Tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya

Sports Tournaments For Veterans In Antalya

Tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya

In many countries, competitions are held for sports veterans in both singles and team sports. Some sports federations support the possibility of hosting major international competitions for sports veterans. To understand who sports veterans are, you need to know how a sports career develops in general. On average, children start playing sports at the age of 7. Up to the age of 18, an athlete develops the necessary physical condition and

strengthens basic skills in his sport. Then, in sports, the "pupil" period begins, which lasts up to 25 years. The brightest and best performing athletes enter the world of professional sports. Typically, the average sports life in the world lasts 10-15 years (except for some athletes). For this reason, in many cases, a professional sports career ends at 35.Veteran tournaments in Turkey

With, people over 35 still have sports experience and skills, and in many Western countries they are referred to as “master” or sports veteran.
Along with this, sports veterans hold tournaments in foreign countries. Football, basketball, and other sports tournaments among veterans are also popular in Turkey. Sportsmen who have already become veterans willingly take part in competitions and show good results.

Tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya combine relaxation and physical activity. For 10 years, sports competitions in football and basketball for sports veterans have been held in Belek, Kemer and other regions of Antalya.Also, our company, together with partner hotels, holds tournaments for sports veterans in Antalya.

Every 4 years, also for veterans of sports, international competitions are held on a par with the Olympic Games, which are called "World Masters' Games" (World Games of Veterans).

The last World Masters' Games were held in April 2017 in Auckland.

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