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Eating Habits of Sportsmen

Many people want to increase muscles by increasing the mass. What to eat before workout is the question in everyone’s mind. First of all, you should learn how to eat healthy if you want to increase the mass in your body. Due to the fact that muscles are in need of supplements in order to grow. The latest research proves that growth of muscles is affected by carbohydrates and proteins. Let’s start with what you should consume before practice.

The first step before practice is to get enough carbohydrates A person who does not have any intakes of carbohydrates is like a car without fuel. Carbohdhydarts provide the energy for muscles to work. People who do sports regularly would have an intake of carbohydrates about 3.5-4 grams per kg. It can be said that 245-280gr carbohydrates are needed for 70 kg. The more muscles have glycogen the more the person has the energy for longer period of time.


Most of part of body cells are made from protein and cells changes and renews continuously. Therefore, there is not a certain source of proteins in the body. The main responsibilities of proteins are growth, develop, making cell tissues and making blood proteins. If you consume carbohydrates with proteins such as eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, chicken, fish, hazelnuts, you can see that the durability of a body increases. Especially, just before or after consumption of proteins has a crucial effect.1.5grams of proteins are enough per kilogram. It can be said that 105 gr protein consumption is enough for a 70 kg man. Men who do heavy workout mostly consume more proteins that it is advised. On the contrary, there is not any research made that claims more proteins helps more muscles. The problem starts with if there are not enough of proteins in the body, the proteins are used for energy not for muscle buildings.

Meet With Natural Food Which Has Doping EffectsProfessional Training Fields in Antalya

You cannot believe how fast you progress when you consume adequate foods.


If you want your muscles work during training, your best friend will be carbohydrates. Not every carbohydrate have the same effect. Oatmeal is a good example of this. Leaves are digested slowly, therefore, the blood sugar will be under control during training. We suggest you consume full oatmeal for maximum effect.


If you are addicted to coffee you are lucky with that. If you drink one cup of coffee one hour before your training, the efficiency of your training will increase. Therefore, some pains related to workout will also decrease. According to research, it was proved that a man who drank one cup of coffee before riding a bike had less pain than a man who did not drink. You do not have to worry that caffeine creates water deficiency.


Almonds exist vitamin E which protects a body from outside. According to research the level of antioxidants of sportsmen who consume 60 almonds just before lunch has increased 43 times. What's more the training periods have lengthened 5 minutes.


Give a break for chocolate or sugar and get a package of raisins. Raisins are the easiest energy source for sportsmen. Most of the time the value of it is not given however, it provides potassium which increases the energy during training. Potassium prevents dehydration and balances the water level. Therefore, cramps are prevented.


Do you think that you need sportsmen to drink? Water is an amazing drink for your body. The easiest way of understating that whether you are taking enough water or not into your body is that weighing yourself before and after training. You need to drink 2 or 3 cups of water for every kg you lost.


You can have 22 grams of proteins if you consume 85grms of salmon. Salmon is also a natural source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is very important for muscle building. If you are not consuming enough vitamin D the durability of muscles decreases.

Tomatoes Juice

If you ride a bike or run for more than one hour, you do not lose only water. You also lose sodium and potassium. You can get them back with tomatoes juice a by drinking tomatoes juice you can replace them.


You can try to consume ginger when you have muscle ache. According to research made n 2011, it is proved that ginger decreases the level of pain. It also decreases the hardness of joints.

What You Should Consume Before Workout?Professional Sports Complexes in Antalya

Consuming foods which include carbohydrates and proteins increases the energy in the body. However, consuming food which has a high level of sugar, prevents fat loss.

Here are foods that you can consume before training

Fat-free cheese toasts

200ml freshly made orange juice

5 tablespoon oats +1 banana +1 cup of fat-free milk + 2 whole walnuts

2 slice of bread sandwich with salads, tomatoes and 80gr of tuna

2 slice of bread sandwich with fat-free peanut sauce and banana slices

Cheese crepes with vegetables and cheese with half a cup of fat-free yogurt

What You Should Consume After Workout?

After workout, your muscles will be in need of replacement of proteins. If you consume healthy food and the necessary food you can get energetic quickly.

1 protein bar or protein drinks

1 cup of chocolate fat-free milk

50 gr far free cheese and 1 teaspoon honey

15 raw almond and 1 apple

200 gr fat-free yogurt and 1 fresh fruit

16 Food That Sportsmen Should Not Eat

Food is the most powerful step to achieve your fitness goals. Achieving success depends on what you put on your plate. Food means energy. Consuming adequately increases the level of energy. Do not forget that eating unhealthy may fail you.

Light Cola

Artificial sugar does not contribute to the body. According to researches, it was proved that consuming cola every day may cause serious health problems and gaining weights. Artificial sugar tricks your body as if it is natural. Better not consume artificial sugars and try to consume naturals.


Back in the days, popcorn was used to called as health food. Nowadays, it is well known that it does not have any food supply. Although the calorie of popcorn is low, sportsmen are in need of calorie as well. If your aim is taking carbon drafts you can consume fruits.


You should not consume natural sugar at an extreme level. People who do sports can consume more calories; however, it does not mean that they can eat sugar at every meal. Do not forget that none of professional sportsmen start their breakfast with a full peanut sauce and marshmallow. Furthermore, extra sugar supplement can create a source of fat in a body.Football Camp in Turkey Antalya

White Bread

Rice, pasta or bread are okay to eat but they are not the perfect food to eat as well. Due to the fact that these foods are not rich in the case of supplements. The level of insulin increases therefore, the weight of you will fluctuate rapidly.

Popcorn cooked in the microwave

Popcorns which are sold at cinemas or cooked at microwaves are not healthy because they are made with bad fats and salt. Popcorn cannot supply the necessary energy to you before or after a workout. If you cook popcorn with a small amount of coconut oil in your own kitchen, it will be a high level antioxidant as a healthy snack.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages deprive you to reach your goals. It will slow down your reflexes. Therefore, it will decrease your performance. According to research, alcohol deprives your immune system therefore; you will be open to sicknesses.

Meals without proteins

Proteins are important to increase your muscle strength. You should have protein intakes for almost every meal. Protein also helps you to feel full. Champions prefer oatmeal at breakfasts with egg white and almonds or hazelnuts.

Energy drinks

If you do not make long workouts you do not need to drink these kinds of beverages. These kinds of beverages generally include 34 grams of sugar. Nevertheless, consuming water is a better idea. (coconut juice and cherry juice are good workout beverages. According to research, people who consume such beverages are more likely to gain weight compared with people who do not consume.

Yogurts with fruits

It is easy to carry a fruit yogurt with you and it is a tasty alternative for a snack. Unfortunately, they are full of sugar. Consuming such food may cause a non-fit body. They also increase the blood sugar rapidly therefore, it increases the possibility of eating more. You should prefer original yogurt.


Carbohydrates are not your enemy but you should better prefer such food like quinoa, black rice or who wheat pasta.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juices include so many vitamins and minerals yet they also include sugar. Therefore, the skin of fruits and the leaves are thrown away but they are very healthy to consume. The sugar from fruits is stocked as fat in the body. On the contrary, grapes juice or cherry juice helps your blood sugar and recover you after a hard workout. Moreover, it increases your levels of antioxidants.

Salad saucesSports Hotel in Antalya

Why would you cover vegetables with fat and sugar? You can prefer olive oil and vinegar as a healthy choice. Therefore, you can also add the herbs you like. You can also use avocado or tahini if you really want a creamy sauce.

Salami and sausages

You save time if you cook your lunch at home but if you prefer fatty cheese and salamis you will eventually eat something not healthy. Such foods are filled with salt. You can prefer grilled chicken or turkey.

Nuts covered with sugar

Mix nuts can be an easy choice of snacks but if they are filled with sugar and not preferable for sportsmen. Instead of such food make your own mixture with almonds and hazelnuts.

Frozen yogurts

It is a good alternative compared with an ice-cream. They are mostly fat-free but filled with sugar. Therefore, a small amount should be eaten since the calorie is high.

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