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Goalball Tournaments And Camps In Antalya, Turkey


Goalball is an enjoyable team game for the visually impaired. It is known that this sport was developed in German after World War II. The game was developed for the rehabilitation of soldiers who lost their sight during the war at that time. In the following period the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) made this sport a team game for the visually impaired and determined its rules. The game of Goalball was first introduced to the world at the Paralympics Games in 1976 in Canada. It is played in all the Paralympics and other championships held after this date.Goalball has become more common all over the world in recent years.

In our country, inter-school goalball tournaments have been held among visually impaired students for the last four years. Goalball is one of the indoor sports. The playing field is rectangular. The field is 18 m long and 9 m wide. There are two opposing goal posts in the game. Goal posts are positioned like in football and are located at both ends of the field. The height of the castles is 130 cm and the width is 9 meters. The ball used in the game is the size of a basketball ball and 1250 gr. weighs. There are bells in this ball that make a sound. There are holes on the surface of the ball that allow the sound of the cymbals inside to spread out.

Players throw the ball towards each other in order, using certain rules and shooting technique in the Goalball match. The team that scores the most goals wins the game. The game is played between two teams of three sportsmen. Each team consists of 6 players during the competitions. Three of them play in the game and three are substitute. Since Goalball players have visual impairments of varying degrees of severity, they have to wear glasses or an eye patch that completely obstruct their vision to equalize their chances during the game.

The important point in Goalball sport is that the disabled are an indispensable part of the Olympic games. Goalball is a very unknown sport for the disabled. The match is played in two periods of 10 minutes and 20 minutes. There is a 3-minute rest in the half-time. If the regular time of the match ends with an equalizer, two more periods of 3 minutes are played. If the equalizer is not broken during this time, free throws determine the winning side. During the game the hall must be completely silent to allow the bells in the ball to guide the players, allowing the athletes to concentrate well and react immediately to the ball. The silence that follows the cheering rising after each point is a sign of the return to the game. Goalball is a tournament sports. The important point in Goalball sport is that the disabled are an indispensable part of the Olympic Games.goalball camp in Antalya


  • All players should wear official match uniforms.
  • Each player must have numbers embroidered on the front and back of the shirts. Numbers must be a number between one (1) and nine (9) and must be at least 20 centimeters high. The numbers cannot be worn under the sweatpants in a way that the referee cannot see. Failure to comply with any of the conditions will result in a delay of game penalty.
  • Uniforms, supplies and pads should not extend more than 10 centimeters from the body.
  • The game sweater, trousers and socks worn by all competitors in a team must be identical and must meet all advertising standards required by the International Paralympics Committee at the Paralympics and World Championships. If these required standards are not met, the team will be penalized with a delay of game penalty and this player will not be allowed to play.
  • Any filling or different external items placed on the head should not interfere with the position or function of the eye mask.

Eye mask / Eye Pads / Glasses and Contact Lens:

  • Players aren’t allowed to wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • All players have to wear eye bands from the beginning of the half of the match to the end of the same half of the match. In addition, the players can remove the eye mask when leaving the field after the change announcement. Failure to comply will result in a personal penalty (eyeshade).
  • Eye masks must also be worn during extra time. All players are required to wear eye masks during free throws, whether they are on the field or not. Failure to comply will result in a personal penalty (eyeshade).
  • In all major championships, all players participating will have their eyes covered with watch or equivalent material under the supervision of a person designated by the IBSA Goalball Technical Delegate or Technical Delegate.
  • A personal delay of game penalty will be awarded if a situation related to adjustment or replacement of the eye mask by the player lasts longer than the medical substitution (45 seconds). Another 10s time attendant who does not keep 10 seconds for the shot will keep 45 seconds.
  • Eye pads, which are provide by tournament organization, have to be confirmed IBSA Technical Delegate

Competition Categories and Classification:

  • Competitions are divided into two categories as men and women.
  • All players must meet the IPC / IBSA sports classification B1, B2 or B3 categories for international competitions.

Creating a Team:

  • At the start of a tournament, each team will consist of three (3) ace players and more than three (3) seventh players.
  • Each team may have up to three (3) escorts in the seating area. The total number of people in the team seating area cannot exceed 9 persons, including the first three athletes at the start of the game.
  • The referee must be informed of any player not participating in the race during the coin toss. The player must wear the distinctive jersey given to him by the organizing committee; otherwise he is not allowed to sit in the team bench area. Failure to comply will result in Team Penalty - Game Delay


  • Each game will have 2 referees, 4 goal judges, 1 printer, 1 timekeeper and 2 ten second referees. Paralympics Games, World Championships, Paralympics Classification Tournaments and Regional Championships require a separate schedule timekeeper.
  • The duties of the referees are specified in the IBSA Golbolhakems certification program handbook. The duties of the lower level officers (ITO) are also specified in the IBSA ITO handbook.
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