Organization of football camps in Antalya

Organization of football camps in Antalya, Turkey

As you know, football is popular not only in Turkey, but all over the world. Since, mainly, men are fond of football, scientists argue that this sport gives all fans the opportunity to psychological relaxation.

Cohesion of people around the same color, a sense of joy in rallying and a sense of belonging to one team is one of the important priorities for them.

Growth in the number of fans

The fact that fans in our country and all over the world almost run with the players on the field, are sad, happy and cry, is the criterion of their connection around the same feeling. The feature that makes football more popular and easier and different from the game is that it is played with the feet, and the demonstration of strength with the foot, rather than with the hand, attracts the attention of the fans.

Covers everyone

Development experts also said that there is nothing more natural than the popularity of a sport like football, which can be played by almost everyone anywhere, where both individual and collective characteristics are important, which has no strict and complex rules and unlimited the number of combinations as in basketball.

Regardless of gender and age

The fact that football, which knows no boundaries such as gender, race and age, has become a passion, has led to an increase in the number of female spectators in recent years. We can now see more women in the stands than in the fields. In terms of fanaticism, female fans keep up with male fans. The search for solutions to many of the problems of people in the world, together with adrenaline, a little escape from a rational life, motivates interest in this sport. This is one of the reasons why people go to football matches with their children and spouses.

It turns into a shared feeling and passion

Also, since humans exist, the motivation to get excited and compete in this sport is higher. According to experts in research, the growth of interest in football in recent years is explained by the following results:

“Football has become a passion all over the world. At the heart of this passion is challenge. You react to the position you take by watching your opponent from the stands with the player on the field. The sadness or happiness of scoring or giving in to a goal makes you re-experience a sense of oneness and belonging. General unrest. I see ".

The psychology of the crowd among fans

The audience is another matter. People who have a sense of oneness, be it joy or violence, can get away from their family problems in this way. Recalling that the notion that "football is a game of underdeveloped countries" is never acceptable, experts believe that the unifying factor in football, as in all sports, is brotherhood.

Training camps in Antalya

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