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The Best Tips For Swimming

I'm not a swimming coach, I can't rise to be a judge in swimming competitions, but I've put together the best swimming tips I've heard that have improved my technique in just a few months and increased my psychological resilience.

Swimming For Nothing.

There are people who go to the pool and swim 1500-2000 meters without a goal,

with very interesting technical errors. I think they just want to fill out their training logs.The wrong technique leads to the fact that in the joints, bones, muscles; wrong movement is repeated a thousand times. On the neck of a swimmer who is constantly breathing on the right, lifting his head to breathe, a hernia, arthritis, can form. There are problems with turning the neck to the other side. The wrong technique also causes the wrong muscle memory, which leads to irreversible errors.Every wrong training leads to destruction, which is difficult to return, and does not benefit. Each training session should improve you from the point of view of technique, speed, distance.Swimming tournaments in Antalya

Two Workouts A Week Means Nothing.

There is no exact number of how many workouts are required per week, but coaches agree that 2 workouts provide neither physical nor mental development for an athlete. 3 workouts per week keep us energetic, 4 workouts improve physically, 5 workouts also improve our mental performance. If 4 trainings are held, one of them should be remote, one - technical, one - speed-oriented, and the other-calm for recovery purposes (recovery).There is disagreement as to what days the training should take place. Here's what I like best: don't define a fixed day for rest (i.e. don't say Thursday is my rest day)

No Fixed Rest Days

Measure resting pulse, blood pressure, in the morning. If you have too high a normal pulse and blood pressure, means, you poorly rested and are going overtraining. You can either declare the day a full rest day or you can have an evening light technical workout.If your pulse is very close to the normal resting pulse, you can exercise. This technique also allows you to adjust the intensity of each workout. If training makes your heart rate go up to the ceiling, you're probably not ready for that kind of exercise yet. You need to either extend the intervals, or shorten the distances, or target time.

And On The Back, And A Butterfly…

Each method allows us to practice the other better. This is very clear. When you swim on your back, you can much more clearly perceive the synchronization of the legs and arms. Once you hit with your left foot, you will realize how hard your right hand is pulling the water. To capture hand-foot coordination again, you can immediately notice a kick with the same foot twice in a row or a single kick in a jump. It gets a little harder to understand when you're swimming in Freestyle. Similarly, when you swim on your back, you may notice how you slow down and lose the synchronization of your legs and arms as you open your legs wide, pushing them out of that imaginary little cylinder. You will also notice that your coordination has improved significantly when you swim freestyle, turning up after swimming on your back.

In this work, as in any work, it is incredibly important to be aware of the error. We can fix mistakes that only we know about. While butterfly swimming (trying to swim) increases your lower back traction, allowing you to see how easy it really is to breathe in a free style. Personally, I thought that before doing butterfly sets, free swimming was challenging. Since backstroke and butterfly swimming also work on different parts of the shoulders, one kind pumps one muscle group, but the other remains untapped, so it is necessary to resort to both types of swimming.Best training camps in Antalya

To Use A Breathing Tube

I think that's what developed me the most. No matter how well I breathe when I swim, my priority is to breathe and get on with my life. I can only focus on my jerks.When you use a breathing tube, you no longer fear for life:) and you can focus on the technique. You can only focus on the angle of your hand at the moment it hits the water (it should be slightly tilted down), the point where your pull begins, the point where it ends, the angle of your elbow, and getting your hand out of the water and moving it forward.Once you purchase scuba diving kits, you will immediately see that your technique is improving before your eyes. Super.

Count Your Hands Strokes

I know many of us have a hard time counting the number of laps they swim. But we have to do it. If there's anything as important as the number of rounds, it's the number of hand strokes. For example, if I'm going to swim in a 25-meter pool and 5 meters is a push from a wall, then a net 20 meters is a swim. If we assume that the distance of one stroke is 1-1. 5 meters, we must complete the distance in 20 strokes. We should be able to swim at a distance of 1-1. 5 meters in one seedling. Once you get above 20, your technique slowly weakens and you should rest. Despite resting, you should rest longer if there are still more than 20 strokes in the next repetition. If after that long rest (1-2 minutes) you are also above 20, you should finish the set. You can practice technique, swim on your back. You have to enjoy it because obviously, from a technical point of view, there will be no work today.

This method is also known as USRPT and aims to swim 25 or 50 meters with short rest periods, not exceeding a certain number of fathoms and duration. You should be able to swim these distances 15 to 25 times, providing the conditions. If you keep track of these numbers and try to make the work gamified and achieve high scores, your motivation will stay at the same level.Best swimming camps in Turkey

Join The Races

Competition is necessary for mental and motivational development. It's incredibly nice to see that you can race at speed, in solo swimming it's hard to realize, enjoy fighting someone, egging each other on whether you've won or not. For example, your goal is "Bosporus Race". Preparing for these races and training before them can be a terrific goal for you. In front of the Bosporus in Dalian and Marmora’s are very nice to race on open water. Each of these races will keep you in good shape and will not allow you to relax.

Sometimes Swim Very Slowly

If you focus on swimming too fast, you'll start to ignore most of your technical mistakes. For example, you may not notice that you go under water during traction. Once you slow down, your dives and exits become very clear. That's why some coaches say slow swimming allows you to see your level. In this case, all the errors and shortcomings become apparent, you can not hide your technical shortcomings. So be sure to swim very slowly. And if you know someone in the pool, ask them to take a video of you.

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