sport of a child, you can also become an Olympic mother
Conscious sports and physical activity is undoubtedly very important for the development and health of our children.I consulted with a specialist in rehabilitation sports about the issues that mothers are interested in when their children start to play sports and learned what problems they face in this regard.

Why is sport useful for the overall development and education of the child?

As in other developed societies, the number of children and adults experiencing health problems associated with mobility in our country, health care costs are growing very quickly. We need to bring our children, who spend more time on TV, computer, Internet, sitting every day, playing computer games, to the street to provide them with a mobile lifestyle.

Sport/physical activity and exercise is a very good tool that allows children to gain self-confidence, find new friends because it supports physical, mental and spiritual development.

Many studies show that children who regularly engage in sports/physical activity and exercise are more successful in school and social life, calmer and more responsible with themselves. Therefore, parents should give their children the habit of doing sports at a very young age and help them to continue it at any cost.

We should take into account the words of our ancestors who say: “the tree bends young”, we must give them the habit of sports/physical activity and exercise at a young age, so that our children have the right habits already in adulthood. We need to organize them so that they can enjoy sports and exercise regularly.

If the family is engaged in sports, it motivates the child to sport?

It's definitely motivating. The fact that families engage in sports/physical activity and physical exercise makes them naturally being in a life that allows children to participate in physical activities without changes in the educational environment. The family, which involved into sports also provide not only themselves but also the child with a healthy lifestyle.

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How to understand when a child is physically and emotionally ready to start playing sports?

Almost every healthy person can start practicing any sport/exercise and be physically active at any age. The main rule that falls on the shoulders of coaches is to determine the severity of the load for child.

Despite the fact that there are ideal sports for children of a certain age, it is, after all, templates drawn for a high level of performance. It has little to do with overall health, entertainment, or for the child's future.

If a child who starts to play sports develops faster than his peers, he can engage in a complicated program with those who are older; if the child lags behind the program with peers, he can engage with groups younger than him, in this regard, educators should be well aware of the development of the child and follow the necessary rules.

At what age should a child start playing sports and how?

It is known that athletes participating in the Olympics, begin to play sports at a very early age, the earlier the child begins to play sports, the easier it will be to achieve professional success. Despite the fact that this sport has the advantage that it is included in the life of the child as a way of life, being involved only in sport for a long time causes many problems, mainly with health and education.

Families seeking to make sport professional for their children are aware of the ages at which their children can start participating in certain sports, but as mentioned earlier, everyone can start sports at any age. Children who start sports for the purpose of performance should also focus on more fundamental and technical, rather than on sports training at an early age.

On the other hand, children may not be compatible with calendar ages with physiological ages, so the choice of sport should take into account the physiological age, despite the fact that the following is an assessment of the calendar age.

2–3 Years old

They can perform basic movements of running, grabbing, jumping. Thus, sports preferences include running in the garden, walking, dancing, playing under observation in the water, gymnastics can be chosen accompanied by serious experienced people.

4–6 Years old

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Dancing, swimming, gymnastics, jump rope, catch-up, tricycle. After six years, children develop the ability to make safe and controlled movements.

7–10 Years old

They can start basic training in sports such as gymnastics, swimming, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, cycling, tennis, as well as sports that include further exercises and their combination.

10 Years old and older

They continue to engage in sports, which they began at an earlier age, they can begin to engage in athletics, wrestling. A few years later, Boxing, Taekwondo, in a sport that requires great strength, is suitable for starting karate.

Any child can do any sport?

How correct is the imposition of “my son will be a football player” to a child ?

If you do not have health-related obstacles, absolutely every child can do every sport. The most important criterion here sho

uld be a sports club in which your child is interested, can have fun with your friends and which is located not far from the place of residence.

If you choose a good club, the sport: football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, running, swimming, tennis, team or individual sport, at the initial stage, is not so important. Because in most sports the basic movements are very similar and can be switched within each other.Здесь важно, чтобы семья обладала возможностями, у ребенка было желание, чтобы тренер умел заинтересовать и направить ребенка.

What medical examinations are necessary before the child starts playing sports?

If your child does not have a chronic illness, family health problems, heart problems up to 50 years or deaths due to an unknown cause among family's members, and he is constantly monitored by a doctor (no more than 6 months from his last examination), he does not need to und

ergo a second medical examination before starting sports.

If your child has an acute or chronic illness, it must be considered by the appropriate doctor before starting sports. In this examination, it is often enough to get a good medical history and have a proper examination.

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If necessary, a number of blood tests and heart tests, ECG, fluorography may be required.
What should you pay attention to first of all to avoid injuries and trauma?

It should be noted that the most important thing in the education of children who begin their priority sport - the right technique, it is worth remembering that the main reason for sports injuries is bad technique.

Once the right technique is learned, children should have a proper training plan to make movements faster, stronger and more effective, and children should be trained in good warm-up, cooling.

Also, as mentioned earlier, winning doesn't have to be the main goal, so kids raised this way can do a lot of unwanted things to get the result any way they can. In addition, it sports protective equipment; helmet, knee pads, protective pads etc., be sure to use, and safety equipments must comply with the standards.

What should pay attention to children's training?

How does aggressive and intense training affect the child's body and psyche?

Families where winning in sport is a primary goal, may inadvertently drag him in the wrong direction. It should be noted that at the end of the matches one will be defeated, the other will win, and it is very important to meet this in a mature way. Thus, families should support their children patiently, calmly, motivate them to enjoy the competition, and not win in any way, doing their best

How should eat a child involved in sports?

The main rule here is no different from the usual basics of nutrition. A balanced diet, and with five main products: carbohydrates - pasta, such as bread; protein - like chicken, fish; fat - like butter, olive oil; vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals; milk, dairy products, yogurt and cheese should be in sufficient quantities.

Children who engage in regular exercise / physical activity and sports should eat more because they increase energy costs by increasing the amount of basic foods they can afford.

Football Camp in TurkeyAdvice to parents who want to teach a child to sport?

First of all, parents themselves should be engaged in sports/physical activity or exercise and be a good example to their children. A family that plans to teach their child to sports should not make a decision only at the end of physical tests. First of all, the child should love this sport, if he does not like it, you can look for ways to attract his attention to this sport. If, no matter what, your child does not like this sport, he needs to give the opportunity to try another sport. We know, that our children as like we; they are very difficult to do what they do not like.If we want our children to train all their lives we have to give up the imposition and coercion of children, they should enjoy this occupation, reach for their sport themselves. It is better to bring the child to a sports club, where they are engaged in several sports at the same time, if the child does not like a certain sport, it would be very convenient to show alternative sports that he could love.

It is also important that the place where he goes, was close to home, it is important to continue sports. If we can't provide our kid to class a few times in one week and then bring him in next week for training, he won't get the habit and won't be able to provide continuity. The importance of choosing a sport according to physical characteristics lags a bit, but children usually love what they are successful at and want to continue.

Therefore, if you have the opportunity to choose a sport that corresponds to the physical characteristics of the child, it can partially ensure its more successful work, which can lead to greater participation on its part.

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