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What Is the Olympic Pool, Size, FINA Standards

Olympic and semi-Olympic swimming pool, What is it? What do short and long courses mean? What are the dimensions of the Olympic and semi-Olympic swimming pool how many meters? What are the standards of FINA Olympic swimming pool? TSE TS 11899 swimming pool standards, etc. You can find the answer to many questions related to swimming pools in the course of our article.

What Is An Olympic Swimming Pool?

Dimensions (length and depth) is the name given by the International swimming Federation (FINA: Federation Internationale de Natation) for competitions and training. The world's first indoor swimming pool was built in the UK in 1862. The Olympic pool is divided into short and long waters (semi-Olympic and full Olympic). It can be built indoors and outdoors. In addition to other types of swimming pools; with various accessories such as jumping platforms, flags and separators, they can be turned into objects suitable for national or international competitions.swimming championships in Antalya Turkey

The Size Of The Olympic Pools.

They are also called Full Olympic (long course). The dimensions of the swimming pool for international standards; 25 meters wide, 50 meters high and 2 meters deep (minimum). The minimum size can be 21mx50m. Each of them has 10 wheels with a width of 2.5 meters. During the race, 8 steps are used in the middle, so that the fluctuations of the edges do not affect the athletes, and the first and final stages are not used. Water temperature: 25 °C to 27 °C.

Length: 50 meters

Depth: 2 m

Water temperature: 25 °C – 27 °C

Number of handles: 10

Size Of Semi-Olympic Swimming Pools.

They are also known as short course. Semi-Olympic the size of the pool to international standards; 12.5 meters wide, 25 meters high and 2 meters (minimum) in depth. The depth of international competitions is at least 2 meters, while variable depth (1.5 m-2.5 m) is also available. Each of them has 5 locations 2.5 meters wide. In practice, it is built in sizes 16mx25m and in the form of training pools with six handles. Water temperature: 25 °C to 27 °C.

Length: 25 meters

Depth: 2 m

Water temperature: 25 °C – 27 °C

FINA (Fédération Internationale de Natation)?

The headquarters of the Swiss Federation is Lausanne, which was named FINA (International Swimming Federation) and was founded in London in 1908. It is an organization that organizes international swimming competitions in 7 disciplines: swimming, diving, diving, synchronized swimming, water Polo, open water and professionals.

Olympic Swimming Standards FINA (Fecilities Rules-FR):


FR 2.1.1 Pool 50 meters long in addition,if automatic formal equipment is used on touch panels, the pool must be 50 meters long to provide the required distance between the two panels.

FR 2.1.2 the Width of the pool is 25 meters in addition to it, the width of the pool should be 25 meters to ensure the required distance between the two panels if touch panels of automatic formal equipment is used.at the beginning or in addition to it, the width of the pool should be 25 meters to provide the required distance between the two panels.

FR 2.2.1 Is 50 meters long, plus 0.03 meters in each hand and 0.3 meters from the water surface to 0.8 meters at each point on both sides of the wall to minus 0.0 meters. These should be approved by Supervisory or official and competent personnel. These tolerances may not be exceeded the specified number when you installed the touch panel (employees who were approved or appointed by the member country in which pool is located).swimming championships in Antalya

FR 2.2.2 On the width which is 25 meters, plus 0.03 meters on each layer and 0.3 meters from the water surface to 0.8 meters down on both sides of the wall at each point 0.Dimensions of 0 meters are acceptable. These should be approved by Supervisory or official and competent personnel. When assembling touch panels, these tolerances cannot be exceeded by the specified numbers.


The dimensions required for pools with starting blocks are not less than 1.35 meters deep, which is not less than six meters from one meter from the end wall. Other pool types require a minimum of 1.0 meter.


FR 2.4.1 the Finish walls shall be parallel to each other and shall be made of solid to form vertical angles in the direction of navigation. In addition, it must have non-slippery surfaces that extend 0.8 meters deep from the surface of the water and can give the athlete the opportunity to touch it and come back so that it cannot be compromised.

Types Of Pools

FR 2.4.2 allowed to have resting places along the pool, which can't go deeper, with less than 1.2 meter from the surface of the water. And can be 0.1 to 0.15 meters wide.

FR 2.4.3 grooves may also be located on the four walls of the pool. If the finish wall grooves are present, they should be located 0.3 meters above the water surface, which will allow October to be additional to the touch panels. These grooves shall be properly closed with a net.

FR 2.5 walkways shall be at least 2.5 metres wide and shall be 0.2 metres wide between the first and last rope and the wall.

FR 2.6.1 ropes shall continue along the direction of navigation and shall be carefully attached to each end by means of irons located inside the finishing walls. Each rope must be at least 0.15 meters in diameter and donuts that extend from one end of the pool to the other. There should not be more than one rope between each decor. It is also very important that the ropes are firmly fixed.

FR 2.6.2 each end wall of the pool shall have a colour which can clearly and distinctly separate the 15 metre lines from the other pontoons.

FR 2.6.3 50-meter pools must have a different color that can be separated from other pontoons, which means 25 meters.

Signs FR 2.6.4 in soft structures with manual numbers can be located on ropes, on the initial and return parts of the pool.


The launch platform needs to be durable. The height of the platform should be from 0.5 to 0.75 meters from the water. The surface area of the platform shall not be less than 0.5×0.5 m and shall be covered with a slippery substance. The maximum degree of inclination cannot exceed 10%. If the start platform passes 0.04 meters, then springs with a width of 0.01 meters and 0.4 meters in front are formed at each edge, which reduces the surface of the platform by 0.03 meters. The launch restraints can be installed on the launch platforms. To move backwards those must be placed vertically and horizontally from 0.3 to 0.6 meters from the water surface. These parts must be in a property parallel to the finish wall, creating a protrusion outside the finish wall. The depth of water from 1.0 to 6.0 meters from the end wall should be at least 1.35 meters from the location of the launch platforms. Electronic reading boards can be placed under the units. Flashing on boards is not allowed. In this case, the forms should not move when the return process begins.swimming training courses in Antalya

Each starting block must be numbered so that it is clear on four sides. The first track should be located on the right side, if you look in the direction of swimming from the beginning. But since 50-meter competitions can start from the opposite direction, this rule is invalid in such meetings. Touch panels also be indexed from the top.


Flag ropes that extend from one end of the pool to the other should be placed within fixed standards at least 1.8 to 2.5 metres above the water surface and 5 metres from each end wall. Open signs should be installed on both sides of the pool and should be 15.0 meters between each end wall and the decadent rope where possible.

Water Temperature
The water temperature should be between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius. During the competition, the water temperature in the pool should be maintained at a certain level, no changes should be allowed. In most countries, it may be necessary to clean up the pool without creating waves or turbulence in accordance with health regulations that must be followed.

Light intensity should not exceed 600 Lux on starting platforms and on turns.


The marking shall be dark, contrasting with the surface and located in the centre of each tower; it shall be located at the bottom of the pool.

Width: not less than 0.2 meters not more than 0.3 meters

Length: 46.0 meters for pools 50 meters long 21.0 meters for pools 25 meters long each line should end after 2.0 meters from the finish wall and cut it as well as 1.0 meters long and 1.0 meters wide obviously cut the line. The target lines should be placed on the finish walls or on the touch panels. they should have the same width as the line lines in the center of each tower. These lengths can be overcome so that the surface of the pool does not overflow from edge to edge. The 0.5 m long cross-country line shall be located 0.3 m below the water surface and measured in the direction of the Central point of the cross-country line.

The compartments shall be solid if they have a finish wall and are covered with the transverse end of the floating direction. They should have a vertical and slippery surface of at least 0.8 meters from the water surface and should be placed on the touch pads so that they are above 0.3 meters. Use structures that will not be damaged by the fingers and toes of the swimmer that cannot be exposed to hazards below or above the water line. The compartments must ensure that the employees act comfortably during the competition so that they do not create waves or water flow.


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