Professional Training camp in Antalya for swimmers

Professional Training camp in Antalya, Turkey for swimmers

Swimming training camp in Antalya

Swimming camp is as important in winter as it is in summer. Athletes and their coaches pay special attention to winter camps.But for the camp destination in winter, it is necessary that three important factors coincide. Firstly, it is necessary to have a professional heated pool, secondly, a good hotel with all conditions for swimmers and, thirdly, a professional organizer of camps.

swimming camps in Turkey
When we talk about training camps in Antalya, the level of conditions offered by hotels for athletes is undoubtedly high. There are also no difficulties in the matter of a suitable Olympic pool with heated water for training camps in Antalya.

When it comes to training camps in Antalya in winter, an indoor pool complex in Antalya itself comes to mind, which is designed to train swimmers all year round. The complex has two swimming pools, 50 meters and 25 meters. The depth of the pool is optimal not only for swimmers, but also for synchronized swimming and water polo.

Thanks to the electric heating system, the pool water temperature is 27.5 ° C in summer and winter. The chlorination of water in the pool in Antalya is also controlled by an automation system with calibration devices.
A professional organizer of swimming camps in Antalya knows these subtleties and therefore, upon request, he boldly offers training in this pool.

Our company has more than once organized training camps for swimmers in Antalya in this complex. Athletes from the Czech Republic, Latvia, Ukraine, and other countries have already held training camps in Antalya, training 4 hours a day in the Olympic pool. Not only the swimmers, but also the coaches were pleased with the pool and the level of organization of the swimming camps in Antalya.
Therefore, when choosing a destination for a swimming camp, you should choose the best offer with all the necessary conditions.

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