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Beach soccer is one of the fastest growing sports that was born on the Sunny shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. After the famous football players took part in the competitionmany spectators and sponsors paid attention to this sport.


The sport was born in the late twentieth century in Brazil and quickly spread around the world and achieved international recognition.

Beach football today is one of the most modern sports,which will soon be included in the program of the Olympic Games.Such great football stars have contributed to the rapid development of beach soccer. Today, this sport attracts the attention of young people with its energy and vivacity. It is becoming more and more popular day by day, just like beach handball or beach volleyball. Now the sport, which began on the shores of South America, is played in more than 170 countries.Rugby matches in Antalya

The first competition according to the established rules was held relatively recently, in 1992 in Los Angeles. From this period began the official history of beach football.


This direction in sport can be called youth, because it is just beginning to develop, so in football there are few private schools for youth training, and they are concentrated in large cities. According to statistics, those who used to play big football and for some reason decided to change direction, begin to play beach football.


There is a special international rating for this sport called BSWW. The beach soccer championship is drawn up after it is held. There is a separate rating that applies only to European countries. Until now, the Champions of beach soccer were the Portuguese. The leaders are still the following countries: Russia, Brazil, Italy and Iran.


Each team consists of five players, one of whom is the goalkeeper. The match is divided into three periods, each lasting 12 minutes with a 3-minute break. Throughout the match, teams are allowed an unlimited number of substitutions.There is no drawn game in beach soccer. The winner is determined either as part of the "Golden goal", or during extra time, lasting 3 minutes, or in a penalty shootout.All players play barefoot, but are allowed to use protective bandages for the knees and lower legs. A foul committed by a football player is punished for a violation of the rules.


The standard size of the field in beach football is 28X37 meters. Such a small space and soft, clean sand allow players to resort to the most complex football tactics and maneuvers, and make throws at almost any distance, without fear of being injured. As a result we have the following statistics:

  • About 60 shots on target in one game;
  • An average of 11 goals per game;
  • The ball flies into the net every 3-4 minutes on average.

In addition, to play beach soccer, you need a ball, a t-shirt and shorts. There is no need for expensive boots and sports shoes.


In 1995-2004, an unofficial world championship called "Mundialito" was regularly held. Of course, most tournaments have been won by Brazilians, as the founders of beach soccer and as the undisputed leader in soccer.From 2005 to 2007, official Championships held under the auspices of FIFA began. All of them were organized in Brazil, and the first official winner was the French team.Since 2008, beach soccer has moved beyond the borders of Brazil, and other countries - France, United Arab Emirates, Italy-began to host world cups. However, the leader has not changed-Brazil still occupies the first place. But in 2011, the leader and winner was the Russian team, which scored 12 goals in the final match.In addition to the World Cup, there is the Intercontinental Сup, the already mentioned "Mundialit" and the Club world Cup. In addition, a large number of confederations are held today, uniting football clubs around the world.Beach football in Antalya


There are some requirements placed on a place where beach soccer is played professionally:

  1. It should be rectangular in shape with a compact size of 37x28 m, the marking limiting the space should be 10 m wide and contrast with the main part. The corners should be controlled.
  2. The game of "beach soccer" includes two more flags to denote the center line, located on the sides of the two wide sides of the field.
  3. As for the penalty line, it is limited to the visual line, using two yellow flags. They are located on the wide side of the field, at a distance of 9 m from the front line. As a result, the penalty area is 28mx9 m.
  4. Beach soccer is a sport in which the quality of coverage is very important because players play barefoot. The sand should be soft, sifted and not give a lot of dust. Any dirt and debris must be removed. The minimum depth of sand-40 cm, and if the artificial surface-45 cm.


This sports direction has its own characteristics and rules:

  • Each field has four field players and one goalie in the game. Wearing shoes is prohibited, but ankles and knees are allowed to wear protective and bandages.
  • The number of substitutions is not fixed and is allowed to be made during normal game time and during the break.
  • The rules of beach football allow you to play with your feet and touch the ball on the field is possible, but at the same time the corner breaks only with your foot. You can only use your hands if the ball is out of bounds. It is important to log in within 4 seconds. If this does not happen, then you are given a free kick from the middle of the field.
  • Another important point is the time in beach soccer, so the duration of the match is 36 minutes, and this time is divided into three periods. Between them, a 3-minute break.
  • If the game ends in a draw, an overtime of 3 minutes is assigned. It is important to have an advantage during the whole game time. If a tie is repeated, 3 wins will be awarded for each team. The series will continue until a winner is determined.
  • In beach soccer, there are two referees on the field, one referee who keeps track of time and a reserve referee.
  • A penalty is awarded if you touch, throw, hold, press or touch the ball with your hands, but this does not apply to the goalkeeper playing in the penalty area.


There are many sports in the world. Some of them remain at the level of local competitions, and some can become a serious and fun game in a few years. Beach handball can be safely attributed to the second group. The fact is that this sport appeared quite recently, but now it is incredibly popular.WhatsApp Image 2019-06-05 at 16.52.20 (1)


Where does everyone run to in the hot summer heat? Of course, to the water on the beaches and coasts. So beach sports such as beach volleyball, handball, beach soccer and Rugby emerged. Athletes and fans of outdoor sports can combine useful with pleasant. Oval ball to the beach - and beach Rugby is ready!


Rules of the game in beach football are reduced to the following points:

  • The game consists of 2 teams of 5 players each: 4 players on the field and a goalkeeper.
  • Player replacements can be made at any time of the game, and are unlimited in number.
  • Duration of the game-3 periods of 12 minutes each. 3-minute breaks.
  • "Draw" does not happen . Time is always divided into two:
  • basic;
  • extra, lasts 3 minutes and is given for the so-called " Golden goal";
  • Penalty, also used to determine the winner.
  • Any foul ends with an opponent's free kick into the goal.
  • The free kick belongs to the player who is in the attack. If he leaves the field due to injury, the kick will go to the next player.
  • Do not attack a player performing a kick or "scissors". In case of violation of the rules, a card is given. In case of violation of the rules, all fielders must go beyond the line of the ball.
  • Beach soccer is played barefoot as it is played on the sand. Shoes are forbidden, but you can protect your knees and shin only with special shields and bandages.
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