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To become a swimming coach, start your career as a basic swimming coach. Of course, the "document" requirement in force in every profession applies to the swimming instructor as well You can do the bureaucratic part of the job in two ways; either by taking courses opened by the swimming Federation or by completing swimming training in the physical education departments of universities.

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When creating the annual calendar of activities of the Turkish Swimming Federation, they announce on their website how many swimming seminars, swimming courses will be held this year, what events and where will be organized. Having passed these swimming organizations with success, you can first get a "basic trainer" certificate.

With this document you can train swimming, but you can not work in a team! To make a career, to rise in your profession, that is to become a swimming coach, you must have a ”level" under the control of the Federation. The main trainer certificate that you received for the first time, is the first step. If desired, in the future you can also have documents of the next level, respectively. Depending on how idealistic you are, this job goes up to level 5.

As I said, only with a special level can one become a swimming instructor, he does not need to have other levels. In order to become a team coach, you need to rise to one level. I don't need to go into the question of what level you have what powers, you will get this latest information when you are already involved in this work.

If we can get a swimming instructor certificate by taking courses opened by the swimming Federation, why spend 3-4 years at the University! You know that there are higher schools of physical education and sports both public and private universities. When you finish your swimming training in these educational institutions, you will immediately receive a third-level document and the title of "academician".

By the way, let's try to clarify one thing: for example, you are studying or graduating from the faculty of teaching or management of the Higher School Of Physical Education And Sports. In this case, you will have to take Federation courses, as you will not be able to get a swimming coach certificate at the University. In addition, anatomy, physiology, training information, etc., which are provided on the course. Since you have already completed some College courses, you are exempt from many General courses.Swimming tournaments in Antalya

Suppose you have a document with one obtained by one of the methods I tried to explain above: now it's time to get on the field. If you are lucky, you will start your internship, and an honest, hardworking, ideal coach will become your mentor. I hope that by adopting such a model, you steadily climb the professional career ladder, and the day will come when you will hold the hand of a younger generation of trainers.

Remember that being an "athlete "is different, and being a" swimmer " is different. Be a coach who nurtures gentleman athletes who maintain the same quality of life not only in the pool but also outside the swimming pool. Be kind to those you encounter while climbing the career ladder, because you may encounter them again when you go down!

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