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At What Age Can Children Start Tennis? Summer Holidays Can Be A Good Opportunity To Get Acquainted With Tennis

Summer holidays are approaching; summer schools have already begun preparations. Like many sports, tennis is known to have many benefits for children in age development So, at what age can children start playing tennis? How should families guide their children interested in tennis?

Sport has a positive impact on the physical and mental development of children. According to the world Health Organization, children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 should engage in at least one hour of physical activity per day. As the summer holidays approach, it is also apparent that parents are already looking for a summer school to guide their children into sportsTennis matches in Turkey

The question that needs to be asked first of all: what sport, and at what age? Because it is known that sport can have negative consequences at an early age if it is not age appropriate and also sport can be and is necessary. Also the first, it is necessary to determine what kind of sport the child will be engaged in, which he will like. After selecting a child, parents should also guide them…

It Is Difficult To List All The Advantages Of Tennis

So, what should you do if your child is interested in tennis? The starting age of tennis for children is 5-6 years... as swimming and Jogging, tennis also contributes to the development of the motor apparatus. We must not forget that tennis not only has a positive effect on the body physically, but also strengthens psychologically, mentally, strengthens communication, self-confidence. You can list the other benefits of tennis as follows:

  • Develops the muscles of the legs.
  • Works with large muscle groups, which is important for overall body coordination.
  • Requires dexterity and speed, children's skills in this direction increase.
  • Promotes the development of the immune system.
  • Bone strength and density increase during training or courses.
  • Develop the habit of regular and proper nutrition.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, motor development is accelerated.
  • Develops social skills.

According to some experts, tennis also teaches fun and entertainment. Group tennis lessons, which will be combined together with private tennis lessons, allow the child to learn with pleasure.

The Child Must Know Whether He Will Win Or Lose, You Will Support Him

Let's say you want passion for tennis not to be limited to summer school, and if your child is professionally interested in tennis, your greatest desire is... if the child is also curious and talented... you can get information from professionals and instructors on this issue.

Being a good athlete requires a lot of discipline. Are you and your child ready for this pace? Again, interviews with coaches, tennis experts will help you answer the questions you have in mind. Remember that it is important for a start that your child wants and loves tennis very much. The rest can be achieved with great difficulty and perseverance. He needs to know that you will always support him, win or lose. If you have any sporting achievements, do not tell your children about these achievements, constantly, do not compare them with yourself.Tennis tournaments in Antalya

Tennis is The Most Beautiful Summer Sport For Children

Summer vacation has begun! You also, of course, do not want your child to spend all the holidays on a tablet and a computer; nothing compares to a day spent on the street. One of the easiest ways to inspire your children to go out is to play sports, especially if you choose a sport that suits them, loves them and promotes their socialization. Tennis is one of the most popular among such sports, and it is the choice of most parents, as it combines all this in itself. Tennis for children is a sport in which they can splash out their energy and develop themselves, as well as make new friends. Sometimes a friendship that starts on the courts lasts a lifetime!

Tennis is a sport played by two people or two teams of two players, known to use a tennis racket and a tennis ball. The goal is to hit the ball with a racket to throw it into the opponent's field and make it touch the ground, winning the most points. Tennis court can be ground, lawn or wooden surface. As mentioned above, this is a sport that can be played as a team of 2 people (i.e. only four people), and even for children it may be more useful to play at the beginning, in this way.

Benefits Of Tennis For A Child

So, what are the benefits of tennis? How does this contribute to the development of the child? First, we note that this is a sport that affects all parts of the body, that is, makes your child use all his energy. It helps burn body fat, gives flexibility, strengthens bones and increases your body's flexibility. Tennis game gives you the speed and mobility, and also improves body coordination and balance. There are also psychological benefits: it gives the child a sense of responsibility, teaches him to practice regularly and allows him to understand that in the face of difficulties he should not worry. And in two-player tennis matches, he shows the importance of team play. In short, tennis has positive benefits for both the physical and character development of children.Tennis training camps in Antalya Turkey

The easiest way for children to start tennis is to attend tennis courses organized in summer tennis schools. A tennis course is actually a tennis lesson taught by experienced instructors-starting with how to hold a racket and ending with the meaning of the sport. These courses, which usually last throughout the summer, allow the child to spend all the holidays playing sports, developing and making new friends. As you know, children attending these courses provide their materials. However, there are some things to consider when choosing tennis equipment for children. One of the most important is the selection of tennis rackets for children.

How To Choose A Tennis Racket For Children

If the tennis racket is not selected according to the height and weight of the child, it will not be easy to operate. The first thing you should pay attention to at this point is the growth of the child: children longer than 126 cm should use monoblock rackets (solid), while children below-rockets consisting of two parts. As for the length of the racket, we can also give a table such as:

4 – 6 Years

6 – 8 Years

8 – 10 Years

10 – 12 Years

12 Years and above

101 – 112 cm

113 – 125 cm

126 – 140 cm

141 – 165 cm

168 cm +

Tennis is one of the most enjoyable activities in the summer, and you, as a parent, should do everything necessary to ensure that your child is not deprived of this pleasure. Decathlon offers a wide variety of options for children's tennis rackets and tennis clothes, as always, at the best prices. First in Decathlon, then on courts – here is how is obtained summer!

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