Professional swim training camp in Antalya

A pool for professional swimming camps in Antalya

Choosing a pool for swimming camps in Antalya

When it comes to organizing a swimming camp, the first thing to do is to find a pool. Not just a pool, but a professional one with a certain water temperature and with all the necessary technical parameters. After all, swimming training in their country is carried out by athletes in such pools.

As Antalya has become one of the suitable destinations for swimming camps, we decided to provide information on swimming pools.There are many swimming pools in Antalya, but the number of swimming pools suitable for professional swimmers is

Swimming camps in Antalya

limited. When choosing a swimming pool for swimming camps in Antalya, you should not forget the services provided by the organizer of the camps.

First of all, we would like to highlight the professional Olympic pool in Side, Antalya. The Xanthe's 50-meter Olympic swimming pool is ideal for professional swimmers. 10 pool lanes, 2.40m deep, ideal for swimmers coming to Antalya for training camps. The Xanthe swimming pool is held both in winter and summer, as the water is heated to the optimum temperature for the athletes.

It is safe to say that the Xanthe Hotel with its swimming pools is suitable for groups even on a budget-friendly budget. Our company Sports City Antalya successfully works with the Xanthe Resort and provides special conditions and prices for the camps in Olympic pool.

Now let's move on to another Gloria sports complex located in Belek. The Olympic pool in this sports complex has all the necessary parameters for training camps for almost all types of swimming. The existing towers are excellent for diving, the depth of the pool is optimal for synchronized swimmers.

Swimming camps in Antalya Turkey 2

Only the high price level of the Gloria sports complex in Antalya is not suitable for all sports groups.

Also, worth mentioning are three other swimming pools that meet the necessary parameters for camps.

The swimming pools of the Sirene Golf, Titanic Belek and Zeynep hotel also have the technical parameters for the camp. Swimming camps are also held at the pools of these three hotels.

It should be kept in mind that these world-class luxury hotels are in the same price category.

Consider all the details when organizing your swimming camp in Antalya.

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