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How To Improve Your Swimming Performance?

If you plan to participate in triathlon competitions these days, the bike and running are fine, but you do not have enough training in swimming or swimming at all weak, then I would advise you not to take part. Bitter truth… if your swimming performance is not enough,immediately in the first minutes of the competition you will feel as if you hit a wall and you will inevitably have to somehow crawl to the end of the competition.Because swimming is not as easy a sport as you think.

So, if you don't want to face an unpleasant result in your first race, you need to swim regularly and swimming should be an important part of training. Triathlon is a concept of three separate sports disciplines and each of them in itself has an individual value.Swimming Training Camps in Antalya Turkey

Swimming, the first of the three disciplines of triathlon racing, is not really as easy to perform as it seems externally, it is a sport that requires a lot of effort, activity. Also, because of the high load is recommended for marathoners in complex training, which produce their strength and speed, of the two recommended sports branches, one -swimming, and the other -a Bicycle.

When you swim, you need to dissect the water, which is 800 times denser than air, and this is not an easy job. One hand pulls the water with his hands on the other side. In addition, not only the strength of the muscles of the arms, legs, back and chest, studies in recent years have shown that the stomach and waist area, which is the center of the trunk, gives an advantage to the athlete.

Not enough, just cut the water and drag it to the other side, you also have to make it stable under you. Otherwise, once you enter the water at the competition, you'll face a rapid depletion of your anaerobic ability, as if someone turned off your switch because you don't have the stamina that provides continuity and you start crawling. The reason is very simple. Certain types of muscles are not developed.

Because of the reasons we have listed above, swimming training should not consist only of long programs of swimming in a straight line. Contrary to popular belief, swimming straight and for very long periods of time is not profitable. On the other hand, a long distance swimming marathon, at least once a year, is also recommended to take part in the race. As for the reason, we all have a psychological barrier in the brain before long distances, to swim, run or ride a bike over long distances there is a corresponding psychological fear. In order to break down the psychological barrier, you have to check your boundaries from time to time.

If you want to significantly increase the level of your swimming, your training program - it's strength, and sprint, and endurance, training should contain a complex structure that will be effective. Just like in other sports, it is recommended for strength, sprint and endurance the best form of training - "interval training".

What Does “Interval Training” Mean?

The meaning of the word "interval" is "intermittent, segmented", but in the sporting sense it is known as "training with load". Following each other short-term training with high efforts and loads and with short breaks Interval training, anaerobic improves overall muscle strength, develops speed and endurance, increasing anaerobic ability. To improve aerobic ability, the extended interval training technique is used. 20 seconds for short-term interval training, 7-8 minutes for medium level and 15 minutes and above it - for long periods of time.Swimming championships in Antalya Turkey

As we all know, for fast swimming is not enough only good physical training and strength. Your technique should also be good. If when swimming, you pay attention to your style, you will learn to slide in the water smoothly and quickly. So don't just sprint when you're training and not just endurance training but also balance buoyancy and improve your style. It is useful to do this work from time to time for each sport. Your swimming training should not consist only of freestyle, coordination training and working with other sports will bring you great benefits in terms of buoyancy and balance.

Also in the framework of the program to improve swimming useful pull-up on the bar, the swimming Board is also useful to use devices such as swimming paddles

Recommendations And Caveats

When we swim, our bodies are parallel to the water, and our face also looks down. If your position isn't right, your feet above the water it's too energy-consuming, your aerodynamic structure is getting worse, and it's much harder for you to cut through the water, you need extra strength.

It is good not to stick your head too high above the water, as you break the aerodynamic structure when breathing. Instead of short strokes, when you throw your hand, make long swings, and pull it out hard enough. Short throws until the end of phase traction won't help you fast enough to swim.

Pull the water well with your hands but also kick well, you have to make it push your body to make your swimming become a smooth style.

When you swim, your body swings too much to the right or out of the water, these are movements that can negatively affect your sliding in the water and you should avoid your body making such fluctuations. In short, you need to be as flat as possible on the surface of the water to move quickly in the water.

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