Paralympic sports camps in Antalya

Sports training camps for Paralympic athletes in Antalya

Paralympic sport dates to the 1880s. A new treatment for spinal cord injuries, developed in 1945, paved the way for the development of the sports movement for people with disabilities, now known as the Paralympic Movement.

With the creation of various sports organizations for people with disabilities of a certain type, the Paralympic Movement initially develops. These organizations are now known as the International Sports Organizations for People with Disabilities (IOSD).

The first of these organizations, the International Committee of the Stoke Mandeville Games (IASM), was created in Rome in 1960. Later, it became known as the International Wheelchair Sports Federation of Stoke Mandeville.

In the same year, the 9th Annual International Stoke Mandeville Games were held in Rome. The games took place a few weeks after the Olympic Games. More than 400 athletes from 23 countries took part in this symbolic action, and the games themselves were recognized as the first Paralympic Games.

It was decided that the Games will be held every four years in the country of the Olympic Games and recognized by the Olympic Games for the disabled.

In 1988, the term "Paralympic Games" was officially recognized. The words "Paralympic Games" come from the Greek "para" ("about") and the word "Olympic Games".

Since then, in the year of the Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games have also been held. After the 1988 Paralympic Games, the competition was held in the same cities and locations as their Olympic Games.

The Summer Paralympics program includes:

  1. Rowing;
  2. Wheelchair basketball;
  3. Bocce;
  4. Cycling;
  5. Dressage;
  6. Goalball;
  7. Rowing in kayaks;
  8. Judo;
  9. Athletics;
  10. Table tennis;
  11. Paratriathlon;
  12. Sailing;
  13. Swimming;
  14. Bullet shooting;
  15. Wheelchair rugby;
  16. Sitting volleyball;
  17. Archery;
  18. Wheelchair tennis;
  19. Parataekwondo;
  20. Powerlifting;
  21. Wheelchair fencing;
  22. Football 5x5;
  23. Football 7x7.
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