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Education is the Basis of Sport

When we’re speaking about the sport, the first thing that comes to mind is run!... Even in primitive times, a man hunted in order to feed himself and in order to hunt he was must to run following animals.The aim was to shoot an animal from a bow in a long distance or to strike with a spear in a short distance. It was needed to run well to catch the enemy or to run away from him.It was needed to run fast to deliver both good and bad news without wasting time.

And in our childhood, all our games were related to running weren’t they?! It can be said that our the first steps in sport were games like catching up, cat and mice, and many other games that children are still playing.

From the scientific point of view, the sport is an individual or a group physical exercise which includes the social unions of different sport games which conduct sports competitions and matches.Football Camp in Kundu Antalya

World of sport is universal and diverse phenomenon. Sports such as demonstration, group, summer or winter, individual, sports for a healthy lifestyle and for disabled people are the main sports that attract attention undoubtedly.

Sport is a part of our feelings real world. One athlete is always following the definite rules during a run, jump and core throwing. If the rivalry in such competition as football and box will exceed the boundaries of the rules, reminiscent of something like a fight, it means that the concept and goals of the sport have been lost. In such situations, it is difficult to speak of significance” other than financial gain. Such an attitude to the sport can destroy the desire to engage in sports and can negatively affect viewing pleasure.

If the spectators and competing are not satisfied with a game, then the sport loses its aesthetical beauty and there is stress and intension between the spectators. All these events can be a reason that culture level and education of the participants and auditory goes to the negative direction.

Such sports as football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, motocross and regatta are the sports which are awarding on results. There are different and colorful performances in athletics and swimming. All of these extensive events are managing by social and economical mechanisms and basic principles. Education and culture should be entered into this system for sure. When the education and culture of sport are developing then the sport quality becomes better, reaching the level of world importance.

In my book “I care” I underlined the importance of culture and sport education for sport and sportsmen within describing the topics of sport and education and gave the explanation to the question “Is it right to consider the sport like the social event combining the societies independent of skin color, race, religious and language?”

- Also, I want to answer to your question that only sport became the particle of the world culture which has the most important facilities and relations and contributes to saving the peace. Sport brings peace. Sport gives physical and spiritual health. Sport educates the psychology and behavior of a man due to this all countries collecting in one place during the Olympiad.sports hotel in antalya

Thanks to this cohesion, unity, peace and happiness come. If control properly!

It was formed

Today, I want to repeat that education is a starting point of sport, a stone of its foundation and obligatory element of sport. As education is important for sport so sport is important for education. Only education can be a key which brings a man, a society and culture up by stairs. Educated man considers a sport from the esthetic point of view, he is restrained, kind, understanding, and accepts defeat with dignity, and usually is not proud of the victory. Therefore, to realize yourself in higher sports, education is required, and technology will increase the quality and your performance.

Sport is a lifestyle. It is a source of happiness and joy which directly influences the health of a man and prevents and even treats many diseases. At the present time, it is recommended all over the world the sport in its simplest form walking, which has been spread quickly and which first of all is a sport method beneficially effects on the human body and soul. Walking is a secret of longevity. Sport both individual and collective develops in a man such merits as strength, patience, speed, endurance and skill.

Sport mainly serves us and our style. We form a sport ourselves. It presents in the life of every person under the absolute control of man himself. On each stage of the life a man aims to establish his individuality and relations on a harmonic and healthy basis. He aims to live and in this way society is created.

I would like to underline that for the future of the sport world and youth we must adopt approaches that, firstly, prevent intolerance, are open to innovation and train the athlete. Thus, we can make progress to prevent violence and racism in sports.

Sport education is a personal and society right. We’re talking about education of a sportsman, education of a coach, education of a referee, education of a manager and even education of the audience. This education is an irreplaceable way which develops technique, esthetic, and performance level in the sport. The collaboration between education and sport can change positively the people behavior. And by the words of scientists, it helps to occupy such features as the ability to appreciate beauty, behave naturally, establish healthy relationships, accept others as they are, be able to be alone when necessary, and be able to have enjoyed being alone.Football camps in Antalya

Engaging sports a man learns his abilities, accepts his defeat and can appreciate it, and when won shows his humility, and learns to use his time properly, competing with nature and competitor. When we fully and with precision will start using such principles as honesty, gentleness and tolerance, it will be easier to develop both personally and collective in every sport. In order to be a master of own word, our goal should be the adoption and implementation of cooperation in the field of education and sport at the mobilization level. If the education at schools, programs supporting the families and social projects will change the prospects of sport in our country, we will reach uncountable success on a global level.

Besides the social and personal development, it cannot be ignored also the economical capacity and social authority and media power of the sport. The sport will occupy the most important place in the revival of the conception “Friendship, Peace, Brotherhood” which is a lack in the modern world. We need to act wisely! ..

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