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The Importance Of Sport In Human Life

The health benefits of sports is an indisputable fact. However, it’s observed that the basic knowledge of sports is incomplete and unsufficient for those who intend to do sport.

The Importance Of Sport In Human Life

The health benefits of sports is an indisputable fact. However, it’s observed that the basic knowledge of sports is incomplete and unsufficient for those who intend to do sport. It’s known that sport strengthens the muscular system and provides an athletic body. The sport is beneficial in both ways; it causes physiological changes in the body and it gives psychological support. For this reason, everyone should choose the sport that is suitable for his own body structure.Because choosing the right sports branch brings success.

Regular sport regulates the working system of the heart in individuals who exercise regularly, and it ensures the effective and economical functioning of the heart. Hyper-tension improves, circulation speeds up, therefore, the excretion of metabolic wastes easier, breathing system comes into order.

It improves the outer appearance, the sports body and provides a certain shape. Weight loss with sweating provided with sports should not be considered, water lost with sweat should be taken back later. Physical activity is an effective method of fighting against cellulite, making the muscles aligned.

Psychological benefits; these effects depend on the type of sport applied, which is as important as the physical effects.

Sport stimulates self-confidence, increases ambition, reduces excitement and stress, and increases intelligence activity thanks to better oxygenation of the brain.

For example, swimming is a sport branch where the human body works the most. Having an aesthetic body allows breathing and opening of lungs.

For a person who is not an athlete, having an average daily life of 1.5 to 2 hours a day, 2 or 3 times a week is sufficient level of swimming activity. People can see more benefits of swimming accompanied by swimming instructors. Swimming is aesthetically important for women in particular, it brings its gains, swimming in the chest and hips recovery in those who reduce cellulite, balance the health of the body.

Sports makes a person different in every situation, if you want to make a difference, it’s never too late to do sport....

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Information about what is the importance of sport in human life

It‘s possible to fight stress by doing sport. Sport is beneficial in both ways; it causes physiological changes in the body and it gives psychological support.

Physiological benefits of sport

* As you do sports flexibility in lungs increases

Flexible lungs make it easier for us to breathe more oxygen each time we breathe. Thus, more oxygen can reach the cells. In particular, in order to meet our increasing oxygen demand in stressful situations, increasing the capacity of lungs to support our system can significantly help.

* The resting heart rate of people regularly doing sport is lower than of those who do not exercise.

Under stress a person’s who regularly does sport , heartbeats remain at a lower level than of those who do not exercise, and gradually increase. However, heartbeats of a person whose body is accustomed to immobility may pop out suddenly.

When we get a sudden start in a fight or an annoying news story, the adrenaline hormones mentioned earlier are released in abundance.

As a result, the resting heart rate increases. In a fit body, it‘s easy to control the release rates of adrenaline hormones, thus ensuring that ups and downs of the heart rate do not overdo it.

The importance of low heart rate can be noticed especially in a shock. Low heart rate is a measure against a heart attack due to sudden elevated heart rate.In addition, if the heart rate is low when the person is under stress, he may remain calm and regain control of his feelings more easily.

* Endorphins are produced during sports

Usually, after maintaining the sport we are doing for at least 30 minutes, endorphins are secreted. The function of endorphins in the body is analogous to morphine. It has both a natural painkiller and a soothing nature.

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* Sport at the end of a stressful and tiring day helps us to get rid of the effects of stress throughout the day.

At the end of a stressful day, the body will most likely accumulate adrenaline hormones. It‘s very difficult to relax and calm down as long as the ammount of these hormones is more than necessary in the body.

Studies have shown that metabolism that is accelerating as a result of doing sport enables us to get rid of the adrenal hormones more quickly. In addition, it can help a person to clear his mind from anger he gets at work, the events that cause him feel upset or worried. That way, we will be in a good mood at dinner!

After exercising for half an hour, the endorphins, which are released in our bodies, sooth and relax us, as we mentioned earlier. In terms of health, this is a much more logical solution than medicines that we can take to calm our nerves.

There are a lot of benefits that we all know now, aside from the fact that sports have no side effects that can affect our health like medicines. In other words, a decrease of our dependence on drugs, as well as a sense of pleasure that can give us a good evaluation of our time, are sufficient reasons for us to do sport at the end of the day.

Psychological benefits of sport

Prevents accumulation of chronic psychological stress.

This type of stress can increase both blood pressure and a risk factor of heart disease.

It helps us get rid of insomnia.

Insomnia is one of the typical results that can be caused by stress. The longer you stay without sleep, the harder it‘s for us to cope with stress. Regular exercising can make us sleep more comfortable at night and bring our sleep habits into normal flow.Taking our sleep helps us to withstand stressful situations.

We are very relieved in spirit.

When people do sport, they forget about their problems, troubles and worries, and concentrate on their activity, even for a short time. Also, since it‘s a useful endeavor, one begins to be proud of himself. Distress leaves its place to the feeling of success. Doing sport can help you get rid of stress and depression, especially when it comes to insecurity or emptiness.

If a person does a team sport like football, he can communicate socially and fight with his team for a common goal.

If this goal to defeat the other teamis achieved, there will be a great excitement, happiness, pride and feeling of success. If it results in a defeat, he will continue to work for a common goal until the next game. A person can set similargoals in individual sports.

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What is sport?

The definition of sport in many sources is complementary to each other, but all the definitions have the following common points:

- Sport is defined as all kinds of individual or team activities which aims physical,mental,cognitive and social development performed in the form of games or competitions, according to rules or without rules.

- Young or mature people can easily define sport in their own terms.

-Sport is an important tool that combines the language, race and religion in the world, as part of the universal culture.

How Does Sport Affect Human Physical Structure ?

If sport is done on a regular basis:

- Provides accurate and adequate respiration . In this way, blood carries enough oxygen to the brain and all the organs.

- It helps to remove toxins from the body through sweating.

- Provides proportional, correct use of hand-feet.It gives flexibility and elegance to a person’s movements by providing a straight posture.

- Helps protect the desired body weight.

-Reduces blood sugar and blood pressure (tension).

- It strengthens the heart muscle.

How Does Sport Affect Human Mental Structure ?

- Sport reduces stress, provides psychological relief.

- Sport contributes to the development of attention and concentration.

- People doing sport feel fit and healthy .

- Sports gives people happiness and makes them feel better.

- People doing sport express themselves easier.

- Athletes get sick more seldom, recover quickly and are resistant to natural conditions .

- Sport helps prevent physical discomfort like back slipped discs etc.

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The Impact of Sport on Social Life

- Sport provides social solidarity and integration.

- Sport contributes to the formation of a democratic society.

- Sport makes people social.

- Sport prevents people from turning to bad habits.

- Sport helps increase diversity in society .

- Sport haspositive effects on strengthening the national spirit, strengthening family ties, respecting the elderly people, development of social behaviorsetc.

-In addition, sport provides establishment of inter-communal communication and convergence of countries.

The Impact of Sport on Economy

- Sport has become a great economic structure with sponsorship practices and advertising activities.

- Sport clubs and athletes(especially, football, basketball, tennis etc.)annual revenues have reached very high volumes.

- Olympics, the World Cup now offer a great advertising and marketing opportunity for large companies.

- In addition,the city where major sports organizations are held provides the opportunity to introduce a very important TV.


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