Football Camps In Antalya For Sportive Children

Winter football camps in Antalya for youth football teams

Popular known mistakes in children’s sport

The earlier children will start training the sooner they will be professional sportsmen and most probably will get scholarship. No,for each type of sport there is its own ideal starting age. Therefore at an early agechildren

  1. The earlier in sport children will specialize the higher chance to receive a scholarship and win in Olympic Games. No, specializing at early age will bring not only advantage, but it will be one way development and when it comes to high yield age, physical and psychological problem are more likely to occur.
  2. If parents like some sports or were successful in one type of sport, so their children due to similar genetic structure must do the same sport. No, it does not matter which genetic inheritance have children, they should pass multi-sport training and follow-up observations and then do sport what most suitable for them.
  3. If parents in the past were not successive sportsman, they want children make their dreams come true. No, this behavior results in becoming distant from sport because of excessive pressure and out of children’s interest and ability.
  4. Children have unlimited energy and tirelessness andthey can play in more than one team at the same time. No, children need energy for growth and development and academic activities, so energy should be balanced between these domains.
  5. Child’s body is amazingly resilient therefore there is no risk for injuries such as tendinitis or stress fracture because of overuse. No, early specializing and overloading in childhood increase risks for sport’s injuries.
  6. For a child instead of play and lose, he/she prefersto be as backup and watch how star players win. No, the reason why children play games is” to have fun” and “self-expression”, “to win” for children is difficult.
  7. For children it do not matter duration of play. No, child’s attentiveness along with concentration and energy storage are limited, therefore doing long exercise make it hard to learn and by reducing efficiency the risk of injuries increase.
  8. Children will learn more from the coach who screams and shouts like professional trainers. No, because of aggressive behavior child cannot recognize whether he was blamed or the fault itself and stop learning by turning off perception. When in childhood there were experience from these type of coach and physical education, it can adversely affect in the future attitude towards the sport’s fondness and physical activities.
  9. During the learning and application of skills children will benefit more from negative feedback regarding mistakes instead of positive feedback. No, advised method is between two positive feedbacks define mistake and explain.

Football camps developing children’s creativity.Training Camp in Antalya

Football camps aim to teach children their most famous football gamefrom practical and theoretical way. In this process children will learn football game rules, increase their condition and level of coordination, and improve technical capacity. They will act as a team and socialize by sharing. Making training in natural environment will provide more efficient. Because of fresh air of the forest body strength will increase and children will have physically and mentally joyful training.

Give your child opportunity to stand on his own feet and send him to football camp.

Football camp,

In Antalya in 5 star hotels. There are available basketball, volleyball, football fields and tennis courts and also pocket cinema, indoor heated swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, fitness, disco and animation halls. Clean air of pine forest where children will do nature and sport activities will contribute to body resistance and development. In hotel rooms there are bathroom, WC, telephone and 24 hours hot water. Children will be accommodated with their peer by 3-4 person in one room.

Football camp program

Football/ Groups of 12 children in the age of 11-13 or 14-16 years old will be trained by accompany of football trainer and group leader. There will be two trainings in a dayand in group of 11-13 years old trainings will be given mainly to increase ball control. In 14-16 years old group trainings are to improve ball control, condition and bounce.

Nature sports/ by doing nature harmony events, with principle learning by living technical skills can be gained in nature environment. In addition children can learn solidarity and emotion control by means of losing and winning andpsychic-social gains like sense of social cohesion.

Basic camping education/ camp and ecology, trekking (hiking), walking around the lake, Football Fields Antalyascouting.

Basic navigation skills in nature and communication activities/ map information, orienteering, radio use, recognizing sky maps and use to find direction.

Specific nature sports technical events and trainings/ Flying fox, types of nodes and way to do them, coordination, and speed track.

Theater, music, poem, song, dance, drum courses.

Our children by using their body language can develop communication skills like narration and interpretation. In this way they can learn express themselves and their problems and interpret. The most fondness activities of our children. Lessons will be given by drama teachers, theater and music teachers. During camp theater training children will prepare performance. And on the sketch night they show their performance to camp students and teachers.

Sport helps our children in physical development, increase self-confidence, control their emotion and stress, andunderstand their body. With sport activities children advance their mental activities too. Sport activities will be given by physical education teacher and trainers, in every branch there will tournaments and winners will be rewarded. Sport activities will be started with morning exercise and all camp participants will attend. Other daily activities are attended according to schedules with groups. During camp period along with football training another individual sports also learned, like fencing, archery, table tennis, darts and chess. For this individual sports groups are made for each branch and they play in tournaments. Among groups there will be competition and they get great pleasure.

Night entertainments/all participants and trainers come together at this night program and give feeling that a big family beside you. At these nights will be disco, parties, concerts, night cinemas, and other animations.

Trips/ trips will be done in groups alternately. Each group will be accompanied with administrator, responsible teacher and group leader. On trips teachers and students must wear camp T-shirt. Children make acquainted with unknown sports and can keep doing them after camp.

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