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Performance Development and a Child

In this article, we will share the scientific information with you about the relationship between a child and sports performance as well as describe the important points that you should pay attention to when choosing the sport for your child Before starting to write the article, I want to note that both of these topics will be covered here in comparison with each other.I wonder if it will be right to give a child only to one sport and work on developing a child to the mastery in this sport?

Or, visiting the main sport, to give a child to another sport additionally? For example, to engage only in football, and will it be harmful to football if you engage in another sport at the same time?

In the given article, we’ll try to answer all these questions. But before, you should define which of these points are right for you.Also, before writing the article, it is necessary to know the meaning of some concepts what I will describe briefly below.Football training camps for kids in Antalya

The main functions of motility:

Power, speed, rapidity, agility, flexibility, balance and endurance are the main functions of motility. These functions are very important for our general development and health on the whole. Here you will find detailed information about the main functions of motility.


It can be briefly described that coordination is the performance of different actions in the sport quickly, freely and jointly. These features must be developed from childhood and maintained in adolescence and old age.

A man, Motion and Performance

As we know, a man needs motion constantly. Especially, it was necessary a hundred years ago when a man needed to survive in the hard conditions of life. In the modern world, the meaning of motion opens such terms as sport, training, competition and performance. The common denominator of all these terms is sports efficiency which varies depending on the goal of a man to engage the sport and attracts the attention of much literature sources. 40 years ago the training plans and programs consisted of technical and tactical advice from masters of a particular sport. This method which got the name of “Study about champion” gradually was replaced by scientific investigations and later was formed as the scientific theory not information about the champion. Scientific theories have formed the basis of study and with time the study conception began to learn in more details with professionalization in this area.

The main dynamics of productivity development

The general development of sportsmen must be in the balance between multifaceted development and development in a particular sport. As a whole, the development of sportsmen should be conducted with the help of multifaceted training, aimed at achieving all their physical development. This situation demands the work of all main functions of motility described above. As the athlete grows, it’s necessary to increase his sports study and develop his features, and also to conduct the special training in the particular sport. That’s why it’s necessary to develop such athlete qualities as power, speed, endurance, rapidity and balance. These qualities, known as the main functions of motility, develop the basic features of sports performance and are quite important requirements for physical and physiological adaptation to the sport.Kids football tournament in Antalya

The main functions of motility and coordination skills

The efficiency of the main functions of motility determines the quality of coordination skills. If the coordination quality is better the sports motion’s goal will be achieved in shorter time. Because skills actually are the result of coordination abilities, therefore, coordination skills are the part of sports success. Multifaceted and diverse exercises which contribute to the development of kids’ coordination are the important basis in the process of their progressive professionalization. The presence of main functions of motility and coordination skills are the important factor in any sports, the difficulty is that motility skills affect on sports results and sports competitions affect motility skills.

In the sprint, the most important function is the speed. Sportsmen with good speed have success in the sprint; however, these skills develop due to enhanced training. In this case, both of sports results and sports performance affect on motility skills.

The goal of sports training is both common development (multifaceted development) and specific (sportive) development of motility skills. That fact, the general functions of motility affect success in the sport creates the question: “can the motility function, regardless of the sport, be the feature which affects the success in another sport?”. That’s why in this section we will discuss the influence of other sport activity on the motility function of kids sportsmen.

The main functions of motility don’t use equally in all sports. For example, the power in weightlifting plays an important role, but the speed is not important here. All above - mentioned functions of motility are requested in sports like taekwondo, basketball and football. Every football player must be strong, fast, agile and steady of course.

A child, sport and skills

Scientists have done research among 146 kids, where some of them engaged only football and other ones in addition to football also engaged one more different sport, like as basketball, box, taekwondo, athletic sports, table tennis and swimming. Kids of age category 10-12 years and 13-15 years took a part in this research and were divided to two groups, the first group consisted with kids engaged only football and the second group consisted of kids in addition to football also engaged different sport. For both age groups, the necessary statistics comparisons are done. There were some sport tests in the comparisons to determine the main functions of motility and results were recorded and researched. And what are the results?

Kids football tournament in TurkeyThe results showed that in the youngest age the kids show interest in several sports not only one sport direction and inclusion of the games consisting basic skills of this sport into the training program may contribute positive contribution to the development of kids’ motility functions and increase their performance. In all these tests, the group of kids engaging in several sports had better results than the group of kids playing only football.

Thus, it can be said, that if coaches working with kids will use training program with educational games and motility skills of other sports, the level of motility and the skills of coordination of kids will be increase.


So, in conclusion (here I appeal to children), it was scientifically proven that participation in the different sports will assist your development both in sport what you’re interested and your common development. That’s why don’t trust those phrases as “jumping from one branch to another, two watermelons will not fit into one chair, it’s better to do one thing well ”and do not let yourself be fooled by such unfounded rumours. At an early age, it is difficult for a child to be concentrate only on one sport. İf your financial situation not so good, ask your coach to play games from different sports during training which your child participates…Obviously, the investigation results will help coaches and sportspeople working with kids to prepare a training program for kids, manage the ready plans and programs…

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