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Fitness Camps in Antalya, Turkey

Fitness rules: types of workouts

We already wrote in the water of the articles that before going to the gym, you need to decide on the goal: to lose weight or gain weight.

Based on this, you will be able to correctly build your workout.

The choice depends on your fitness, problem areas, health level and technique.

Strength training

Strength training is weight training in the gym. The goal of this training is to build muscle mass. The workout consists of 30-40 minutes in the anaerobic mode and 10-15 minutes in the cardio zone.

Each workout serves to work out a certain muscle group, so you should do it at least three times a week to work out your back, chest and legs separately. First, you do 1-2 basic (multi-joint) exercises, they require more strength and energy. Then work the same muscles, but in isolated exercises. The number of repetitions for men ranges from eight to 12 times, for girls - from 12 to 20 times. Each exercise is done in four sets. The workout ends with a cardio load.

Basic training

This type of training is suitable for beginners who need to master the technique of performing the exercises. Muscle groups are broken down by day of the week, for example, on Monday, the chest is worked, on Wednesday - the legs, and on Friday - the back. At the beginning of your workout, do three basic exercises for the target group: four sets of 15 reps. Next, there is a circular training for each muscle group, except for the one that was worked out at the beginning. The number of circles is four, the number of repetitions of each exercise is 20 times. When the technique is lined up, you can increase the intensity.

Circuit training

Circuit training is aimed at losing weight and is based on the use of strength exercises without rest. The circle includes one exercise for each muscle group. The number of circles depends on the preparation of the person, the optimal number is from three to six. You rest after each lap. Before drawing up a workout, you need to decide which muscle groups you want to work out, after which certain exercises are used. The rest of the exercises are either not included in the training at all, or are done one at a time in a circle.

“For beginners, technique usually suffers, so I advise doing about 20-25 reps of each exercise, so that they develop technique. Then we lower the bar to 15 repetitions for girls and 12 for guys, ”Artyom shares his experience.

Circuit training begins with 10 minutes of cardio, at the end of the training there should also be an aerobic load, if you want to lose weight - 20-25 minutes, if not - 15 minutes.

HIIT workout

This kind of training is considered high-intensity, so it is not suitable for everyone. You should not have any heart disease, joint disease or muscle disease. The workout is based on alternating strength, static and aerobic exercise. One circle can include from four to an indefinite number of exercises that are performed without rest.

“We carry out 2-3 dynamic strength exercises (bench press, push-ups), after that we abruptly get into the plank position for one minute, then switch back to the load, at the end we can turn on three minutes of running with acceleration. We make from two to 10 such circles, ”the expert gives an example.

During the training, high and moderate heart rate alternates, which has a positive effect on fat burning.

Step-by-step training

This type of training is suitable for those who have already built up their technique, but lack the intensity in training - a person does not sweat, he does not have signs of thermogenesis. The training is structured according to the A + B + A principle, where A is the target muscle group, B is a third-party, smaller one. “If we train the chest, then first we do 20 push-ups, then I give an exercise for that muscle group that is involved in push-ups, but not the chest, for example, the shoulders. We do swings with dumbbells, and then the layout of the dumbbells is again on the chest. A mini-circle appears, the intensity increases, ”says Artyom Galkin.

Volume training

This type of training is aimed at working on forms. The training is suitable for those who do not want to lose weight or gain weight, but want to be in good shape. It is built like strength: basic and isolated exercises, but supersets and drop sets are used, that is, for example, you do two exercises in a row without rest on the same muscle group. The repetition range for girls is 15 to 20 times, for men - 12 to 15 times.

Many people wonder if it is possible to lose weight on an exercise bike or treadmill. According to Artyom Galkin, you can lose weight with any intense exercise, but in this case, nutrition should be properly built, it is paramount. The load should be intense, that is, you should not just spin the exercise bike, but do it with acceleration, or using intervals, for example, 20 seconds at a moderate pace, 20 seconds of acceleration. Moreover, such cardio training should last at least 40 minutes.

It is more difficult to lose weight on a real bike, because it is not always possible to maintain the desired intensity. You need to pedal constantly. In this case, a fixed-gear bike is the way to go.

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