Bowling Tournament Organizations In Antalya, Turkey

Bowling Tournaments in Antalya, Turkey

How To Play Bowling? What Are The Rules Of Bowling?

Bowling is a game played with the help balls, which specially created for this game , different weight and 9 – 10 pins the purpose of which is to overturn the largest numbe r of pins in the least number of shots , individually or in teams.

The Bowling Pins Are Referred To As Cookie Or Pin.

The number of bowling pins, the length of the bowling alley, the weight of the bowling alley and the duration of the game may vary depending on the region. But in General, 10 pins are stacked in

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a certain way thanks to the prepared machine with the help of a computer. After the player chooses the most suitable bowling ball for him, he throws the bowling ball, which he chooses, right from the area separated from himself, right in front of these pins. The player's goal is to knock over most of the pins. If the first time a piece of pins is tipped or none of them are tipped, the player makes a second roll that is eligible. After this throw, the sequence of the throw passes to the opponent, regardless of whether he knocked all the pins or not.

The sides of the pin area have a height below the playing field. If the ball comes out of the line of pins, it falls on this part, leaving the playing field, and the shot is recorded as a foul. The game of bowling consists of 10 sets in total, each of which consists of two shots. The person or team who collects the most points at the end of 10 sets wins the game. To fully understand how to play bowling, you also need to master the bowling conditions and bowling rules. Now let's look at them in turn…

The Terms In The Bowling

Strike: knocking over all the pins placed in a certain order on the first throw is called “Strike”. Since all the pins are upside down, no second shot is fired. The player wins the highest score with this shot. This shot is symbolized by the “X” in the bowling game.

Spare: all pins lined up in a certain way are completely upside down at the end of the second shot. This shot is symbolized by “/” in a bowling game.

Split: this is a name in which two or more pins, which are in no way related, stay afloat after tipping a few pins on the first throw. In other words, they are standing in two separate ends of the sequence. If on the left side there are two pins, and one on the right - this is an example of “Split”. In this case, the number of pins overturned in the throw, which is the “Split”, is processed in numbers, indicating the square.

The Rules Of Bowling

The length of the playing field in the game of bowling is 18,288 meters. If the player goes beyond the area reserved as the player's area at the beginning of the line, or if a bowling ball is thrown out of that area, it is a foul.

In our country, the bowling game is played depending on The Bowling Federation and Darts in Turkey and sets the rules of the Federation. Also in our country Bowling Super League, Bowling 1. League Bowling 2. League and bowling 3. There is a bowling League in four classes, including the League.

Bowling rules may vary according to specific standards. As an example, bowling, which is played in Turkey with 10 pins, can be played with 9 pins on the world Bowling Federation And the European bowling Federation.

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Clothing For Bowling

Bowling is a game that can be played in many entertainment centers. From a safety point of view in these entertainment centers, all players must wear special shoes for bowling.

But in the official matches for men-bowling, as well as for women-bowling player, there is a separate dress code. In accordance with these regulations a male player bowling in official matches may carry cotton or canvas pants with no pockets, shirt bowling short sleeve Polo with button-down or shirt and bowling shoes, while the female bowler can wear cotton or canvas pants, Polo shirt or shorts made of canvas or skirts, shirt for bowling with short sleeves or a shirt with a button-down Polo. Sleeveless t-shirts were also suitable for women bowling players. We learned the rules and bowling equipment, now let's look at it as well to play bowling. And so the tactic of bowling…

How To Play Bowling (Tactics Of Bowling)

  • Balance in the bowling game is very important. It is therefore very important to use your right hand to make the shot in the right balance and push the ball with the right force.
  • The bowling ball should sit well in your hand, have a suitable weight for a particular player and not have bulges or cracks that will prevent it from rolling.
  • Bowling ball can be adjusted in order do not let it to roll off the strip.
  • Strikes that are performed exactly from the middle, 80% will be successful.
  • But the most effective shot-first hit the pin to the right or left of the average pin, and then roll the other lobuty by spins and multiplication.
  • It is necessary to make as balanced and stable shot as possible, so that the ball does not hit the side pits.

What are the bowling rules? How to play bowling?Information about the capture of the ball and the shot.

Bowling Rules

The bowling game plays more than ten rounds called “frame”. Players are entitled to two shots in each round.

Bowling rules are extremely simple. The ball should roll along the lane and not cross the foul line. To make a balanced approach to the foul line, you also need to move quite gently as you slide and release the ball from your hands.

The goal In bowling game is to topple as many pins in one shot. The game is played between two or four players or teams of five people deck. One shooter has two shots to take down the ten pins in each round. Each pin knocked over at the bowling alley, basically gives you 1 point. But if the shooter overthrows everything in one round, a scoring system has been developed that allows him to score more points than the 10 points he needs to get in order to reward him. If the player overthrows everything in one of his throws in the round, he will make a “full shot(strike). The face value of a full throw is 10. As a reward for hitting the player, he also gets the right to two shots. Points earned on these rolls are added to their points as a “reward point”.

This shot (spare) is called “completed shot” if the player overthrows all remaining pins from the first throw in the second throw in the round. The spare also has a value of 10 points. But this time as a reward the player gets the right to a shot and gets bonus points as much as the number of pins he knocked down. If at the end of two shots in one round all the pins are not turned over, it is called “open frame ” and the player gains points until the pins are overthrown.

Bowling tournaments in AntalyaIn bowling there is no a certain tactics. Bowling is a very clear game, as the goal is to overthrow all the pins in each hit. But in a good bowling technique balance, spin and speed are combined. The player must be able to send the ball in a direction that is likely to make a successful hit. The rotation is that the ball rotates during the discard phase. A good bowling player doesn't aim to topple the first pin with a direct hit; he usually throws it as left or right. Bowling players have to make the best shot given their shooting

location, the level at which they raise the ball during the throw, and the weight of the ball.

When you get a heavy object, such as a bowling ball, in motion, throwing from below, the hand gets speed on its own. It's called the Pendulum principle. Thanks to this movement of the pendulum, you can make a neat shot. During the throw, the hips and shoulders should be parallel to the foul lines. The knees should be slightly broken and the player definitely should not bend over.


One of the most important rules in bowling is the ^ IT-side principle. If the other pins are on the right, the best starting point is the left side. For example, 8 to hit the remaining contacts in numbers 1, 2, and 4. the contact must be directed. Similarly for contacts left at 3 and 6, 9. the contact must be directed. If the 5th pin is left, he must shoot as if he are going to make "strike". For pins left behind, you need to shoot, aiming at the middle arrow. Arrows are very important when you shoot. It is a skill acquired by experience. Hitting a pin that is far away from the other, while hitting it, requires experience and talent, and in the second throw, the ability to destroy the remaining contacts from the previous throw helps to increase the number. When the ball falls, the thumb is first removed during the shot, then the middle fingers are removed. Once the ball is removed from the hands, it will move according to the given route.

It is best to make a shot with a ball that matches the anatomy of the player's hand. The thumb should be kept in 1 or 2 lines given the time to give the ball a spin. The thumb, held for 12 hours, makes the ball go straight. In the back position, the wrist should be tight and the ball should be left properly. The pressure is due to the tight hold on the fingers during the loss, if the rotation is set.

The player must get a fixed shape when the ball is released. The force obtained during the movement of the pendulum must be transmitted to the ball through the hand; the ball must be quickly released. The most appropriate moment of release is the moment when the sliding foot stops. Thus, the shot will be successful. the first three steps continue until the ball reaches the top when the pendulum moves. When the ball is accelerating downward, the ball must be left to the four step and a little glide. The movements of the pendulum can be different, because bowling players can be of different ages and different physiques, but the movements at the time of falling of the ball are the same.

Bownling tournaments in TurkeyBending the knee, the body leans forward at an angle of 12-20 degrees. In all movements head must be perpendicular, and free hand must stretch, to help balance. The best bowling players can be recognized for throwing the ball and following it. After these players throw the ball, they raise the hand of the shot to shoulder height or higher during pursuit. Staying in this way for a certain period of time after the ball is released will help complete the pendulum movement as well as provide balance.

If the ball is thrown at a point, usually a glance will be at the goal. But the basic idea in bowling is to shoot a certain pin, and the best way to do that is to level the arrows. Arrows are drawn so as to help shots at pins that are much further away. These points or arrows are 15 inches away from the foul line and have target solvers. Seven and a point in the middle coincide with the head pin (with the pin number 1). Other arrows also match the pins in their position. Thus, the aiming of the arrows according to the pin to be taken is determined by the posture and the shot. 1. the right and left sides of the pin are called pockets. To make a "strike", right-handed people must hit the pocket between 1 and 3d pin, and left-handed people must hit the pocket between 1 and 2d. The chances of hitting a 5-degree corner ball are much higher. You can get the angle without tipping over. A right-handed player can get a corner by shooting to the left, while a left-handed player is to the right.

Grip The Ball

Before you take the ball, the ring finger and middle finger are placed in the holes. At the moment when the fingers feel comfortable, the thumb should be placed. Before you throw the ball, the thumb, then the other fingers have to break away from the ball, causing it to roll in the opposite direction. There are three types of clutch for the ball:

Classical grip (convetional grip)

In this grip, the fingers come into the holes to the second phalanx. This is usually the form of capture that many players prefer in the beginning. Usually the drilled form of balls in bowling alleys is adjusted in accordance with this capture. It is the most ideal grip for beginners to keep the ball relaxed and durable so that they can develop a solid style of play.

Fingertip GripBowling in Antalya

Fingertip grip is a style of grip that is often preferred by advanced and professional players. In this grip, the fingers are separated from each other. With this grip, you can make more spins of the ball, and therefore can be performed rigged shots at will. The transition from a classic clamp to finger tips is a clamp that can be improved by working and making much more successful strokes, though it can seem complicated and painful at the beginning as it requires a different power application and technique. But such shots can lead to unfortunate consequences,as they require more precise and strong grip and more attention to the shot when switching to a fingertip shot. This transition should be carried out with regular work and discipline.

Semi-Fingertip Grip

It's a cross between the two previous types of grips made between the first and second phalanges But due to the fact that the ball in the shape of the grip is not held with full joints, it's a sophisticated style for grip and smooth throw. So this is not the preferred grip, especially in tournaments.

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