Rules To Become Upper Class Sportsmen

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Perfection in Sports means the highest ranking you can get in a sport. For example, perfection in Sports is accepted with several official documents in France. Perfection in sports is based on some criteria.

  • Perfection in sports, characteristics of sport disciplines;
  • Reference competitions;
  • List of perfection in sports;
  • Accepting the rules of reaching perfection in sports.

Perfection in sports is a place of where all the big rules are taken. The head of this party is a minister of sports, and the members are professional sportsmen, trainers, referees, international representatives.

Committee of Upper-Class Sports:

  • Detecting the politics of upper-class sports;
  • Excepting the features of upper-class sports;
  • Designating the upper-class referees, players;
  • Creating ideas about the validity of reaching the upper-class sports segment;
  • Specifying the criteria to select sportsmen in competitions under the responsibilities of the Upper-Class Sports Committee.Football camps in Antalya

Regional upper-class sport committee should be created in every region. After taking the decision of a regional sports committee, the rules are set by law. It provides the rules to run related to upper-class sports. Every year, they prepare reports related with the politics and working conditions of the tendency. The disciplines of upper-class sports and every sport which exists in Olympic and Paralympic sports are approved by upper-class committee. The characteristics of being high class is related with the discipline of sports, not with the federation. That’s why; in order to sports discipline is high class there should be some corporate features.

  • Sport discipline should be under the support of the government.
  • The federation should be a member of “International Olympic Sports Federation Committee”.
  • The federation should be a member of a sports committee which is known by the International Olympic Sports Federation Committee.
  • There should be written legislations which are related with the mentioned disciplines.
  • Continental, national and international competitions should be organized within the mentioned disciplines. The yearly calendar should be specified according to national and international competitions.
  • The universality of sports disciplines should be designated according to criteria’s: 60 national federations for summer sports disciplines, 40 national federations for winter sport disciplines should be a member of National Federations. 25 countries are necessary to join to World’s Championship.
  • There are several criteria that should be examined by National Upper-Class Sports Committee. For example, the results of National teams, the budget which is allocated to upper-class sports, the number of related sportsmen, the history of the sports discipline and the role of the country in the international arena etc.

Reference competitions are included in the international sports federation calendar and try to enter to the world’s segment in official competitions such as Olympic Games, World’s Championship, and Europe Championship.

Sportsmen to who want to take the title of upper-class sportsmen should get the approval of the minister of National Sports Ministry so that he or she can be on the list. This list is made in several different categories such as elite, adults, teenagers and reconversion. There are sportsmen who have the ranking of national and individual competitions in the category of elite. The validity of this registration is 2 years. The registration can be renewed if the conditions are still the same. Sportsmen who are in the International Federation Calendar during Olympics or sportsmen who are chosen by the related federations in order to get the classification matches are in the adult category. The validity of this category is 1 year. The registration can be renewed if the conditions are still the same. Sportsmen who are in the calendar of International Federation with the related age group and getting ready for the official matches or sportsmen who are chosen by related federations in order to get the classification matches are in the category of young. This category is valid for 1 year. If the conditions are still the same, the validly can be extended. The sportsmen who are in the list of high-class elite sportsmen or in the other groups during 4 years and presenting a professional reconversion project can be in the category of reconversion. The registrations can be renewed in every 5 years. Young sportsmen who are at least 12 years old and active on sports and chosen by the director of federations for his or her talents and not meet the expectations of upper-class category can be in the category of hope sportsmen lists. Sportsmen who help national sportsmen over 12 years old are in the category of partner training list. This group has to do trainings with the partner according to upper-class sports disciplines. The success which is achieved from the completions of Upper-Class Sports Level through International Sports Competitions are long and exhausted. The evaluation, discovery, preparation, trainings of upper-class sportsmen are in the need of disciplined works. All of the needs of sportsmen who are named as a “talented sportsmen” are considered one by one. In order to provide the best conditions to sportsmen the conditions of reaching the level of upper-class sports are called as “pole” web system. This system is prepared separately for every sport. Every procedure of 4 years is considered detaily by Upper-Class National Sports Committee. “National, Young and Hope National Team” should be successful especially in three areas.

  • The process of getting ready for sports;
  • School, university, professional education;
  • Self-development.
  • Hope Pole: In is the structure which brings National Hope Sportsmen.
  • National Pole: It is the structure which brings National and young Team sportsmen and answers the conditions of the level.

Legal Frame

Laws and Regulations are set by governments, National Olympic Committees and Young Sport General Ministries and upper-class port head offices. National Upper-Class Sports Committee takes the opinions from the related sport federations. The necessary criteria which are belonging to disciplines are selected. The Sports Minister publishes the list of upper-class sportsmen and referees with the help of Upper-Class Sport Committee. The state council detects the implementation rules. Middle Education Institutions encourage students who have talents to professional upper sports. High Education Institutions make the regulations in order to improve their sports career to be professional for Upper-Class Sportsmen. High Education Institutions make the procedure easier to get a professional sports education. The age limitation is not valid for Upper-Class sportsman. However, an age rule should be made for upper-class sportsmen. The candidates who do not have the title of Upper-Class Sportsmen can apply for jobs. If the upper-class sportsmen are an officer in a government, he or she may some privileges given by the government committee. The Minister of Sports signs for agreements in order to guarantee the attendance of competitions.Football Camps in Antalya

Upper-Class Sports Conditions

It is based on sports ethical rules and principles. These conditions adjust the relations between institutions and contacts related with upper-class sportsmen. The rights of the parties are based on private freedom. Government helps upper class sportsmen in order to sustain their lives. In addition, it adjusts the relations between media and sportsmen.

All of the sportsmen in the list of the national team have to except the conditions of Upper-Class Sports Conditions which has a significant role on culture. It should provide benefit to the understanding of human honor, justice, mutual understanding, and game justice in order to provide peace for the world.
People who are honored by the government as Upper-Class Sportsmen should behave honorable according to their country. Sportsmen should do their best to present the best performance in a professional perspective. The federation should be informed about every benefit the government provides. A social security system covers all the risks for a lifetime of an Upper-Class Sportsmen. The sportsmen should keep the idea, thoughts and missions of the positive image of the sports. The awards should match with the conditions which are provided by the government. Upper-class sportsmen organize competition, training and training schedule with the federation. Sportsmen are checked physically in order to sustain their health. Upper-Class Sportsmen are represented in the National Olympics, National Upper-Class Sports Committee. Teams are under the direct authority of the institutions which is responsible from sports. When it is needed, the federation has the full right of using the team’s brand and logo for marketing purposes. The programs are prepared by the national technical director. The practices, internships and competitions are organized by the technical director as well. In addition, some technical choices are added in research. Upper-Class Sportsmen should provide the service through national and international connections. Upper-Class sportsmen have to except the programs and technical options. This program includes personal adaptation, help and variations related with the sportsmen. Sportsmen can join a collective national practice programmes.

There is a privilege of creating a national team. That’s why; there should be delegations which are created by government officers.

  • The sportive success should be increased continuously.
  • Compensating the costs of upper class sportsmen
  • Helping project s which is related with social and professional sports come true.

The government should be careful about share the sources equally. Therefore, sportsmen should know the donations that they are related with the federation. This information should keep secret. The government should be sure that the upper class sportsmen are insured and safe. Upper-class sportsmen should keep the positive image of the disciplines of sports. The federation should make the selections in order to provide the success. The entire licensed sportsman should respect the selections. The sportsmen who do not join can be punished and even result with losing the title. The sportsmen should respect during the competitions. Sportsmen should be honest and understandable to his team members and trainer in every condition. The cost of the competition depends on the organization. Organizations can do partnership and live broadcasts. Moreover, it should fix the rules that are accepted. The rules of agreements should fit the sportsmen’s rights. The rights of sportsmen should be defined by organizations. Competitions are represented by references. The partnerships, government and sports activities support the activities that are aforementioned.

Upper-Class Sportsmen:

  • The arrangement is hold at their university and schools.
  • Gets benefit from special conditions
  • Military services will not be a problem in their sports career.
  • Gets benefit from the special professional agreement.
  • Gets benefit from the training contract
  • Get award because of being professional
  • Get benefit from government

Training of Students who are willing to be Sportsmen

The sports competitions that are taken into consideration by Upper-Class Sports: Olympic Games, World’s Championship, Europe Championship and Worlds Classification. Every need of Upper-class sportsmen are cover until the end of their career.

Especially they should have the requirements in social areas and medical concerns. This is one of the topics that are needed and followed by the National Education Ministry, Young and Sports General Management and sports federations. Directors sign a contract that sportsmen do with their confirmation.

On the other hand, the effort and practice should be organized in intense training schedules. The schedule of training is based on daily, weekly, yearly schedule. The education contract covers some agreements as well. Students who are in need can take the support of governments. The specialists control the progress.

A pilot group should be arranged. Ministry of Youth and Sports choose a representative. This group is includes attendants from Youth and Sports General Manage Representatives and their related federations. Therefore, they are responsible from the following of the files. Pilot Group provides regular attention. Institutions which are close to the practice areas, provides regulations about the problems that sportsmen are faced with.

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Financial Support

Individual support is made in by the government. These supports are paid by the permission of the related director of the team.

Gold Medals: 40000 €

Silver Medals: 20000€

Bronze Medals: 13 000 €

Upper-class sportsmen make arrangements at high training institutions. Deans of universities provide privileges for sportsmen who have to go the sports activities.

The attendance of sports training: sportsmen who are at the sports list at least three years can join the selections. Sportsmen should be successful at the selections. This selection is made in two steps.

A topic summary related with sports is given.

An exam will be made with a jury.

There will be help about hiring.

An extra agreement will be organized related with the recruiting arrangements

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