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What should be done to become a professional footbal player

What should I do to become a professional football player?I will answer the question directly as a professional withdescription and information.

The conditions for being a professional player and playing football are as follows:

According to the rules the game is played between two teams consisting of eleven players, based on the rule of throwing the ball with a head or foot strokes.


- Endurance, speed, fitness and psychological encounters are prepared.

- Participate in individual and team trainings within the framework of training programs prepared by the sports educator (coach) or technical director.

- Match Calendar (fixture) participates in local and out-of-the city matches specified.

- Protects physical health and treatment of physical disabilities.

- Anathlete implements the game strategy in accordance with established and written rules of the game and the discipline

- Develop compatible relationships with the team mates during and outside of training,

- Provides good dialogue withtechnical director/ coach/ club managers/ administrative staff/ athletes' friends. When he is out of the team, he supports his team and continuously improves himself physically and psychologically.

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- Working tools, fitness tools, weight, game balls and various sports equipment,

- Sports accessories and clothing (sweaters, shorts, T-shirts, raincoats, leggings etc.)


Anyone who wants to be a football player.

- Sports and especially football-related and skilled,

- Physically strong and durable,

- Eye, foot coordinated,

- Agile,fast and sport intelligence, sports ethics and discipline,

- Ambitious, determined and patient,

- Careful ,

- Need to be people with good mental health.

Note: the age of coming into football must not exceed the age norm (The ideal age to start playing footbal is is 5-7).


Football players usually practice and play outdoors. Training and matches are performed in all seasons. Working environment from time to time muddy, cold, hot, dusty, stressful environments are to be resistant to these conditions. There are intense camping periods that require travelling for professional football players. Regular and disciplined daily life is usually expected from players. Football players are in contact with other sports friends, coaches, club managers, administrators, masseurs, outfitters, etc.

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Football players play football in sports clubs in amateur and professional leagues and change the club as a result of transfer. Transfer takes place with respect to the footballer usually played on the field (centrifugal, defender etc.). Professional and amateur football player is shaped by the football career. His ability in football and his ability to show himself in a variety of matches and starting a good football club's infrastructure, brings his football career to a good place all the time. A good football career, disability, team dropout, drop in performance during the season, and / or lack of self-sufficiency may lead to playing in lower clusters..

However, with the development of the licensed management system in recent years, information about the players is announced to various national and international sports clubs and a club agreement is provided for the player.

He can be transferred from amateur to professional club as well as playing in the league team 1 or league team 2. The player's performance during the football season affects the transfer status. In addition, as football is a sport that has a high risk of injury during the match and training, failure to transfer as a result of injury, permanent or a certain period of staying away from the sport has a negative impact on the working life.


Vocational training;

- In the "Football Training Courses" opened within the scope of Youth and Sports Provincial Directorate,

- In football schools for the infrastructure of amateur and professional football clubs

- Football courses organized by municipalities,

- Various organizations and universities in the football course organizations.

However, those who have been chosen to be a football player because of their ability beyond short-term participation in this training are called “football players”, who continue their sport in a club and continue their sport after being licensed.

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In order for amateur and professional football clubs to participate in the infrastructure selection and football courses of various institutions, it’s generally necessary to be at least 7 years old and apply with health report (no injuries in sports).

However, depending on a club in order to continue football sport career, amateur players who want to get a license must be over 10 years of age. The following documents must be submitted to the Football Federation in the registration process of the amateur football player for the first time to obtain a license:

  1. a) club and footballer undertaking
  2. B) parent's consent for football players under age of 18
  3. C) the original of the identity card (photo) with the copy
  4. D) two coloured photographs taken at most one year ago
  5. E) health report
  6. F) certificate of payment of the license fee to be determined by the Federation every season

These documents are prepared by clubs and delivered to the Regional Directorates of the Football Federation via the amateur sports clubs Federation (ASCF). Registration and licensing procedures are made by the Regional Directorates of the Football Federation.


Football training should begin between the ages of 5 and 7. Physical fitness in education, motor coordination, football game rules are taught. The duration of the training continues throughout the football life. Team play includes various strength, endurance, tactical, fitness, and sports Intelligence training.

The aim of this course is to make students love sports and especially football and to teach basic movements in football and to reveal their physical development towards sports.

In addition to the regular and disciplined lives of athletes, the questionnaire forms which will be filled by parents during registration to be more successful in social life are provided with a lot of information about the student's eating habits, sleep patterns and school course status. This data is recorded in the athlete candidate's file and developments are closely monitored by group coaches. In short, the coach is working on a lot of information about the athlete candidates and thus closely follows the pedagogical developments of the athlete candidates.Football players who are trained in the sports school are given the chance to be selected for the football infrastructure teams.However, some of the major football teams support children's sports in football schools, which have turned into an enterprise, and students continue paying a monthly fee to these football schools, and only very talented children are chosen for the infrastructure.

The aim of sports schools is to train athletes who are devoted to their customs and traditions, have creative thinking, have a high tactical understanding, determined, quick, durable, technical, strong and respectful to opponents, referees and spectators.

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In the sub-structure, the youth team, super young team, young team, star team, Mini-team and the players who continue their careers in the amateur league according to age and game power professional third league, second and first league teams can rise through playing and transfers. After passing post-football training they can be coaches, technical managers, administrative managers, sports managers or sports commentators in the press in line with their skills.

In addition, the Turkish Football Federation provides economic contributions to the clubs by determining the compensations for raising footballers every year.

Breeding indemnities;

- First Category: Turkey Professional First Super League Clubs,

- Second Category: Turkey Professional Second League A Group Of Clubs,

- Third Category: Turkey Professional Second League B Group Of Clubs,

- Fourth category: Turkey professional third League Clubs and amateur League Clubs.

Footballer training compensation is made on the basis of euro and the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment by the clubs in the form of new Turkish liras, which will be different according to the category of footballer raised in the fighting teams.



Students who register to football schools in sports clubs receive monthly fees, but when they are an infrastructure team, the fee paid to an athlete is reduced.Clubs and/or organizations provide anathlete with sports materials during the training.


Accommodation, materials, insurance and training expenses of the licensed amateur players are covered by the club. However,when he plays football professionally, he also receives a monthly, transfer fee and bonus from his club and has a written agreement on this subject.

Payments to the players playing in professional leagues are written in the contract. Payments to the footballer are divided into two parts:a) monthly fee: it’s obligatory for the football player to determine the current monthly fee In the contract in return for his / her professional activities during the contract. The monthly fee cannot be less than the minimum wage determined for the relevant period and is paid on the last day of each month.

Transfer payments: the parties are obliged to determine the contract type, except the monthly fee, money or value can be measured in money (monthly payments, per game payments, home, car, etc.) they can determine transfer payments in the contract. The time and forms of payment of transfer payments are indicated in the contract. Transfer payments are paid to cover the entire month on the last day of each month if the payment time is not specified in the contract.


- Related Educational Institutions

- General Directorate Of Turkish Employment Agency Ankara Vocational Information Center

- Provincial and Branch Directorates of the Turkish Employment Agency, which has a professional Information Center within

- Football Association of Turkey

- Amateur and professional Football Clubs

- Youth and Sports Directorate

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